What are these information’s and privacy?

What are these information’s in attached picture?

Like TUV Austria, S0417 or 50417, Ok biobased and on some phone IMEI and SN etc?

And are all Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra models have same these info like TUV Austria, S0417 or 50417, Ok biobased and on some phone IMEI and SN etc?

And are these information’s relate with privacy I mean we should not share with anyone and if relate to privacy then why?

enter image description here

identity – Where to save user informations with an IAM like Keycloak

What is the best practice to save user informations like firstname,lastname, address…? Directly in the Keycloak db or in the application database and the identifier from the keycloak user will also saved in the application database?

If the best practice it to save it directly in keycloak, would the application access it via REST?

web application – Should Maintenance Informations Such As “Service Will Be Unavailable At X And Should Be Back At Y” Be Publicly Available?

Suppose you are implementing a maintenance info banner that is publicly shown on your web application, meaning that even unauthenticated/unauthorised users can access this information easily.

Let’s assume that this banner won’t contain any pieces of information regarding technical implementations, versions of third party software, whatsoever, just plain information that it is going to be maintained at a specific point of time and order to do so it will not be available and maybe when it will be coming up again.

What are the security implications on this? Is this useful information for adversaries in order to time attacks on “sensitive” timings such as shutdown/startup of the web application? Are there any other considerations that should be made?

image processing – Extracting informations from a graphic

I’m currently working on a data processing algorithm which involve (for now) grabing values from bidimentional graphs (x;y values) by hand. It is used to do polynomial fitting.
I speak about this kind of graph:
enter image description here

Because the amount of data to extract from these graphics can be very huge (multiple lines with different parameters) I realised that it could be really time consuming for the user. All the graphs we have are pictures.

I would like to know if in the huge world of image processing something exist for extracting a finite number of points with their coordinates from a graph.

Thank you.