What Animal Improvements Can a Simic Hybrid Druid Keep on Wild Shaped?

What Animal Improvements Can a Simic Hybrid Druid Keep on Wild Shaped?
Manta Glide, nimble climber, underwater adaptation, lifting attachment, carapace and / or acid spit?

Does the type of beast that I am working on Wild Shape determine, if I can keep a certain animal improvement? For example, if I wanted to make a wild crab, would I keep my trailer attachment feature? What if I wildly turn into a bear?

Alert improvements from Xon | NulledTeam UnderGround

A collection of enhancements to the XenForo Alerts system.

This add-on requires php 5.6 or newer


  • For thread / conversation / profile pages, automatically flags warnings when they are read as content on a particular page.
  • Highlight the unread link for individual alerts on the Alerts page.
  • Supports the following add-ons:
  • Global Optional, alert summary by selected content type or user
  • User option to prevent marking as read …

Report improvements from Xon | NulledTeam UnderGround

Screenshots still need to be added, the XF1 version has similar features and the screenshots

This add-on may change changes to moderation permissions. You're welcome review User group permissions carefully!

A collection of improvements to the reporting system of XF. Fully formulated.

During installation, all existing alerts are copied to a new log change log and linked to reports. This process acts as a background task and is …

Mobile app development tool – Apache Cordova

To modernize legacy systems or bring scalable internal or customer-oriented apps to market at the right time, I recommend that you immediately jump to my cross-platform enterprise mobile development guide.
It includes open source tools and free, cross-platform mobile app development tools that any developer can instantly enjoy.
Apache Cordova

Apache Cordova tops this list because it supports the design process for most free cross-platform mobile application development tools, and many that are not free. Previously known as Phone Gap, Adobe released Cordova as an open source project that has received contributions from BlackBerry, Google, IBM, Intel and Microsoft at this time.

By embedding web code in a native Cordova package, Cordova provides access to native APIs. By incorporating community plugins, apps can connect to any number of these APIs using simple JavaScript.


Cut out the middleman. By working directly with Cordova, developers have access to the latest updates from the Apache team. With each release, Cordova gets access to critical operating system improvements. These enhancements can improve Cordova's performance and give it access to new APIs. Build directly on Cordova and you will never miss it.


Cordova is UI and Framework Agnostic. It leaves the designer all design and architecture decisions. This may not be a problem if you have previously created mobile-first websites. However, if you're working on a mobile application for the first time, consider using a framework that will do a little more with your hands. According to the developer survey by Stack Overflow, the developers are particularly concerned about working with Cordova.


Python – Possible improvements for data transformation with dictionaries and lists

My initial problem is one list from mappings are their values lists of values. The converted list must contain the Cartesian product of all lists (those that are values ​​in the dictionaries) that belong to separate dictionaries (in other words, the values ​​of the lists in the same directories are "coupled").

If you ignore the keywords in the dictionaries, this is easily solved itertools.product,


      ('B3G', 'B1'): [1.0, 2.0],
("B1G", "B1"): [11.0, 12.0]
("B2G", "B1"): [1.5, 2.5, 3.5]


  {('B3G', 'B1'): 1.0, ('B1G', 'B1'): 11.0, ('B2G', 'B1'): 1.5},
  {('B3G', 'B1'): 1.0, ('B1G', 'B1'): 11.0, ('B2G', 'B1'): 2.5},
  {('B3G', 'B1'): 1.0, ('B1G', 'B1'): 11.0, ('B2G', 'B1'): 3.5},
  {('B3G', 'B1'): 2.0, ('B1G', 'B1'): 12.0, ('B2G', 'B1'): 1.5},
  {('B3G', 'B1'): 2.0, ('B1G', 'B1'): 12.0, ('B2G', 'B1'): 2.5},
  {('B3G', 'B1'): 2.0, ('B1G', 'B1'): 12.0, ('B2G', 'B1'): 3.5}

To make things even more confusing, the keywords are the individual dictionaries tuples of strings.

Here is one possible implementation with one class isolate the whole mess.

Class ParametricMapping:
"" Abstraction for multidimensional parametric mappings. " ""

Assignments: List[Mapping[Tuple[str], Sequence[float]]]= Field (default_factory = lambda: [{}])

def combinations (self) -> list[Mapping[Tuple[str]swim]]:
"" "Cartesian product suitable for working with dictionaries, much like 'itertools.product`." ""

labels = [label for arg in self.mappings for label in tuple(arg.keys())]
    Pools = [list(map(tuple, zip(*arg.values()))) for arg in self.mappings]

    def cartesian_product (* args):
"" "Cartesian product similar to" itertools.product "" ""
Result = [[]]for pool in args:
Result = [x + [y] for x as a result for y in the pool]Return result

Results []
    for term in cartesian_product (* Pools):
results.append ([pp for p in term for pp in p])

tmp = []
    for r in results:
tmp.append ({k: v for k, v in zip (labels, r)})

if len (tmp) == 0:
return [{}]
Return tmp

question: How can I improve that to make it cleaner (priority # 1) and faster (# 2).

content structure

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Published by: Anyon
Post-Time: December 31, 2018 at 08:20.

Search for improvements | NulledTeam UnderGround

A collection of XF advanced search enhancements and some for XenForo's default MySQL search.

MySQL & Elastic Search functions;

  • range_query looking for DSL
    • allows any range queries for numeric data
  • Allow users to select the default search order regardless of the forum-wide setting.

Only for the elastic search:

  • Weighting by content type
  • Adds information about the elastic search to the AdminCP startup screen.
  • Adds a debug option to …

Improvements to your own theorems

What are some notable (famous) cases in which the following has occurred.

A certain author proves:

each P what satisfies Q has property Z,

A few years later (roughly speaking), the same author proves:

each P has property Z;

This will make at least part of the original research article redundant.

Is this something common?

On the one hand, the author should be the best equipped person to reinforce his score, as they have probably tried before, learned a few traps that should be avoided, and received a partial solution.

On the other hand, the author may prefer not to revisit his work in order to avoid duplication and make his own work obsolete, or simply to research the various things that are of interest to them. Perhaps they "quarantine" the problem to make better use of their time and mental energy.

On a personal level, I really have trouble letting go of a problem, especially if I've solved certain cases previously.

What improvements should I make on my website for better SEO?

The basic idea of ​​SEO optimization is to bring more visitors to the site. The best place to start improving your search engine optimization (SEO) for your website is typical of the content. The most valuable content is displayed at the top of the search results. To find out, the search engine checks how unique your content is compared to other websites. If you want to improve SEO in your website? You can optimize your website according to webmaster guidelines.
– Set unique and informative title and meta tags on each page
– Create an effective content marketing strategy
– Improve your website or page load speeds
– Posts are always of good quality
– Create business keyword as long tail
– Used medium sized pictures
– Refresh the page content regularly with new information
– Use correct alt tags
-SSL certified website
– Mobile friendliness

Conversational Improvements by Xon | NulledTeam UnderGround

A collection of improvements to the XenForo Conversation system.

For information about large forums, see the "Installing for large forums" section.

When uninstalling all data will be removed!
However, the search index requires a complete rebuild to clear the old data!


  • Adds the conversation search with options to search for recipients.
  • New conversation permissions
  • Adds an "IP" button that has posts, which allows the user's IP to be displayed.
  • Conversation…