ios – Increasing the size of all content

I’m looking for something that works like “display size” on Android, “change the size of text, apps, and other items” on Windows or “zoom level” on Linux Mint.

“Text size” doesn’t cut it because it leaves a lot of things unscaled and accessibility zoom – well, I’m sure it’s nice for severely impaired people but I just want to scale up everything by something like 25 to 50% without having to need to pan around.

(I’m using an iPad Pro with iOS 14.4.2)

display – Increasing resolution for external monitors

I am running Ubuntu 20.04 on XPS 15 7590 and I got two 27″ Samsung Monitors that are docked to my laptop. While my laptop easily gets a resolution of 3840×2160 (16:9), the 2 monitors only get 1920×1080(16:9).enter image description here

And due to this, everything in the monitors is incredibly zoomed in.

Is there a fix for this? I should get better resolution on 27″ monitors than my 15″ laptop.

functional analysis – Is there any relation between monotone operators and increasing operators?

If $V$ is some Riesz space (vector lattice for a partial order, say a Banach space), and if an operator $Acolon V to V’$ is monotone, i.e
$$langle A(u) – A(v), u-v rangle geq 0,$$
does it mean that $f geq g implies A(f) geq A(g)$, with the induced order for the dual space? What about the converse?

As far as I can see, there is no relationship.

Consider 3 sequence 2n,3n,5n make combination of these 3 sequence into y sequence.then how find terms in increasing weight of number?

Combination of sequence-
How find terms in y in increasing order(weight)?
But we easily find combination of 2 sequence. let combination of (2n,3n)then terms in that seq. (2n,3n,2n,3n,2n,3n,2n,3n,….)but problem in combination of more than 2 there formula?

dnd 5e – A new ki idea for increasing monk damage 5th edition

How about this for a Ki option for a monk starting at 2nd level

Iron Palm

Immediately before you take the attack action on your turn, you can spend 1 ki point to increase your unarmed strike damage dice to the next rank. This lasts until the end of your turn., and does not effect hand held weapons or other monk weapons only the unarmed strikes.

special functions – f(x(s),y(s)) increasing in both x and y. x increasing in s but y decreasing in s. when is f increasing in s?

Assume $f(x,y)$ is an increasing function in $x$ and $y$. On the other hand, $x$ and $y$ are also functions of a state variable $s$. The $x(s)$ and $y(s)$ are respectively increasing and decreasing in $s$. Under what condition(s) is $f$ increasing in $s$?

I would appreciate any suggestions.


minimum spanning tree – Increasing an edge weight. Shortest time to recompute an $MST$?

I have an $MST$ tree $T$. I increase the weight of a single edge $e$ by $c$(a non negative constant).

I need to recompute an $MST$ as fast as i can. How I do this? The idea I had in mimd is to remove $e$ from $T$. Loop over all crossing edges between the two “halves” of $T$. See which one is minimal weight. Add her instead.

This will require $O(|E|)$ time. Is there a faster idea? Or does my idea requires less than $O(|E|)$?

I suspect a more efficient algorothm exists because i do not use the fact that $e$‘s weight increased.