Mobile App Development Tool – Kony

If you want to build your mobile app from scratch, there are a number of tools available as part of advanced mobile app technologies. The tools below are ideal for developing a complete app from scratch, and provide multi-platform capabilities to reach a broad audience. Echo Innovate IT has put together a list of mobile app development tools that help you create a bug-free app from scratch.


When Kony connects to a single IDE, a developer can create JavaScript apps that run on all platforms. However, this tool is a bit of pinching the bag, especially if you want to create more than one mobile app, want more than a hundred users, etc.

The Kony mobile app development tool can support a variety of things including API management, catboats, voice, customer reporting, augmented reality, reference apps and many more. While the tool itself can be installed on both Windows and Mac computer systems, the associated mobile apps are used for previewing and testing on the device on which it is to run.


Xiaomi's shopping app will be able to buy goods in China, shop in China

Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi has launched a shopping app in India. Shami's shopping app is ShareSave, which users can download from the Google Play Store. With Shawmi's ShareService app, Indian customers can buy goods sold in China that are not available in India.

There is also a feature in this app which, when shopping with your family or friends, also gives you a discount on bumpers, although this app is currently only for users. This app also has no website, so you can only shop through the app.

will be able to acquire iPhone Chinese Exclusive Products for 9,499 Indian users
Xiaomi's shopping app will be able to buy goods in China, to buy in China.jpg

Xiaomi has said with the launch of this app that people in India using this app can buy exclusive goods in India. The company has given this information in its blog. Through this app, the company said they will find three shopping options, including Paid, Drop Off, and Kickstart.

In this pair-up mode you can buy a discount with friends or family members. In this case you will both receive a discount. The number of people included in your team is as low as the cost of a product.

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GedClix – Innovative Free Internet Traffic and Social Media Exchange

Are you tired of paying for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and other social networks to promote your page, post, or website?

Facebook's fast advertising strategy is far beyond its borders, and companies can not really reach their organic followers unless they pay for sponsored ads to promote their posts.

Does not it look weird that this post has only 1.1k Likes / Engagement and only 24 stocks with about 102 million fans? It looks weird, too, but that's the reality.

So what can you do to improve your presence and actually not spend a lot of money to get more exposure to your posts?

There are a number of options that involve a lot of hard work, building connections, or using tons of money to promote your social media pages and posts. But is there an easier way?

Of course there is! There are tons of Platforms for the exchange of social media They claim that they can do a lot when they pay very little, but did you know that this is possible for free? Yes, for free! GedClix is ​​absolute free website traffic, media and Platform for the exchange of social media, The platform has 4 main advantages:

  • Auto-surf
  • Surf manual websites
  • Surfing Media (Videos)
  • Social media sharing

Overview and how it really works

The autosurfing websites – The platform allows each user to automatically surf websites and videos of other users. In return, the user receives points that they can use to advertise their websites or videos.

Surf manual websites – You can also choose which website / URL you want to search. This option is great because users can choose from a large list of URLs and search the URLs that bring them the most points. So why not try it?

Surfing Media (Videos)– The principle here is very simple. They are watching other YouTube videos. The more videos you watch, the more points you get. The more points you have, the more you can set your videos and websites.

Social media sharing– Probably the most effective free option you can get your hands on. Users add their websites, blog posts, and social media posts to share with other users on Facebook. As simple as that! You choose which posts you want to share on your wall! This is a great way to say no to Facebook ads and say YES to social media exchanges! The more posts you share with other GedClix users, the more posts you share. What bargain is not it?

Many believe that GedClix is ​​one of the fastest growing exchange platforms in 2017. The best new alternative for sites like Hitleapthat offers free internet traffic and also the best alternative of Like4Like.orgPlatform for social exchange.

If you're ready to get more real website traffic, video views, and shares of your social media and blog posts, do not wait, sign up for BigHits for free.

Over the next few months, the platform promises to launch a great new program for Mac, Linux, and Windows to fully automate Internet browsing and sharing of social media.

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Custom software development model

The company for custom software development follows a model.


The requirements and pre-sale phase include:

Capture of requirements

Echo Innovate's IT sales team conducts a collaborative conversation with the client to understand the background and key business goals that the engagement seeks to deliver. Based on these discussions, Echo Innovate IT and the customer jointly identify possible transformation opportunities for which Echo Innovate IT can create business solutions that not only add value, but also streamline processes for end users.

project completion

Echo Innovate's IT team defines the customer's requirements and sets out a plan for engagement that describes the proposed team structure, technology platform and development process, as well as milestones and estimates for the various activities. As soon as the customer logs out of the contract, the development and execution phase begins.


The development and execution phase includes:

requirements analysis

Experienced business analysts and project managers from Echo Innovate IT examine the functional and non-functional requirements and create detailed engineering documentation for the development team to build appropriate systems. This documentation represents the contract between the project team and the customer. Each requirement is given a unique ID to track and review the development progress from the original definition to the final test.

project planning

Echo Innovate IT – The Mobile App Development Company uses three main development methods when executing projects, Agile, Waterfall and V-Model. The choice of the model depends on the type of project and the stability of the customer requirements. Once an appropriate development strategy has been selected, the project manager creates a project plan that describes the scope, milestones, risk management strategies, and tracking and control mechanisms. Milestone-driven schedules are created for each team role to ensure that the delivery is made according to the specified schedules. The QA team also starts with the type of tests to perform, including resources, tools, and responsibilities for test-related activities.

Design / Architecture

At this stage, the development teams prepare detailed architectural blueprints, class diagrams, entity relationship diagrams, and database designs. In addition, wireframes that meet project requirements are made with Balsamiq, Pencil or Visio.


After the design / architecture phase, the development of the code begins. Project managers enforce Test Driven Development (TDD) and Code Review as a critical part of the project development process. This ensures that the coding quality is in line with industry best practices and the code is readable, clean and maintainable. The completion of each module leads to the preparation of test cases and the testing of units.

quality control

Once the application is done, the quality assurance team will test the application using manual and automated methods based on various test cases, test plans, and user acceptance criteria. In addition to the unit and function tests, the integration checks are performed by combining the different modules and testing them continuously. The application has also been tested for cross-browser support, peak load and stress performance.


Echo Innovate IT also offers ongoing web application maintenance and support services, including: B. Function extensions. Troubleshooting; Performance tuning; Modification or updating of the utilities; localization; Integration of data management or backup services with AWS; Upgrading the infrastructure and various .NET and database migration services.

The benefit for the customers

With more than a decade of software development experience for some of the world's leading brands, Echo Innovate IT has the following benefits:

Broad expertise in open source and proprietary technologies including Microsoft .NET, Java, PHP and Ruby-on-Rails; HTML5 production facilities; Mobile and tablet application development for popular platforms such as An ♪♪♪♪♪, iOS & Windows.
A finely tuned process framework that focuses on quality, safety and performance from day one.

Competent, tailor-made solutions for all your business needs.

Domain competence across industries and regions.


New innovative ICO listing page is a new and updated ICO Coin website where you can learn all about the ICO coins. It has everything from pre-ICOs to running ICOs to upcoming ICOs, along with information about what they are and what their main features are.
You can also request to join the new ICO if you already own one. Go to the Contact tab and your request will be sent.

What is cryptocurrency?

Digital money sales use virtual money, and virtual or digital money is called digital currency. In addition, the process for this trade is called cryptography. Cryptocurrency is also referred to as the subdivision of virtual money.

What is ICO?

ICO or Initial Coin Offering is a process in which a company involves financial specialists who plan to do something in virtual currency. You can compare ICO with the IPO, when the financial specialist buys shares in a club.

Describe tokens

A token is a piece of virtual money, but it has no blockchain and depends on other blockchains such as Ethereum and Bitcoin. In addition, tokens are sold between ICO campaigns to the general public.

What are the dangers of participating in ICO?

When you start at ICO, you can not guarantee that the token that you choose will succeed. it's either with their ICO or in their future improvement. This proposal should help you to contribute so much that you can lose. Contact tab to tell something specific.

What is a Pre-ICO?

Pre-ICO is the latest sensation in the field of digital currency. This allows creators to acquire tokens before the real crowdsale begins. It also offers tokens at a lower cost and also receives less support than the actual main ICO. In addition, a contract other than the basic ICO is used to make it easier to record and review.

What is an upcoming ICO?

The upcoming ICO will allow you to read thoroughly about the organization before you participate in the real business. You'll also get an overview of the organization's white paper before you sign up for a token deal. With the upcoming ICO you already have all the data.

What is ICO?

These are the ICOs that are progressive and are the main selling feature of the sale. On this website you will find the running ICO and can read the information easily.

Guidelines for creating wireframes for mobile apps

Guidelines for creating wireframes for mobile apps
The app design goes through many steps, from conception through copying to the finalized user interface. Everything starts with wireframes. A wireframe is a rough sketch of how you want to fully understand your product in terms of a visual layout. It is about placement, navigation and definition of the user journey in the initial phase. When designing mobile app wireframes, it's important to know which features are involved, how layout is placed, and how they interact with each other. A wireframe is not a UI Bible, but a jump point for product design.
Our professional design team starts almost all wireframes with a small program called Sketch (we will discuss the exceptions later), but there are many techniques for the wireframe. Echo Innovate's IT approach is what we are best at for a team of mobile app developers working with customers to achieve a coherent vision. Whether designing an app for yourself, a customer, or as part of a design team, here's the ultimate IT guide from Echo Innovate. You'll learn how to start developing mobile app wireframes.


Mobile App Development Company uses the tools to create wireframes for mobile apps. The requirements for your wireframe depend on the size of your project. If you work alone – or with a small team – wireframe designs can even be outlined on a sheet of paper. However, as a common best practice, it is important to create a wireframe that can be easily shared by designers, developers, product teams, and various stakeholders. Create documents that are not accidentally lost or deleted – this is the starting point of your project, without losing your basic ideas.

Four years ago, Fueled used Photoshop as the main design tool. It was a bit like making a painting with a tank. It was not the right tool for the job. Although UI design is possible in Photoshop, the program was created with so many other features and was not well-engineered for UX design. Photoshop lacked the features you wanted. Luckily, Sketch came at the right time.

Today, we use the Sketch Desktop app to easily share ideas with our team and our customers. The UI and UX design tool is a fast and easy standard that all our designers are familiar with. Sketch is far more advanced than any other program when it comes to handling design systems, symbol assets, and exporting to Flinto and Principle (which we use) for prototyping).


Use the standardized sizes for all your design elements. Use standard iOS fonts in the correct sizes (15 and 17 pt). You do not want to use small, unreadable text or cut out the required text if the font size is too large. This also applies to the design of buttons – they must all conform to the platform standards.

Schedule every interaction in your wireframe, with the user viewing next for a specific action. Core sections are easy to design. It's hard to figure out how to view each of the success and failure states, how to display forms (where you need a keyboard to unfold), and how to lay out the different paths that users can use for other screens. This way of thinking is what wireframes are meant for – the further you are in the design process, the harder it is to tackle these issues and adapt.


Software development services

Echo Innovate IT Software is always committed to providing efficient and high-quality work while the software is developed according to your budget and schedule. You can introduce us as your leading custom software development company. From intelligently customizing pre-engineered platforms to fully developing custom software that fits your vision, Echo Innovate IT Software has the experience to deliver cost-effective and reliable custom software solutions that meet your specific needs.
We're result driven at Echo Innovate IT and we want to build a lasting partnership with you as we help you realize your unique ideas that will ultimately deliver value to your customers while also distinguishing your business in the competitive business world. Our goal is to develop custom applications that are ideal for your business.
Software development services
Echo Innovate IT offers a variety of software development services. Follow the links to learn more.

• Product development

At Echo Innovate IT, we look forward to starting a conversation with you at the beginning of your project or when it has already started. Bring us new ideas or ongoing projects that need the fresh and innovative touch of our professional developers.

• Software extension and modernization

We bring skills and efficiency in updating legacy systems. We will use modern and always up-to-date technologies to extend the life of your legacy system.

• Project Recovery

It's about goals and deadlines, and we understand that some projects fall apart in the middle of development. If your existing provider does not work or you need to rebalance an internal team, we are here for you. Contact us to get help completing your troubled projects to meet your deadlines.

• Development of business solutions

Our many years of experience enable us to design different complexity of business solutions. Our expertise in customer relationship management, business process management, group collaboration and resource planning helps us provide you with proven industry-specific software solutions.