Why isn't it important for attackers to mask the IP of the infected botnet device?

I get a sentence:

If an attack is created using a botnet, there is little chance that the attack will be traced back to its source. For an additional level of obfuscation, an attacker could also have each distributed device falsify the IP addresses from which it sends packets. When the attacker uses a botnet like the Mirai botnet, they generally don't care whether they mask the IP of the infected device.

Why isn't it important for attackers to mask the IP of the infected botnet device?

Risk management is very important

Risk management can affect your survival or sudden death in currency trading. Hazard management is a mix of different plans to control your trading risk. It can limit, support, trade only within hours or days, or know when to take losses. I am currently trading with a broker called XeroMarkets, a regulated ECN broker. Their low dispersion, high leverage and the different offices allow me to monitor the level's danger. It has phenomenally advanced educational assets and amazing customer support.

Logic – How many important logicians have NOT done their doctorates?

I can imagine three. As is well known, Saul Kripke could only be disapproved of finishing his undergraduate studies at Harvard before he was hired as a full professor. Donald Martin (the set theorist of Martin's axiom fame) appears to have been appointed to a professorship from a post-baccalaureate scholarship without completing a degree. After all, I can't find any evidence that Chaitin has ever graduated.

Are there other famous examples of great logicians or mathematicians who make it to the academy while skipping the doctorate? Examples from before the era of modern academic structure are not interesting for the purpose of this study.

One of my professors told me that nowadays, someone in a similar situation is likely to be enrolled in an effortless doctoral program until the residency requirements are met and an important publication or another of them is declared a "dissertation". None of the professors I asked for could imagine a fourth example. So it seems that the undergraduate logician is a dying breed worth investigating and cataloging.

nt.number theory – what is more important between connection and metric?

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Calculation and analysis – is the order of integration into indefinite integrals important?

I have a role f of four variables. x1, x2, x11 and x22 like this

f = (-(x1 - x11)^4 - 6 (x1 - x11)^2 (x2 - x22)^2 + 3 (x2 - x22)^4)/(
4 Pi ((x1 - x11)^2 + (x2 - x22)^2)^3);

I want to calculate the indefinite integral, but it seems that the order of integration is important in this particular case.

If I try two different integration orders, I get different results:

Case 1 :

FullSimplify@Integrate(f, x1, x2, x11, x22)

Case 2:

FullSimplify@Integrate(f, x22, x11, x2, x1)

I have taught that the order of integration into indefinite integrals does not matter.
How should this problem be addressed?

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