javascript – ¿ Como subir un archivo al usar input type=”file” en WebView?

Tengo un proyecto Android que visualiza una pagina web mediante WebView. Si entro a la pagina mediante cualquier navegador hay un botón que al pulsarlo me sube unos archivos.
El problema es que la pagina web dentro del contenedor de WebView no hace nada. Parece que no reconoce el: input type = ‘file’

<input type="file" multiple accept=".jpeg,.jpg,.pdf" id="MyFiles" name="MyFiles" onchange="vArchivos(this.files);" />

¿ Como puedo hacer que WebView trabaje con el ?

javascript – como fazer um array localizar o valor de um input textbox

Para saber se o valor de um input textbox fica num arrray criei a função seguinte:

function testA() {

    let arr = (1,5,6,10,11,12,14);

   let newItem = document.getElementById("inputA").value;

    console.log("newItem = " + newItem);


    document.getElementById("arrayDemo").innerHTML = arr.indexOf(newItem);

Mas o resultado fica sempre -1, mesmo quando digito um valor existente no Array.

bitcoin core – What if two people want to spend same input at the same time

Lets say me and my friend both have access to same private key which can sign some new transaction. What would happen if me and my friend broadcast transaction with same input at the same time to a different nodes ?

Also what would happend if i broadcast it 1 minute after him and pay much larger fee and his transaction is still unconfirmed? Would miner take my transaction than because it includes higher fee or would the stick with his transction because he broadcasted it first.


php – How to rearange the order of product input fields

Hi all I am trying to figure out how to move a product input field on the product page, I have done this previously with the hooks, but I can’t find how to target the input field as i am not sure what the class is for it. This is the input field addon plugin I am using: I hope someone can help as I have been trying for some time now, thank you!

magento2 – How to add icons to input fields if the field has not passed validation

I need to add a custom icon to the floor if the field does not pass validation, as in the screenshot.

enter image description here

I tried to implement this functionality with ‘:after’ in CSS

    &._error .control input {
        &:after {
            content: 'X';
            color: #000;
            font-size: 18px;

but the item is not displayed on the frontend

enter image description here

gnome – Screen magnifier and text input follow problem

I’m using screen magnifier on ubuntu 19.10 and see problems with following magnigier to text foucus. It works good in some apps (terminal, gedit) but don’t works at all in others (sublime text 3). You can see working example of behaviour in gedit:
enter image description here

And broken one for sublime text 3

enter image description here

May be there is way to fix it for any text input in any app?

stored procedures – MySQL – Pass input parameter into Cursor query

Is it possible to pass input parameter into Cursor

SELECT statement WHERE clause?

For some reason I think it isn’t working.

I’m trying to pass _TAG and _ITEM_NAME into where clause.

    DECLARE cursor_test cursor 
for SELECT itemid  
FROM items 
WHERE  key_ LIKE "sometext_@_TAG_sometext_@_ITEM_NAME" 

Here is the the Stored procedure:

                                  _TAG VARCHAR(20), 
                                  _ITEM_NAME VARCHAR(50))
    declare FINISHED BOOL default false;

    DECLARE cursor_test cursor for SELECT itemid  
FROM items 
WHERE hostid = @_HOSTID AND key_ 
LIKE "sometext_@_TAG_sometext_@_ITEM_NAME" 

    DECLARE CONTINUE HANDLER for not found set FINISHED := true;



    "SELECT hostid INTO @_HOSTID FROM hosts  WHERE NAME = ?";


    open cursor_test;
       SET @TOTAL_VALUE := 0;
       loop_itemid: loop
            fetch cursor_test into _ITEMID;
            SELECT _ITEMID;
            if FINISHED then
                leave loop_itemid;
            end if;
            SET @TOTAL_VALUE := @TOTAL_VALUE + 
             (SELECT value from history_uint WHERE itemid = _ITEMID 
               ORDER BY clock DESC LIMIT 1);

       end loop loop_itemid;
    close cursor_test;

    END //

jsx – React :: trocar parte de uma string por tag input


Vou descrever o que tenho no meu componente:
Recebo de uma API uma string com parte do conteúdo entre “*” e devo trocar essa parte do texto por um . *Podem ter mais de uma parte de conteúdo por string.

Ex: Lorem ipsum *dolor sit amet* |  Lorem ipsum <input />;

Estou usando essa função para trocar o que recebo da API por uma string especifica:

treatBlankQuestionsBlockStudent(text) {

    let blank = text.split('*');
    let finalBlank = ();

    blank.forEach((value, index) => {
      if (index % 2 === 0) {


      } else if (index % 2 !== 0) {

        let blank_parts = value.split(':');


    return finalBlank;

E no render do componente estou tentando fazer um replace dessa string (insertInputHere) pelo :

 <span>{alternativeIndex + 1}) </span>
   {,index) => 
     <span dangerouslySetInnerHTML={{ __html: t.replace("(insertInputHere)", 
           onChange={(event) => this.handleChange(}
      )}} className="question-alternative-text" /> )}

Meu problema é o seguinte: não estou conseguindo renderizar o de forma correta, ou retorna (object Object) ou não renderiza o onChange.

Qual a melhor forma para fazer essa renderização?
Agradeço desde já.

input fields – Forbid and deactivate alphanumeric keys in a form?

Yes, don‘t prevent users from typing certain characters in fields because it makes the input (or the user’s keyboard) appear broken.

Users don‘t always look at the screen while typing, so it would be especially frustrating if they typed a thing, to look up and find that what they typed doesn’t appear.

Better to let the user input what they want, forgive as much as possible (extra spaces, dashes, slashes) and present a clear error message instead.

This is part of the problem with the HTML5 number input which has a whole host of problems.

wp query – Capture search term, input into 2 searches and output data on 1 page

Apologies if this may seem trivial but, although i’ve been working with WordPress for a few years now, i only recently started using slightly more complex code implementations.

What i am trying to do is the following:

  1. Present the user with a single textbox (Search) to input a search term
  2. Capture that search term and input into the standard wordpress search as well as a custom Bing search
  3. Output the data from both searches on a single page

At the moment i am using 2 separate search boxes and results pages for both searches but i would ideally like to amalgamate them so that they are transparent to the user, if this is even possible without extremely heavy customisation.

I’ve Googled this over and over and was able to find some articles on creating custom WP search forms or search results pages but i none with regards to implementing anything similar to what i described above so any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks so much in advance.