The InfoPath form deletes filled-in fields when they are reopened after delivery

I have an InfoPath form with a drop-down box for a category and multiple fields under the category box. When someone moves from one category to the next, I have set rules to clear all fields under the category and to refill them.

When the form is sent, all filled-in areas are displayed in the list. However, if the form is opened for viewing or editing, any fields that I set when changing the category to hide are displayed as blank without being changed anything from the original template.

Is there a rule I have to do to avoid this or what I miss?

Automatically fill search fields in Infopath List Form 2013

Environment: SharePoint 2013
Application: Infopath List Form 2013
We have a list (Suppose ListA) with different search columns from different lists, and we connect a list (ListA) as a data connection to the infopath list.
And we'll need an autofill if Dropdown is selected in Infopath List Form (if Dropdown is selected, the search box values ​​must be set accordingly).
Please help us to fulfill the requirement.
Thank you in advance.

Infopath – If the value is between the values, adjust the value

I have an infopath form that calculates a percentage. I need to set a rule in which the percentage is between 80 and 100, set the value of field A to X. If the percentage is between 60 and 79.99, set the value of field A to Y, and so on. I tried to structure the rules based on the given range, but Infopath always returned the first rule. Any ideas?

Infopath – Drag multiple fields when you receive dropdown options from an external data source

I tried to search for it because I'm sure that others had the question but could not find it to find a result.

I've set up two lists – one with a list of people and their data (IDs, first, middle, last, etc.) and another list for incidents. I first wanted to do a search to point to the list of people and insert multiple fields – Sharepoint does that great. However, you can not sort the list, which is why I chose the InfoPath route.

I have one right now Drop-down list setup to get a selection from an external data source (the list of people) and it's a good job … I just can not figure out how to pull extra fields from the list of people. For example, I can select John Smith in the list, but hCan I automatically add his additional fields to the Incident List?

To export the Forms Library Repeating table data in Excel in Infopath Form 2013

We have the request to analyze the data of the form library in Excel. We have a web browser form with repetitive table rows and how we can export all forms that repeat tabular data in a form library into Infopath Form 2013.

Please give your insights into the requirement.

Thank you in advance.

How can I retrieve details from a SharePoint list in infopath form from a text box

I'm creating an Infopath form that populates the ID text box with the query string. Now the problem I'm facing is I can see the rest of the text fields like "username","first given name","address","Block nofrom the Sharepoint list based on the I WOULD Text field that is populated from the query string.

I googled on the internet, but I can not understand the process to achieve the desired result. The details are also retrieved in the drop-down menu and not in the text box.

Since then I am new to Infopath Form Design. I also can not find the right methods.