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mysql – Is the order of the columns in a covering index important?

I have the following coverage indexes:

INDEX (col1, col3); -- index 1
INDEX (col1, col2, col3); -- index 2

because I want to support the following types of queries:


  SELECT ...
    FROM my_table
   WHERE col1 = ... AND
         col2 = ...


  SELECT ...
    FROM my_table
   WHERE col1 = ... 

I am not familiar with how a cover index works. Is index 1 redundant? Or does a coverage index require the columns to be next to each other?

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dnd 5e – Why is it so important for the party to acquire Strahd's tome?

As part of the Tarroka card reading, the locations of three "treasures" are communicated to the group. the sun sword, the sacred symbol of Ravenkind and the tome of Strahd.

Looking at the sacred symbol of Ravenkind's description in Appendix C (p. 222), it looks like a group of adventures wanting to defeat a powerful vampire will want it. The sun sword is also an obvious desire when playing against a vampire. In fact, the excerpt from Strahd's volume (pp. 252-253) describes what Strahd is afraid of.

But how does Strahd's band help the party? You do not really need to know that Strahd fears the sun sword because any Vampire is right to fear any Sunblade, and we do not have to read her journal to find out. The adventure, at the very least, implies that it is as important as the other two items, by being included in the same Tarroka card reading the group performs during the adventure.

However, I can not see why it is as important as the other two elements when it comes to giving you a glimpse of history. It might be interesting for players to learn about it, but the group would rather skip the part they've been collecting the book in (though they might have missed some background information) and Strahd with only the sun sword and the sacred symbol of take on Ravenkind and still have the same odds.

Having the book with you does not seem to bring any benefits to the party. Not that every item has to be a magical item with super powers, but I expected it to reveal a secret that would indirectly facilitate the fight against Strahd or something similar. I thought the idea was that if they went straight to Strahd's castle, he would wipe the floor with him, but each of those special items they acquire along the way increases their chances of success against him.

The reason I ask is in the motivation of the character. Why should the party want this thing as well? "because reading the map told us to get it, and the other two objects that we've been told seem pretty important, so I think that must be …"- I do not want my players to find and go with the sun sword in their hand."oh, it's just a tradition that does not tell us anything meaningful … what was the point of that?"Note that my players are not all punkers, they like the narrative in the first place, but they still need some reason to care about this band.

So is there any advantage (mechanical or narrative) that Strahd's tome gives the party against Strahd (directly or indirectly)?