Gnu host – first impression

Proven Gnu Host Reseller Hosting for (only) 2 months. Need custom reseller hosting (more resources per cpanel) and you were one of the few people who wanted to get involved.

It is a relatively new and not very well-known hosting provider. Mention it so – for what it's worth (rather a first impression than a rating based on short-term usage):

Good availability, performance and very good customer service.

Does anyone have any experience with them?

seo – The impression is on the rise, but the clickthrough rate and position worsened last year

I had a website for lunch last year, and it looks like it will work fine, but lately I've noticed that the clickthrough rate has dropped and the situation is worsening …

I've created links to improve page authority, but page authority has dropped from 35 to 18. I know the page authority is supposedly less effective. But I am confused, what happens.

Impression CTR

How do Impression Checks work in Golden Sky Stories?

I'm about to play a game with Golden Sky Stories, but the rules and examples confused me about how impression checks work.

  1. When you perform an impression check, the rules seem to say that if the other person does not want to make one, no relationship is established (therefore no feelings are given for the check and nothing is written to the character sheets). Is that correct?
  2. When performing an impression check, in which direction do you determine the strength (of the relationship)? to You or the relationship from You)? The rules seem to say so to She (and her check determines the strength from You)
  3. Who chooses the content of a connection? Does the narrator choose for NPCs and players what their character feels like?
  4. Can you have a 0 strength link if you do not spend enough emotions to reach 4 in the impression check? I assume that you can spend 5 dreams to connect to 1.

If my understanding is right, then the relationship between player and NPC would:

  • player to NPC connection: strength selected by the NPC based on the result of the check (0-2), content selected by the player
  • player from NPC connection: The strength the player selected based on the result of the check (0-2), content that the narrator has selected
  • OR No connection if one or both sides do not want to perform an impression check

The lasting impression of promotional products

That might sound ridiculous, but I organized my office supplies and came across several pens that I have received in recent years and that contain logos, information, slogans, etc. from companies – advertising pens. Some were of good quality; others were of poor quality. Some were pleasant to write; others would not mind if I passed them on to a poor student who desperately needs a writing utensil. I had a knack for writing content and decided that this would be a good topic for writing.

Companies spend a tremendous amount of money on various types of advertising – billboards, brochures, mailings, websites, signs, banners, etc. An excellent form of advertising is promotional.

Promotional items can be tailored to the customers or customers of a particular company. For example, I received a tooth-shaped USB stick from my dentist with their phone number and website. At various times, I've also got aluminum water bottles, carrier bags, stress balls, pens, hats, travel coffee mugs, magnets, and many other items that promote businesses. And let's be honest … a creative, well-made promotional item is impressive. Companies strive to leave a good and lasting impression on customers and potential customers, right?

I understand that companies are sometimes unable to provide large sums of money for promotional or promotional items, and therefore choose the simplest items in bulk at a reasonable, cost-effective price.

I am writing this to invest time and effort in the process of brainstorming, creating, and designing the promotional items your company chooses to use and distribute. Most companies allow your company to test their products to see if the product meets your standards. Take it in your hand! My challenge is to inspire your customers.

Before I wrote this, I contacted some of the companies that impressed me with their promotional items. If anyone wishes or needs suggestions, I will gladly pass on the feedback I received from the companies that responded.

Artistic 3d interior impression for $ 100


Meaning of colors in website design

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