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Is GPU or CPU more important for Photoshop and Lightroom?

In this very specific case:

I found an article about GPU acceleration testing in Photoshop CS6 from Puget Systems, a small retailer I've never heard of, but whose methodology seems reasonable. You're actually testing with the two graphics cards you're considering. So this is a very good data source. (The GT610 model used is not the mobile version, but it is said that there is no big difference in performance.)

Nvidia GT 610 offers 20% better performance than the benchmark compared to the Intel HD4000, which is just a repetitive script of a number of GPU-accelerated actions. (Both are at the end of the result compared to more expensive cards.)

In the meantime, your faster CPU option is about 50% faster than the slower one in time. However, this does not result in a 50% speed increase because most things are not tied to the CPU.

I think that means that these Systems are basically in the same stadium. half a dozen of one and between five and seven of the other.

Overall, GPUs are very good in the type of operations performed during photo editing. After all, they are GPUs. As we head into the future, the GPU is likely to become more important, and the ultimate answer will be, "GPU is more important than CPU, though more CPU never hurts." In this case, depending on whether you install more RAM or have a better screen, buy cheaper, or look prettier.

api design – Manage the URL versioning of the most important apps

we have iOS and Android Apps provided for nearly 1 million users.
The app was written natively and once provided Api Calls can not be changed.

Let's say we have 3 requests in App Version 2.0

                Request A calls the V1 of this request
Request B calls V2 of this request
Inquiry C calls for the V10 of this request

Who should manage which main app version is calling which version of each API request?

Important Updates for the MeowsePad Community | Forum Promotion

Thank you for staying with MeowsePad Community! This community would not be anything without you, dear people, and I could not be happier with the dynamics of our community. However, we can always grow and evolve, and I have some plans to help.

I would like to anticipate this thread about upcoming updates by announcing some updates that have already taken place.

Aaron joined the team as Promotion Magic Manager. We plan to make Promotion Magic a full promotion forum embedded in our community, and Aaron has a wealth of experience and knowledge that make him a valuable resource in this process. His role will be to oversee the promotion area of ​​our community and upcoming services, and he will also have the authority to hire a small staff to support the smooth running of the community. He's probably very bored right now, as I have not given him much to do yet, and I apologize for that. I promise it will be more exciting soon. :Heart:

Jamie has returned to the team as moderator. Previously, he was an administrator and resigned for personal reasons. However, he wants to be back to our community as moderator. Welcome back, Jamie!

Ravenfreak is our second (and for now final) content creator! He and Juneberry will be generating thought-provoking content to facilitate discussion in the forum, and they are already doing an excellent job for that purpose.

Now that we have announced the personnel changes, the following is planned for the near future:

New properties:

  • ON Username lights up Function is added. You can buy the lights with love. There will also be an option that gives your rank a glimmer.
  • Emojis is finally being updated to look a little more attractive and in line with our community.

New hosted content:

  • The MeowsePad Community launches three Ultima Online Server. More information about them (if not a ton) can be found here.
  • The MeowsePad Community launches one Minecraft Server. More information will be available shortly.

Advertising Magic:

  • advertising magic will be expanded into a complete advertising forum.
  • Our big opening The event will include free services.
  • Services in the beginning will include sticky advertising. activity generation. Twitter Advertising, and Discord advertising, Most of the implementation of these services will only be possible in our community.
  • The Activity Generation Service Users can buy content with Love as they wish instead of being tied to fixed packages. In this way, users can better customize the software to their needs.

Expected completion date: Friday, July 19, 2019

I would appreciate if more suggestions were added to other updates.


I'm looking forward to giving you more excitement. :Heart:

SQL Server 2017 – Is the column memory index really so important to the success of partitioned records?

I've just read most of a partitioning article written by Kendra Little a few years ago. She felt that column storage indexes and partitioning would make a great partnership. It seemed to imply that the pds partnership would be very important in indexing column stores. I do not know if she's changed her mind since then.

But I missed the meaning. can someone explain why? I think I understand the pros and cons of each and we have not been so impressed with column memory indexes yet, especially when adding column-based predicate conditions (3rd, 4th, etc.).

Does it say that adding a column storage index (clustered or unclustered) between partitions compression and elimination would mean switching your gas to premium under the right conditions (real volume, etc.)?

Is the connection order of Canon teleconverters and adapters important?

The Canon EOS RP manual states that the EF-EOS R adapter should first be attached to the lens and then the entire assembly should be attached to the camera.

I understand that this also applies to teleconverters: The teleconverter should first be attached to the lens and then to the camera.

However, with the EF-EOS R adapter in particular, it may be more convenient to replace only the EF lens without touching the adapter, which is partially permanently connected to the housing.

If I understand correctly, a switched-on camera can be confused if the adapter / teleconverter is in the camera and only the lens is changed.

If I turn off the camera for the duration of the lens change and leave the adapter on the camera body and only change the lens, can it lead to bad effects?

Is it bad if an important reason why I want to vote for Trump is to make liberals angry?

They lack the maturity to choose like an adult, so yes. Sorts like you should probably skip the voting until you can do so for a valid reason.

It is a shame that there is a part of the population that does not care about our country at all and votes only for voices that are based on a twisted perception of entertainment.

And you continue to show your immaturity. I hope you are under 21, otherwise it will be especially sad and it's time to grow up.


How important is the metric hbase.regionserver.ipc.numActiveHandler?

The ipc numActiveHandler is documented here as:

The number of RPC handlers that actively process requests

I am looking for a more detailed explanation of the meaning of this metric.
I'm trying to debug a scenario where numActiveHandler gets stuck at 32. I think 32 is a preconfigured max.
numActiveHandler remains stuck at maximum timing

During this time, the same region server is stuck at 100% CPU usage. For one of the regions on this translation server, the rate of processed read requests appears to be reduced by some pressure, somewhere a bottleneck. The waiting times for read requests also increase by 5 times.

What could lead to this behavior?
My intuition was that there were too many connections to this region server during this time, and the bottleneck existed before a read request could be processed.
Any suggestions on where to look next?