Sharepoint Enterprise – How can I isolate data by dragging a field from a data connection with the user information list onto an InfoPath form?

I managed to create a data connection in InfoPath, hoping to retrieve the current user's information, display name, and so on.
However, dragging the desired field into the InfoPath form creates a repeat section that contains all the entries for that field.
How can I isolate the information so that it is intended only for the current user?

Open link from infopath form to SharePoint Link

I have an InfoPath browser-enabled form in which I want to insert a link that opens a modal window to a list and passes information from the form to the new list.

Since I can not have two people in a form at the same time to vote, I have to approve a request from several people and link the vote to the form.

I have no way to use C # because this is O365 and the sandbox solutions have been disabled.

I've added a custom action icon to the File menu, but I can not figure out how to map it to the item to pass the information to the list.

Any help would be appreciated.

Sharepoint Infopath – "Children List?"

So I make a list about Infopath. The required columns are:
1. Vaccination options (vaccine a, b, c … n)
2. Prices of the vaccine
3rd lot
4th overall

I need to create a list where column 2 is automatically filled in with the price when I choose a vaccine. I also have to deduce the total cost (quantity x price). How can I do that without Java Script / Codes? Many Thanks!

sharepoint foundation – How do I fill out a text field with the name of the current InfoPath form view?

We have a SharePoint list with an associated InfoPath form.

The form has multiple views based on different field values ​​and rules, such as: view_item (all fields), new_item, edit_a, edit_b and edit_c.

How can I save the name of the view in a hidden text box on the form?

We use SharePoint 2013 and InfoPath 2013.


Permissions – Error Opening Infopath Forms – Error Code 0x82000006 (SharePoint Online). Please help!

I have previously opened Infopath forms without any problems, but suddenly I get this error:

The SOAP response indicates that an error has occurred on the server:

An exception of type "Microsoft.SharePoint.SoapServer.SoapServerException" was thrown.

    List does not exist
The page you selected contains a list that does not exist. It may have been deleted by another user.

Any ideas why that happens?
thank you in advance

sharepoint enterprise – The Infopath template is not updated in the FormServerTemplates library

We have a problem with an Infopath form template. We'll add a new "promoted column" in our template. However, this new column is not available in the SharePoint library that uses this template.

We noticed that in Central Administration the template version was updated with the new version, but not in the library FormServerTemplates (… / FormServerTemplates / Forms / AllItems.aspx).

What should we do? Where can we search for the problem?

Our environment:

  • 2 servers – distributed cache;
  • 2 servers – APP
  • 2 server search
  • 1 server frontend

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Enter the image description here

How do I know if I'm using Infopath Form or Sharepoint List Form in SP2010?

I like to learn more about infopaths. How do you know if we use a custom infopath form or a sharepoint list form? Is there any way to find the one we use to create items in the list of libraries. Environment SP2010. Subsite included a library, lists, and reusable workflows associated with the site. I would like to have an Infopath available on my subsite or not. Please suggest to me how I can get it.

sharepoint designer – convert infopath files (xml) to PDF and send emails

We try to examine info files (XML) that are converted to PDF. We had a SharePoint list with custom Infopath. Daily users send the form for access. Our goal was for the user to submit the form, convert it to a PDF form, and email that PDF file to the IT team. Means first that an XML file needs to be converted to PDF and then sent an email with a PDF file. Is it possible to only need Infopath (or) a SharePoint workflow? Can someone tell me how we can reach our request. Thank you in advance.

How do I change the location when creating a custom C # project in Infopath?

When adding custom C # code to create InfoPath, it opens by default C: Users Users InfoPath projects Path. I would like to postpone it C: Dev InfoPath and create git repo. When I open form and go to File-> Form Options-> Programming I can change the path .csproj File. But after I've saved it, close it and open it again and try to work on the code, which leads to errors The specified file was not found by the system, It does not tell me which file.

The worst part is that it has already worked for 3 forms and I can not do it for the next one. It seems completely random.

After a thorough investigation with Process Monitor, I see that the code is displayed in the correct folder when editing code, but the old project name is searched. I have published source files to check if they contain the old project name but not. They point to a correct csproj file.

Nevertheless, Infopath Designer is looking for C: dev MyFolder Code MyOldForm.csproj