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MS Outlook is a very popular e-mail client that stores all user mailbox data in a .pst file. However, due to some technical issues, this file is vulnerable to damage. In many cases, a minor corruption of the .pst file has occurred, which can be corrected with the Inbox Repair Tool. However, due to insufficient knowledge, users have lost access to their file and can use a third-party PST repair tool. To get the Inbox Repair Tool recovery, here is a very informative guide to the Microsoft Inbox Repair Tool.


Error – There are technical issues on the website. Please check your site administrator's email inbox for instructions

We tried to disable all plugins on our site located on WordPress 5.2, and the following error message appears: -> There were technical issues on the site. Please check your site administrator's email inbox for instructions.

We tried to do a recovery with the hosting, but nothing happened, it did not even return to WordPress 5.1 we had at the time of recovery.

We can not do anything, as if we try to return to the installed plugin. We get this error and can not reactivate the plugins.

Can you please advise us what we should do?

Many Thanks

Gmail: The behavior of the Inbox has changed. I only want to see unread inbox emails ("label: inbox, label: unread")

Until just two days ago, my unread email page in Gmail showed only unread emails. The read emails are displayed near the bottom.

For some reason, that has changed. While the "Inbox" tab still shows "32", I can now see all the emails on the right, including the unread ones. However, I want my inbox to show only those 32 unread ones:

Enter the image description here

Googling took me to the following URL: http://osxdaily.com/2013/06/30/show-unread-messages-gmail/. You suggest the following filter:

Label: Inbox, Label: unread

This shows exactly what I want, but I want this to be the default view, and not every time a filter needs to be applied.

Any idea how I can return to the old view. & # 39;

Is there a web-based Gmail client that counts all inbox messages, not just unread ones?

I have been a happy user of Wavebox to this day. It's fast, reliable and full of features that make the MacOS experience more natural. One thing that works very well for me is the option to count all messages in the Inbox, not just the unread one.

In the latest beta release, the option to count all inbox messages has been removed and my workflow is interrupted.

What Web-based Gmail clients for macOS can count everything Inbox messages, not only unread?

I know there are many native email clients that have this option, but I need the web interface.