mariadb – possible to INclude duplicate rows?

I have MariaDB version 10.2.14-MariaDB. I have a table that looks like this:

CREATE TABLE `card_data_link` (
    `card_id` INT(11) NULL DEFAULT NULL,
    `data_id` INT(11) NULL DEFAULT NULL,
    INDEX `card_id` (`card_id`) USING BTREE,
    INDEX `data_id` (`data_id`) USING BTREE

It has this data:

card_id data_id
"63"    "21"
"34"    "3"
"34"    "21"
"34"    "21"

It joins to this one:

CREATE TABLE `card_data` (
    `data_id` INT(11) NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT,
    `data` TEXT NULL DEFAULT NULL COLLATE 'utf8_general_ci',

It has data that looks like this:

data_id data
"21"    "{R}"
"3"     "{3}"

If I run this query:

    card_data_link cdl
left join
    card_data cd on cd.data_id = cdl.data_id
group by


card_id    data_id    data
"34"        "3"     "{3}"
"34"        "21"    "{R}"
"63"        "21"    "{R}"

Is there a way I can get the second

"34"        "21"    "{R}"

row to show up so it returns:

card_id    data_id    data
"34"        "3"     "{3}"
"34"        "21"    "{R}"
"34"        "21"    "{R}"
"63"        "21"    "{R}"

It’s like it’s doing a select distinct, even though I’m not putting in distinct. Am I not grouping correctly? Thanks!

visualization – How to include a meter in Manipulate that shows a value calculated from the manipulate dynamic variable?

I’m trying to make a visualization of grid (representing magnetic states) and I want to include a meter that shows a variable calculated from the manipulate index (of the form J1/J2 = (index)*0.1) so that as you change the index next to the array plot you see the numerical value of J1/J2. Any idea how to do this?

Here’s my code:

Manipulate( ArrayPlot(MontesJ((i, 1)),  ColorRules -> {1 -> White, -1 -> Black}), {i, 1, 20, 1})

Montes((i,1)) is a square grid.

c++ – error on #include on clang 6 and 10

I’m getting this:

#if __cplusplus >= 201703L
#include <filesystem>

when trying to compile with clang 6.0. Unfortunately I cannot move to experimental/filesystem because it’s not my library, it’s OpenVPN3. I tried with clang 10 and still got the error.

What are my options if I can’t modify OpenVPN3?

My CMakeLists.txt:

cmake_minimum_required(VERSION 3.5)



set(LIBTINS_ENABLE_PCAP OFF CACHE BOOL "enable X functionality" FORCE)
add_subdirectory(${PROJECT_ROOT}/libtins _libtins)
add_subdirectory(${PROJECT_ROOT}/literal_ipaddr _literal_ipaddr)
add_subdirectory(${PROJECT_ROOT}/smoltcp_cpp_interface smoltcp_cpp_interface)

set(KOVPN_SOURCE "${CORE_DIR}/../kovpn" CACHE PATH "ovpn-dco kernel module source tree")

add_executable(libopenvpn_example OpenVPNClient.cpp)
add_dependencies(libopenvpn_example tins literal_ipaddr)
set_property(TARGET libopenvpn_example PROPERTY CXX_STANDARD 17)
target_link_libraries(libopenvpn_example tins literal_ipaddr)

c++ – GLFW, erro: main.cpp:3:10: fatal error: GLFWglfw3.h: No such file or directory #include

Estou tendo o erro:

main.cpp:3:10: fatal error: GLFWglfw3.h: No such file or directory
 #include <GLFWglfw3.h>
compilation terminated.

Estou aprendendo opengl com o glfw3

O meu código é:

#include <iostream>
#include <GLFWglfw3.h>

int main()

    return 0;

já baixei todas as libs necessarias, uso linux e o comando que uso para compilar é: g++ main.cpp -o main -lglfw3

dependencies – Is there a convenient way to include only a particular snapshot of a git repository inside another project?

I might be going about this in an unorthodox way and that’s why I’d like to get some input on alternative ideas.

I have created a Java Promise library, that is in ongoing development. I’ve included this library into an Android app that I am currently developing as well. At this point only my Promise library is version controlled with Git.

I only develop for myself, locally, so there’s no worries about other people’s commits or remote repositories.

Here’s the basic local structure:

  • /Library/Promise/.git
  • /App/MyApp/

Right now, when I want do some work on the Promise library, by checking out, say, the “develop” branch, this change is immediately reflected in MyApp’s code as well. I’d like to prevent this from happening. I’d like to only include a version of my Promise library that I am currently happy with.

For instance, only include:

  • the master branch
  • a tagged commit
  • etc.

Is there a convenient way to only include a snapshot of the library’s Git code, without having to make a copy of the library? Or is it typically not custom to directly include a Git repository into another project, like this?

Preferably, I’d like to stay away from advanced dependency repositories, like Maven and what have you, for now, as that’s a bit too much much hassle for me, at the moment. I’m hoping there are some less involved alternatives for this conundrum.

Query to include + or – 5 seconds


I have a table that records meteor events – each record amongst other things has the date and time. I want to search for an event and specify the date but also the time but i want to have a + or – on the time, i started with this
WHERE = '2020-05-15'

but I want the search bring back events that are + or minus 5…

Query to include + or – 5 seconds

Can Facebook’s Custom privacy setting ever include the public?

On Facebook, I occasionally see certain friends with their privacy settings set to Custom. When I comment on their posts, I don’t want my comments to show up publicly, but I can’t know whether they will for sure because the Custom privacy setting is all that’s shown.

From experimenting myself, it doesn’t seem possible to set the Custom privacy setting to include the public, although I suppose there is always a possibility with Facebook’s increasing tendency to test new features differently across regions.

Can the Custom privacy setting ever include the public, or will Friends of Friends always be as public as it gets?

Does following Cookie Consent law make it pointless to include Analytics?

I’m using Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel and I have a pointless ‘Accept Cookies’ button on my website.

I want to fix all this, so I’ve been reading up.

you cannot use any pre-ticked boxes (or equivalents such as ‘on’ sliders) for non-essential cookies;

the user must take a clear and positive action to give their consent to non-essential cookies – continuing to use your website does not constitute valid consent;

The key implication is that just 0.1% of site visitors would freely choose to enable all cookie categories/vendors

So this leads me to believe have Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel is pointless, because given the choice 0.1% would enable the cookies anyway.

Am I missing something, or should I just remove these two analytics from my site now?

How to include CURL URL with variable in a powershell file?

Below is the curl command which I am running in a powershell file, which is not working as it is not picking the variable $APIToken value:

$CurlArgument = "-s",
            "-X", "POST",
$CURLEXE = "E:Program FilesGitmingw64bincurl.exe"
& $CURLEXE @CurlArgument

Please suggest how to correctly write the variable.

What does it mean if dmesg does not include any reference to iwlwifi (dmesg | grep iwl)

I am trying to troubleshoot my wifi adapter issues. Can someone please let me know what it means if there are no entries for iwlwifi when running dmesg after boot? Does it mean that the driver did not load automatically or there could be some kind of issues?

After I run sudo modprobe iwlwifi I see new entries in dmesg saying following:

cfg80211: Loading compiled-in X.509 certificates for regulatory database
cfg80211: Loaded X.509 cert 'sforshee: 00b28ddf47aef9cea7'
Intel(R) Wireless Wifi driver for Linux
Copyright(c) 2003-2015 Intel Corporation

Before running modprobe command lsmod would not have any references to iwlwifi. However after I run it I see these lines

iwlwifi  331776   0
cfg80211 704512   1 iwlwifi

But neither ip addr or ifconfig or lspci show new adapter…

Does it mean anything to anyone?