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Can I make the second entry from Nepal back to India via the Banbasa border crossing with an Indian e-Visa?

My situation is that I am already in India. I came to India on a tourist e-Visa. The first entry must be via one of the designated air / sea ports. I entered Delhi airport and got a visa stamp for my Czech passport. Stamp says I have multiple entries, 90 days of continuous stay in India and visa is valid for 1 year. Now I have spent almost 90 days and I would like to travel to Nepal in no time and return to India to stay uninterrupted for another 90 days. I'm in Rishikesh, so the closest and cheapest option seems to be the bus going to Banbasa. Can I also return my e-visa via Banbasa (which is not the first port of entry)? And how long do I have to stay in Nepal?

India – How do I book Indian buses and trains in advance without an Indian phone number?

In order to be able to book online in the IRCTC, you need a verified profile with SIM. Once verified, it is no longer needed. You can contact local help if you do not receive a phone number.

For the bus, the Redbus app offers this. But not sure for the phone number. The same applies, only for the first check the number is needed.

Incidentally, you can take an Indian SIM card with you by presenting your passport as a passport in an official mobile operator's shop.

Phishing – I used unknown Wi-Fi in an Indian train. Am I at risk?

I was traveling by train in India and had to use the internet. I did not have an Indian SIM card and was on international roaming, so I did not want to use mobile data. I turned on WLAN and there was an access point with random letters, both uppercase and lowercase as SSID. It did not have a password, so I thought that this must be free railroad WLAN and connected to it. The internet was reasonably good, so I started watching YouTube. After some time I talked to Snapchat and fell asleep. My phone was connected to the network all night. When I woke up in the morning, I received a text message on my phone. I have attached a screenshot below

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As you can see, this number had an earlier message on the earlier date, which was probably an automated Snapchat message that forgot my password. But the latest news seems strange. It's just "otp password 5151", which is kind of strange. I do not think that's Snapchat's. I changed my password for Snapchat and set up two-level authentication. But I'm still worried that I'm in danger and I'd like to understand that better. Can someone help me what has just happened here? How can someone send me message snooping as Snapchat? Am I in danger? What measures should I take now? As you in advance.

Jordan Visa on arrival for Indian National with Jordan Pass

How strict are the rules regarding $ 1000 per person to receive VoA?

We're a group of 12 on a budget trip, and frankly, we can not take $ 12,000 in cash. In addition to being expensive, the risk of losing physical money to something bad is too great.

All other online threads are 3-4 years old, in which Indians were molested by immigration officials because of the cash rule. What is the situation now?

We plan to carry return air tickets, prepaid hotel bookings, car rental bookings, the Jordan Pass and approximately $ 2000 for the group as liquid cash and withdraw as needed.

Does anyone suggest a meeting and greeting at the airport? These services, too, seem ridiculously expensive. (The best search results on Google – have not done much research.)

My Indian passport has been renewed but has not yet been updated with a PR visa for Australia

You will probably get in trouble leaving Australia, as your new passport is not in the Australian system. The good news, though, is that you can update your passport data at the border when needed (at the last check). After that, the return is no longer a problem.

I would suggest trying a few times to contact them rather than notifying them by email, and then checking out the airport nice and early if you can not sort it. It would also be helpful to bring your old passport if you still have it.