Indexers (fast indexer sites), indexable sites and selection of sites under PR1

1. How Google Finds Indexer Pages Quickly (This Is The Search Engine For Indexer Websites) Will Find Google Indexer Pages And They Are Orphaned Pages (As far as I know, there are no internal links that link to these pages)

I know some of them are indexed by Google because I saw them in search results earlier than

Search for other domains etc. (quite often)


2. If gsa says that websites are not indexable, it won't if you point to some links in the lower level

that make it indexable? because google will follow the links in the layer below.

3. You can only select locations above PR1 for a project. How do you choose everything below PR1 for lower levels or for another project?

Question about mass link indexers – how do they work?

Hello everybody,

A side issue to indexers – I've always wondered how they work. I'm not talking about indexers sending your link directly to Google with a proxy. I wonder more about the mass indexers like EliteIndexer and ExpressIndexer (these are the only two I know).

Does anyone know how they work? Do you build crap T2 links or do you actually have a different type of indexing? These are mass indexing services. I assume it's something pretty spam.

Does somebody know?

P.S .: Also secondary question, do you think they really work? I have never really used it, but I think about it.

Many Thanks