sata – What is the real influence of USB 3.1 connection on HDD speed?

I understand, USB 3.1 is faster than SATA 3. 10Gbit/s vs 6Gbit/s. However, I consider using a hub to connect 8 HDDs. The important thing is we’re talking about slow mechanical disks, not fast SSDs.

Is there any chance they would be as fast as connected through SATA 3?

Where could I find such information? Did someone test it?

blockchain – Do some crypto-assets have an “admin key” that allow some users to exercise “unilateral control and influence” over the asset?

I am reading the SEC prospectus Coinbase’s initial public offering, available here. On page 20, it is written:

Many crypto assets have concentrated ownership or an “admin key”, allowing a small group of holders to have significant unilateral control and influence over key decisions relating to their crypto networks, such as governance decisions and protocol changes, as well as the market price of such crypto assets.

I am not familiar with the existence of such “admin keys” that allow some users to unilaterally change the properties of a token or a blockchain. Would anyone care to fill me in or provide some sources I can read?

12 Ways to Influence Customers and Grow Sales

1. Sell yourself first before you sell your product
Everyone wants to sell their product after setting up a business and it is the obvious thing but how you do that is what matters. The best way to do that is by selling yourself first which means to tell and educate your audience about your worth first. You have to make them believe why they should trust you and why they should collaborate with you and buy your product and services. If you failed to do these things and not able to convey the actual message then you won’t be able to make any sale. Selling yourself first will make sure that you can influence your customers and your sales will grow.

2. Post Quality content frequently
If you don’t have your blog then you are missing a lot. Make your blog for your website which include high-quality content. Your content must be short, attractive and must include bold headlines. Just making content and posting it once in a while won’t do a thing, make sure you are making quality content and with this make it frequently and post it frequently. Good content attracts and influences a lot of people.

3. Use HD images
You aren’t going to buy a product with bad images because you aren’t able to see the real product. Think this for your consumers too as they will also not buy any product with bad images. Make sure you use HD images which will satisfy them and make sure that they are after the right thing. A good image will give them confidence and it will increase your sales.

4. Social proof marketing
Social Poof marketing is the best form of marketing to influence customers and increase sales. In modern time with the advancement in technology customers depends on social media to get reviews and advice for online shopping. Social Proof builds trust and plays a significant role in increasing sales.
For social proof, Social Poof marketing is the first choice and Social Proof Tools are famously used.
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5. Send them emails
The great way to influence the customers is by sending them emails. Email marketing has always played an important part in influencing customers. Prepare a list of emails of all your customers new or old doesn’t matter and keep them updated about all the new things that are happening in your business.

6. Use influencers
Using influencers is a great way to influence customers and increase your sales. Influencers are the people who have lots of following on social media platform and you can sue them as your asset. Pay them for promoting your product and in this more people will get to know about your product.

7. Use your story
Using your own to influence customers is a good way to get more sales. Tell them what inspired and motivated you that you took part in what you are doing. Tell them behind the stories of all your decisions and also about your business.

8. Fulfil your promises
You promised your customers that you are going to deliver this product by this time frame then be disciplined about it and fulfil your promise that you made. Don’t make fake promises that you can’t fulfil tell them honestly if you can’t do something but once promised fulfil it. Call them or message them for thanking them that they chose your services when many others were there and ask them if they are happy and satisfied. This whole process will influence your customers.

9. Your service must be of a high level
Make sure that your services are good like providing the package in a promised time frame. Make sure that you are doing everything in the time that you have given them as it is what we called providing ace services.

10. Welcome them nicely and make them feel special
To influence your customers and grow sales make your customers feel special and always give them warm welcome. Even if they are acting hard on you, you have to stay calm and greet the properly. Remember first impression matters and that is when you talk to them and the rest of your relationship will depend on your first talk.

11. Give them with every information
Like I said earlier trust is the main factor in influencing the customers and in sales too. The more trust will influence lots of people. You have to earn their trust by providing all the information related to the product that they want to purchase and about the website too.

12. Make checkout process simple
It is important that you are making the checkout process as simple as possible and your customers can purchase without putting too many efforts. A hard checkout process will drive them away and make them abandon you.


sql server – What things can influence log_shipping_monitor_secondary – last_restored_latency values?

Looking at msdb.dbo.log_shipping_monitor_secondary last_restored_latency values for each log shipped db.

last_restored_latency - The amount of time, in minutes, that elapsed between when the log backup was created on the primary and when it was restored on the secondary.

Usually this value is 0 or fairly close to 0. Every once in awhile see a higher number in this column (850). What are the things to look for that can cause high values for last_restored_latency?

customs and immigration – Does credit Card debts influence future USA Visiting visa approval?

Having debt in the US does not automatically prevent you from getting a US visa. Nor will you be arrested at the airport just because you have debt.

On the other hand, one of the things you need to do to get the visa is to show that you can support yourself for your time in the US (without of course working). That becomes much harder to demonstrate if you have substantial debt, regardless of what country that debt is in.

Likewise you have to show that the money you spend on your US visit is reasonable for you to spend given your financial circumstances. You don’t state the reason for your wanting to visit the US, or where you are visiting from. but (for example) people with thousands of dollars of debt who are trying to pay it back don’t take expensive overseas vacations. On the other hand if the visit was business related and your employer was paying the costs that would be different.

So the short answer is that the debt is not an automatic barrier, but can be a negative factor in your visa application. How much of a negative factor we cannot determine.

What influence does contextual relevance have on rankings?

I’m on a mission to find out how the contextual relevancy of backlinks impacts the website’s ranking potential. I would love to hear some opinions from people in the digital marketing industry as preliminary to my study:

1. What is your typical routine for researching the backlinks? Do you pay special attention to the subject contextual relevance of the link?

2. What are the things you find most annoying in the backlink building process?

Thank you for your time and if you know someone else who could answer these short questions, please let me know!


encryption – Does compression level influence security of encryted 7z files?

I want to archive some GB of sensitive data. It is to be stored on an external drive that also includes non sensitive data so i don’t want to encrypt the whole drive. For that purpose i want to use 7zip and the 7z file format with AES-256 encryption and a long (16+ character) password.

Since most of the data to be encrypted is already compressed or a compression would not do much (for example videos) and disk space is not a problem i want to choose “Store” as compression level to speed up archive creation.

I don’t know much about the technical side of encryption but from what i found compression does not influence encryption, so choosing a higher compression level would not have any influence (positive or negative) on file security.

My question is wether this is correct or does it indeed have an influence?

dnd 5e – Would expanding the Beguiling Influence invocation in this way cause any problems?

I can’t see this imbalancing your game, but be cautious of favoritism/unfairness and stepping on the toes of Bard/Rogue

There are a great many features that grant proficiencies with no exceptions made for people who are already proficient in those things; as such, I would be cautious of making a change to this one Warlock feature and not the various other features as well.

Something else to keep in mind is that Expertise is mostly unique to Rogues and Bards so giving it to other classes might be stepping on their toes even more.

Also note that the Unearthed Arcana version of the Squat Nimbleness feat granted doubled proficiency if you were already proficient, but in its final release in Xanathar’s Guide to Everything this was removed and replaced with advantage on checks to escape grapples. That doesn’t necessarily mean the doubled proficiency was bad but for some reason they did remove it.

Proficiency-granting features do a lot of different things

This is more just on overview of the various options available and their rarities.

Most features just grant proficiencies with no exceptions

I went through a list and the majority of proficiency-granting features do not have exceptions for those already proficient. This includes most of the feats that grant any sort of proficiency as well. Below are the few exceptions I was able to find:

A few features besides double your proficiency bonus if you are already proficient:

The Scout Rogue’s Survivalist feature grants them two additional skill proficiencies and a doubled proficiency bonus with them, if they were already proficient.

The Purple Dragon Knight Fighter’s Royal Envoy feature grants them proficiency in Persuasion. If they are already proficient in Persuasion they can pick a different skill. Regardless, they get a doubled proficiency bonus with Persuasion.

The Knowledge Cleric’s Blessings of Knowledge feature grants them two skill proficiencies and a doubled proficiency bonus with those skills.

The Prodigy feat is the only feat that lets you add double your proficiency bonus to a skill.

A few features actually grant different proficiencies if you already proficient

The Artificer subclasses grant a tool proficiency, but if are already proficient in that tool you can pick a different one.

The Samurai Fighter’s Elegant Courtier feature grants proficiency in Wisdom saving throws, but you can pick a different one if you already have that.

The Gloom Stalker Ranger’s Iron Mind feature grants them proficiency in Wisdom saving throws, but you can pick a different one if you already have that.

Somewhat related, a few features that grant darkvision extend your darkvision if you already have it. Most features that grant darkvision do no such thing.

Similarly, a select few features that grant spells give you different ones if you already know them. Most features that grant spells do no such thing.

What I do at my own tables

When people end up acquiring a feature that grants them a proficiency they already have, I allow them to pick a different but thematically similar proficiency instead. This has not caused problems at my own tables, and means people don’t have to worry about exactly what features are granting them what proficiencies. The main reason I do this is because I believe getting a useless feature is unfun and arguably bad design. The reason I do not give them doubled proficiency (expertise) is because I believe these should be left to the Rogue and Bard classes; skills are a lot of their entire thing/kit.

conditions – What happens when a character fails to reject influence that would put a label above +3 or below -2?

According to the explanation of the reject someone’s influence move,

On a miss, your Labels most likely shift in exactly the way you tried to resist[.]

That “most likely” makes clear that this is a suggestion, not a hard rule – the move text itself says “the GM adjusts your labels” but doesn’t specify it has to be in line with the original shift.

In the case where this shift would cause a condition, the GM is perfectly within their rights to give you one condition from the missed reject, but choose a different label shift that still relates to the situation in play.

Following the example from the book for taking a condition from a disallowed label shift, consider Huma, the Legacy, being told “he’s a great hero, the saviour the city needs”, increasing his Savior and reducing Mundane while his Savior is already +3. If he rejects this influence and rolls a miss, he takes a condition and the GM adjusts his labels; the GM could decide that Huma marks Insecure, and feels pressured to perform perfectly, better than everyone else, shifting down his Mundane but increasing Superior instead.