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What influences the IP order "hostname -I"

The manpage of hostname tells us for the option -I: Msgstr "Do not make any assumptions about the order of issue.",
In any case, our servers returned the local network IP and the external IP address first. Unfortunately, with this assumption, much older code runs under this assumption Hostname -I | cut -d & # 39; & # 39; -f1 to get the external IP. At the weekend something has changed. Now the external IP address is displayed first and the internal second. This is a new situation after years, and I wonder what might have influenced this change.
Any assumptions?

Operating system: Ubuntu 14.04.3 LTS
Kernel: Linux 4.4.110-x86_64-jb1

Design diagram to illustrate how influences affect fixed related factors in a measure

How can the following formula be best represented as a diagram?

Overall grade =
70% × [
50% × Sub-factor A +
20% × Sub-factor B +
5% × Sub-factor C +
25% × Sub-factor D
] +
30% × [
15% × Sub-factor A +
50% × Sub-factor B +
10% × Sub-factor C +
25% × Sub-factor D

For example when:
Overall grade =
70% × [
50% × 44% +
20% × 3.75% +
5% × 14.4% +
25% × 20.5%
] +
30% × [
15% × 10% +
50% × 10% +
10% × 16.67% +
25% × 25%

One way to possibly represent the data would be this way:

A pie chart with three layers; outer will be labeled later

(Note that if all subfactors were 100%, the graph would be completely filled and there would be no gray areas under Factor A and Factor B.)

But is it a good graphic? What are the advantages and disadvantages of this approach? And it's the best graph that can be used for the provided formula? Could another graphic work? Or is a graphic even necessary?

Thank you for your feedback.

Who influences Yahoo to constantly attack President Trump?

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