RE: Autopopulate People picker with mutiple emails from existing data connection based on Muti-Select list box selection- Infopath

I have been using InfoPath 2013 to create a list form. I need some help in SharePoint InfoPath auto-populating people picker with multiple-person email.

explaining the requirement in detail:

  • My form has one dropdown (“product”) which is the primary field of my form. Users will select “product” from this dropdown. I have one data connection with products and company code and mapped it into the dropdown list.

  • I applied the necessary rules which will populate the respective “Company codes” (multi-select box) based upon product value in the dropdown.

    Eg: Product (Drop Down): ABC
    Company Code (Muti-select listbox- checkbox) – 1234

  • once populated, the user needs to select the required company codes
    in the multi-select list box.

  • Based on the company code selection done, I need to populate the people picker with Email. Already I have the company code with respective names(Emails) mapping and enabled it as another data connection for this multi-select box at the back-end.

  • I have applied the rule for the below step in the multi-select box for populating the people picker fields using the secondary connection. • The people picker field auto-populates correctly with the correct user name as per the data connection. But only one name is shown at the time of selection in multi-box. I need to show all the names whatever is being selected by the “Company code” field checkbox by the user (one by one) as shown below:

the output which got as per my working in infopath

What i need as Expected output: It should be like this if the user selects the first two options in the muti- list box:

Eg: Product (Drop Down): ABC
Company Code (Multi-select Listbox- checkbox) – 1234 – (checked by user)
2345 – (Checked by user)

                                  (1234 email mapping from my data connection)
      Email- People Picker-       (2345 email mapping from my data connection)

I got stuck in the above step. If this cannot be done in the people picker field, Please suggest any workaround to achieve the same in the text box or any workflows at least.

Infopath Form – Edit Mode – Error related to list view threshold in SharePoint Online

I have an Infopath 2007 Form.
When I open the edit form(already saved form) , I am getting the below error:

The query cannot be run for the following DataObject: MyFormGetInfo InfoPath cannot run the specified query. The SOAP response indicates that an error occurred on the server: Exception of type 'Microsoft.SharePoint.SoapServer.SoapServerException' was thrown. The attempted operation is prohibited because it exceeds the list view threshold enforced by the administrator.0x80070024 

I dont get this error when I open a new form , make some updates and save it for first time.

Once a form is saved, when I open the Edit Form only then I see this error.
Inspite of this error, I still can make updates to the form and data is saved.

Can anyone suggest how to get rid of this?

Since this is SharePoint Online, we cannot change the listview threshold. Please suggest! Thanks in advance!

sharepoint enterprise – Error Opening InfoPath forms

Client: Windows 10 with Office 2013/InfoPath 2013, using IE 11 to browse
SharePoint 2016

Issue:  When you try to open an InfoPath form stored on SharePoint you receive the following message 

“Microsoft Office Error:  This action couldn’t be performed because the office doesn’t recognize the command it was given.”

I believe it has something to do with the Microsoft Office Protocol Handler.  SharePoint is telling it to open it as view only and the handler doesn’t seem to like that. If you right-click on the form and click Open in InfoPath it opens right up and works appropriately. 

This is only an issue on Windows 10 as we have users on Windows 7 who never have this issue. 

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Calculated Column in Infopath – SharePoint Stack Exchange

I have the below formula that works good in sharepoint form but not in infopath form.

=if(AND(Feidl1=””, field2=””),”Not-Required”,”Required”)

the above formula is added to a field that the calculated column type in sharepoint which displays the results post submission of form.

However i need equivalent formula to input in infopath form calculated column field so that i can display the value even before the form is submitted to list.

please confirm if we have equivalent xpath formula for the above.

The publish operation could not be completed. it cannot be determined if the form template infopath sharepoint 2013

Please do help me for this issue,

We have changed some columns in list and I tried to customize info-path through ribbon customize button, which opened successfully asking the following alert.
(Even I tried with No, that was saying, which will overwrite the existing columns.)

enter image description here

I clicked Yes and which opened successfully.

Then I tried to publish, then I got following error,

enter image description here

Can any one help me for this.

Thanks in advance.

infopath – How can I sort a lookup drop-down list box in the Edit or Create form?

By default, the lookup column in a SharePoint list automatically sorted by the alphabetic values in ascending order

If you need to customize ordering based on special order at Edit and Create Form I think you can’t do it as out of the box solution, and you need to customize your forms via InfoPath as mentioned here

Regarding your views you can sort it alphabetically so that each unique department appears together you should follow the mentioned steps below :

  • From the above list ribbon, select modify view >

enter image description here

From the same page chek Beside Group by Select The department Name Column to group by it and to sort it as

  • Show groups in ascending order
  • Show groups in descending order

enter image description here
You can also create your custom view from

List setting > Scroll down to the below of the page > click create view > and sort as you want.

enter image description here

Problems with “Do you want to save changes” dialog box – InfoPath

I have an InfoPath 2010 form published to a SharePoint 2010 library. Every month, project managers use the form to create a progress report on their project(s). Here’s the scenario:

Let’s say the PM created the first report ever for Project XYZ at the end of July. The form automatically names the posted document based on the name of the project and the report date field contained in the form. So, for example, this report is named Project XYZ 2016-07-30.

The end of August arrives and the PM goes to the library to create the Aug report. Being a smart, efficient person, rather than opening a new, blank form where she’ll have to re-enter a lot of information that’s the same as last month, she opens the July report, makes a few changes, then Submits. This works fine; a new report titled Project XYZ 2016-08-31 is created, and she sees a “thank you for submitting your report” dialog. She clicks OK.

Here’s the monkey wrench: She now sees a dialog that asks “Do you want to save changes to Project XYZ 2016-07-30?” It is asking if the July report she opened at the beginning should be saved with the changes. Because she doesn’t read the dialog carefully, and is conditioned to click YES whenever these sorts of dialogs pop up after working in a doc, she clicks Yes. The result is that we now have Project XYZ 2016-07-30 and Project XYZ 2016-08-31 with the same content, the new content for August.

I realize this is a “user error” problem, but no matter how many times I’ve discussed and demonstrated the need to click NO on that dialog, the majority continue to click YES. I would desperately like to get rid of the dialog altogether.

Is there a way to disable the save pop-up?

Below is a similar issue which got resolved using XDocument(InfoPath 2003) function but its not supported in InfoPath 2010. reference

sharepoint enterprise – How modify the default field validation message in InfoPath form 2013 & Sharepont 2016

What message you didn’t find?

Per my rest, I could find intlcorestrings.js in following path:

C:Program FilesCommon Filesmicrosoft sharedWeb Server Extensions16TEMPLATELAYOUTSINC


C:Program FilesCommon Filesmicrosoft sharedWeb Server Extensions16TEMPLATELAYOUTSINC1033

Then find strSaveWithErrors in this file:

enter image description here

Before you change it, remember to back up it.