performance – Compare hostnames and leases between CSV and DHCP info

I have 3 nested loops and they do the following:

  1. Get scopes from DHCP
  2. Get hostnames from csv file
  3. Compares hostnames and leases, matches are added to a hash table

There are 5 DHCP servers, 100’s of scopes and thousands of leases.

What would be a good method to speed this up?

$DHServers = Get-DhcpServerInDC #get DHCP info
$hashtable = @{} #create hash table

foreach ($server in $DHServers){
$scopes = Get-DHCPServerv4Scope -ComputerName $server.dnsname #get all scopes in DHCP   
    foreach ($_ in (Import-Csv C:scriptAsset_List.csv | Select-Object -ExpandProperty asset)){ #get hostnames from list          
        foreach ($scope in $scopes){            
            if($scope | Get-DhcpServerV4Lease -ComputerName $server.dnsname | Where-Object HostName -like "$_*" ){ #compares the hostname to find which lease it is in
                $scopename=$ #matches give scope name
                $hashtable($_) = $scopename #when a match is found, add keys and values to table

deletion – Print sensitive info without leaving data on the printer

I’m not sure if there is already a question here about this because I can’t find anything. But I’m wondering if there are any “safer” ways to print sensitive information without leaving traces on the printer (sensitive data in caches, internal memory, etc.), or at least ways to reduce those traces.

Suppose I need to print some codes, passwords, secret data, or anything sensitive anyway. After you have printed the data, you can put the sheet in a safe place (like a safe), but the printer is going to remain in its usual place where it could be accessed by a malicious actor (I don’t think many people lock their printers in a safe).

This might be equivalent to asking how to delete any data left in the memory of a printer, or at least reduce the probability of leaving any sensitive data in it. Maybe printing some more megabytes of documents after the sensitive data will help “overwriting” the memory on the printer? I have no idea.

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facebook messenger – Where app drops sdk version info

Long story short i used appcloner to spoof android SDK version to lower to get messenger chat heads as they were on android 10 and lower. I copied the installed app, so now i got .apk with all that info and when i install it from that file it still works. App must dropped info about android SDK into it’s files, but i cannot find where. Does anyone could help me with that?

My goal is to inject this file into original messenger apk so that i could update this app from official messenger .apk

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settings – What is the “phone index” in the hidden menu for “phone info”?

Device: OnePlus 7 Pro (GM1917), Oxygen OS 10.3.8.GM21AA, stock ROM

When I enter the hidden menu *#*#4636#*#* and select “Phone info”, the first line under “Phone info” says “Select phone index” with a drop-down menu:

All of the info listed after “Select phone index” is the exact same no matter which index I choose: Phone 0 or Phone 1.

What is a phone index? Why are they identical?

in_app_purchase event from Google Analytics is missing product ID info when imported in Data Studio

We have imported our Google Analytics (GA4) into Data Studio to analyze our revenue data. Unfortunately the in_app_purchase event appears to be missing information about the product ID purchased. This prevents us from breaking down our revenue by product type.

Is this is a known issue with the Google Analytics connector of Data Studio, or is there a workaround?