Zendesk and the importance of development environments

Back when I worked for a big software house, before the days of git repositories, our clients would have 4 installs of our software – development, testing, staging, and production. Bugs didn’t get past our awesome test teams and rollbacks were rare.

I’ve worked with a client more recently and we still had 3 environments but git made the development environment almost 2 tiered.

So, it’s with amazement that I’m watching the meltdown at Zendesk where “pods” (servers?) are unstable, needing a rollback and have even taken down Zendesk’s own chat service.


Their social media team is doing really well and they’re being open about the issue: https://support.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/4402552467994-Service-Incident-June-10th-2021

Something to remember when you’re having a bad day, even the big guys screw up!


scikit learn – sklearn LogisticRegression extract feature names and importance into a nice chart

I am sure this has been asked many time, but I feel I have hit a wall. I am trying to look for a snippet of code that would show the combined feature names and importance for scaled inputs Logistic Regression model from sklearn library. I am just getting familiar with Python, therefore, I am unable to join the coefficient numbers with names.

Is there any code available? I did an extensive search since yesterday. Some show how to extract using ELI5 but it seems complicated and I got some errors, which didn’t make sense to me.

Any pointers would be helpful.

photo editing – What is the importance of background color when removing the background?

While any color can serve you well, three ways have emerged that can help you:

White background

You simply have a white background and try to illuminate that so much, that the RGB value for this reaches 255/255/255 which means it is pure white.

Pro: Very clean image

Contra: Need to be careful not to overblow the background so much that the edges of the subject become blown out as well, if you have rim light on the subject, the edges are not that clearly defined anymore.

Chromagreen or Chromablue background

Similar with other chances and problems. As long as the color does not appear in your subject, it makes the whole process even easier, as you don’t need to exactly overblow the background and can have a variety of shades in here before it ceases to work.

Pro: Easier to pull off, does not need exact or even lighting

Contra: If there is not enough space between the subject and the background, you might end up with the chroma color shining onto your subject which pollutes the color on the edges of your subject. You can see that sometimes in older films when the telltale blueish rim spoils the special effects.

Variant: Grey Background

This one is a bit more work but with some advantage. If you want to insert a background texture anyways, a grey background lets you keep the natural shadows. You basically shoot the image with background, insert the final background and then blend the texture over your subject, masking out the subject itself. While this is technically not the same as killing the background, it might be an alternative in certain situations.

photoshop – Wthat is the importance of background color when removing the background?

We are looking to make product images like this: https://prnt.sc/1067x5x . This is one of the best results that we have achieved with smartphone camera. Our process:

  1. Place an item on a grey background (works slightly better than white)
  2. Remove background automatically with Adobe PS + go through some spots manually to fix wrong cuts

My question is: what is the difference in backround colors, when it comes to automatic background removal? Like for example green being used in videography, will changing background to some specific color help automate background removal?

P.S. Any suggestion for software is much appreciated.

The importance of email marketing and how optimizing EM can take you to the next level.

When we talk about marketing, never underestimate the power of email marketing and what great things can come from it. Anyone who says email marketing is dead either isn’t doing it correctly (most common) or they got there information from a source who doesn’t know what they’re talking about. Our team specializes in email optimization and we’re helping clients reach smart goals with zero ad spend. Below is a list of 9 reasons why email marketing is important.

-Seyed Robert
Imperium Co-Founder

9 Reasons why Email Marketing is Important

1. Stay in contact with your audience
2. Reach customers in real-time.
3. People engage with emails.
4. Email Marketing is easy to measure.
5. It’s affordable.
6. Allows for target messaging.
7. Increase brand awareness.
8. It’s timely
9. Everyone (almost) uses email

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2013 – How to set Path Attribute for Cookie and its importance

I want to set Path attribute to cookie for our internet facing website, i already set cookie attribute below as secure

when i add path attribute our SharePoint site it not work it shows the message ‘redirected too many times.’

Here i want to know in which scenario path attribute required?
Is this not set it has any security vulnerability to our site?

I check in browser developer tools there is Path value for cookies showing ‘/’ root directory.