Information Architecture – Disconnecting instead of Merging – Software Project Knowledge Base

I'm creating a website with Atlassian & # 39; s Confluence to achieve these goals:

  1. Document a complex project with multiple websites (product management)
  2. Training of non-technical personnel for the use of store APIs, repositories and libraries (developer documentation)
  3. Data and information for test automation and quality assurance
  4. Will be reused for end users (knowledge base and tutorials)

Note: The platform is used for both internal and external users with different user interfaces.

My Confluence Sidebar has a tree structure that follows the web pages

Enter image description here

However, one person from Quality Assurance asked to separate their part
Enter image description here

My original idea was to make these test accounts child-only for single sign-on.

However, since the person (quality assurance) is already familiar with the platform, they would like to have as little information as possible.

However, this could cause a problem because new people are unfamiliar.
Also, they avoid reading the website (they want to be explained in person), which makes the documentation a waste of time.

Question: Should I compile the information architecture (child and parents in the tree structure) or separate it from the quality assurance (current screenshots)?

I think this is an eternal dilemma. They try to separate things and it becomes difficult to deal with (inconsistent, error-prone, scattered, and redundant information), while people complain when you put things together, there are too many things to go through for them to have conflicting feedback.

Question 2: Are there any other tips to solve this problem?
Confluence needs to search for filters and I take pictures and videos as often as I can, but I still look for the best approach

Problem with new topic in faulty menu order and in faulty information on the main page (the higher-level page settings are correct, but the menu order is incorrect)

We are entrepreneurs in incubator Growth Entrepreneur. Currently, the Expert Center supports me with troubleshooting the website. With his limited username and password for the WP site, he has granted me access to the site's settings.

The page before changing the menus can be seen here:

and :

Enter image description here
The elders are here:

Enter image description here

New menus that are confusing due to the installation of new menus can be seen here:

Enter image description here

You can see the site issue below:

Enter image description here

When I talked to the person in charge of the site, he told me that after changing the theme of the site, there was a problem and the menu order was corrupted and the pages too … while the page editing content was in the correct order see here:

Enter image description here

Looks like there is a problem with the menus in the topic, I have manually ordered menu content as you can see here:

Enter image description here

This could be resolved by rearranging menus in the Appearance section. However, there is another problem where the information of the first page is damaged.

I would like to know why this problem has occurred and if logs are required for this question. How can I find these logs with a partially restricted user ID?

Thank you very much

Partitions – Where is information from / proc / dumchar_info used on MediaTek devices?

There are many instructions for changing the partition layout on Android devices, including MediaTek devices, and they say that I need to edit MBR, EBR, and a "Scatter file" and forward them to SP Flash or MTKDroidTools. As in the answer to "Where did the partition information in / proc / dumchar_info come from on MTK devices?" /proc/dumchar_info can not be changed by these means.

So the question where the info comes from /proc/dumchar_info used? And if it does not reflect the actual partition layout and does not match MBR, EBR, and the "scatter file," what effects should I expect?

Feature Update More information

Hello Sven,
I know you're probably still recovering from some illness, so I'm not trying to bother you.
I was just wondering if it might be useful to add a date to the version history (updates) for each software package.
I know that this has both advantages and disadvantages, but you may be able to keep track of them, assuming you do not already have the overview, but at least we can give users a better idea of ​​when changes are made and new features have been implemented.
Thank you very much,

Algorithms – Google Information Providers (example for setting the current time)

I want you to guide me on how to create something similar to the following image, but with my own information.

This page displays specific information that is updated daily. I would like them to look similar if you are looking for "current weather" or any other information provider, eg. For example, if you enter "$ 13 in Argentine pesos." Thanks in advance

Search for the current time on Google

Cell Phone – Where do you break long contact information over a wire?

For example, an e-mail address for a business unit is

Although we can offer many alternatives (links, forms, etc.), you will not see this long contact. However, we have found that people want to know where they are going.

The longer contact address is a challenge on the phone and in various components of the page.

  1. Where is a good breakpoint for emails?

  2. What is an alternative approach when you need to display a really long single word?

magento2.3 – Magento 2: Add a custom button column to the Item Order section (on the Information tab) in the Order View

I need to be able to execute logic for every item ordered within an order. Next to each item, there must be a button that calls a third-party API when pressed to activate the item. I see many posts explaining how to add a custom button to the main order view toolbar.

What I need to do is add a custom PRO item button in the Article Ordering section (located under the Information tab) in the Order View.

Here's a snapshot of where I want to add the button.

After the column "row sum" I would like to insert a column with the name "actions". There should be a button in each field of this column.

europe – How to anticipate the quality of Google Maps transport information?

Traveling through Europe I have increasingly relied on Google Maps (GMaps) public transport data. When I'm in a new city and need to travel from A to B, GMaps is usually very effective at generating a good bus / train / metro / tram route.

Recently, however, we were in Toulouse, where this is hardly the case. On several occasions, GMaps had very limited or no information, and we could find much better options elsewhere (interviewing people nearby, local websites, etc.). Not only us, it seems. Example: GMaps literally had no way to get to the airport from the city center, although it was very easy, with only a few metro and tram stops.

That's fine, you can not expect to have perfect coverage for such data from different sources everywhere. But I find it hard to prepare for it. So the question here is: Know in advance which city you are in, how best to find out if GMaps has enough data for the area (and look for alternative local apps / maps if they are not) )? Or maybe the whole premise is wrong and you should never just rely on GMaps?

Compromising Tor Browser – Information Security Stack Exchange

I'm just starting to do Tor-related things, wondering if anyone is using them ./start-tor-browser.desktop Can an attacker not change the script to start a backdoor in the background after starting the script? I'm about to do the same for research purposes.

The first idea has a drawback, unless you endanger the Tor Browser download website. (This would not work because Tor is signed.) (This only works if you download and verify the signature file.) You must already have access to the computer to be able to target and have write access to the Tor directory.

If you have ideas or know who has already done so, please leave a comment.

Second Idea: This has been done on a larger scale using Tor Exit nodes, which used malicious nodes to patch downloaded binaries with malicious versions. So my idea is that you have a local area network that you control and have the means to identify Tor users. You could specifically control the traffic and patch the binaries of their downloads with malware.


My second idea is not to infect Tor browser downloads. I'm talking about disrupting Tor user downloads by checking the local network traffic targeting Tor users and then patching the binaries with malware from these downloads.