keyboard – Should a statement refer to the "+" key or the "=" key for a command to increase slightly?

Based on conventions elsewhere, it's probably best to call them plus or +.

The +/- dichotomy is used in other apps, and your users are more likely to find it before they use your apps, even if they are in a different context. And your users are not trying to enter the character =, but to press a specific key. In this way, users can also use the + key on the number pad if their keyboard has one.

While it is true that some users are confused and want to hold down the Shift key, your software should be smart enough to take this into account and look at the pressed key, not the entered character.

Two short examples, zoom in Chrome and font size in brackets (on a Mac), see Using Cmd + and Cmd -. Granted, this is possible with a modifier key, but most apps that (in a way) allow text input use one so you can run the function as you type. This should be considered in your app when a user may need to zoom or whatever while text input is the focus.

Menu in Chrome with keyboard shortcuts to zoom in and out.
Menu in parentheses, which will increase the font size and reduce font size.

As always, testing with your actual users is the best way to be sure. It may be that your audience is heavily typing in the financial sector, pressing only the keys on the number pad (where = and + are separate keys), or using the Caps Lock and Shift keys for many dates or frequently typing = = just before zooming need to change.

Worst scenario: Your users tap something that is not a standard QWERTY English keyboard, and the + key can be in many different places. It may not make sense to specify +/- as a pair when they are no longer nearby. Someone with more experience in localization can hopefully help when keyboard shortcuts are changed frequently to support different language / keyboard conventions.

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pathfinder 1e – How to increase the attack bonus of an Arcane Cheater?

I'm starting to build an Arcane Trickster in Pathfinder. As you can imagine, it would be difficult to use weapons with a wizard attack bonus. I already take two levels of Unchained Rogue, which gives Weapon Finesse, but I want to increase my bonus further.

What options do I have to effectively increase my attack bonus?

I would prefer to avoid a feat, unless it is really effective. Items, spells or a villain feature (of which I have only one) are good.

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