Insight on HawkHost Plans – Specifically Purchasing the Plans

Got an email today about a spring savings event from HawkHost. Very good price. Memcached caught my eye. I thought I would add two services from HawkHost today. One would be Shared Hosting, the other would be Cloud Hosting. Whichever of our site needs redundancy could go on the Cloud Hosting.

I added both to my cart but I was confused, as there wasn’t anything different in my cart. The nomenclature was identical. Both were labeled Shared Hosting. I returned to the landing pages listed in the email. They are and I noticed that the Sign Up Now for the Shared Hosting Primary package is essentially the same link as the Cloud Hosting Primary link. This is what they are:

Primary option on Cloud Hosting:


Primary option on Shared Hosting:

Notice how both of them have pid=113. Same product ID. The Cloud Hosting link at least has the &configoption parameter. Perhaps that is what lets HawkHost know you want to purchase Cloud Hosting instead of Shared Hosting. Cutting through the marketing lingo, you are letting HawkHost know you want to purchase the service that includes redundancy and fault-tolerance. Is the parameter all that is needed? Perhaps, but I found it odd that I was about to pay yet “Cloud Hosting” wasn’t mentioned anywhere, instead both things I added to my cart were labeled Shared Hosting.

Seeking reassurance that I was in fact adding two separate services, I opened a pre-sale ticket.

The reply to my ticket was two paragraphs. I have to admit, because of the first paragraph, I completely ignore the second paragraph. The first paragraph was explaining to me the differences between Shared Hosting and Cloud Hosting. I was annoyed (I know I shouldn’t have been) because that wasn’t something I was seeking clarification on. I know they are different, and I was aware of most of the differences. My annoyance stems from a decade of reporting bugs to companies such as broken SSL on their homepage, mixed https and http content on their homepage, missing knowledgebase redirects, etc.. only for the person replying to think I needed typical end-user assistance (try un-plugging it and plugging it in again) which is just a waste of time.

Anyway, I replied back letting them know I wasn’t looking for information about differences between the hosting options, rather I wanted confirmation that HawkHost was able to know which of those differences I wanted to purchase if both services had the same product ID.

They replied back and this is where I realized I missed the second paragraph earlier. Since Cloud Hosting is only provided in select locations, choosing your location at checkout is what determines if you get Cloud Hosting or not.

This was not what I expected. Cloud Hosting and Shared Hosting have their own landing pages on the HawkHost website – look at the site right now – and in the marketing email. To me, it is odd that in the cart and checkout process that they do not have their own first-class selections/distinctions, instead piggy-backing off the location you select.

Furthermore, I now realize you could set out to purchase Cloud Hosting after reading about it, but screw yourself up by choosing a location that doesn’t support Cloud Hosting. This would be easy to do to yourself since the locations aren’t labeled.

I didn’t find that very intuitive. If Tony or Brian want to clarify things, a quick win would be to append -Shared or -Cloud to the location drop-down on the cart page, “confproduct” section. Example: (New York City – Cloud) and (Toronto – Shared). I assume if you could easily give them their own product ID’s, you would have already. Something should probably be done though. Ordering is ambiguous, the order summary shows shared hosting no matter what.

Luckily, with prices between Shared Hosting and Cloud Hosting being the same, the worst a client can do is experience downtime when they realize that to their surprise, they didn’t purchase Cloud Hosting as intended because they unknowingly picked location that didn’t support it.

If any of this was incorrect, then the ticket I opened probably needs to be looked into as the information would be incorrect there too. I think the ticket was accurate, it was It is just odd that Shared Hosting and Cloud hosting are distinct in the navigation on the HawkHost website, yet pre-sales is trying to drill into my head how they are virtually identical.

tl;dr I am also in ecommerce.

Having the same product ID’s for two different products that get their own dedicated product pages on your website, would throw up a red flag to me. I just wanted clarification. But perhaps for future clients, they too may benefit from some improved labeling.

Epilogue: Getting two identical plans sans redundancy isn’t as interesting of a test as it could be, so ultimately I want to get Cloud Hosting and Semi-Dedicated hosting.

INSIGHT Web Hosting Review | Web Hosting Talk

INSIGHT Web Hosting Review | Web Hosting Talk

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  1. * INSIGHT Web Hosting Review

    I am going on my third year with them after getting a sweet deal on WHT.

    After last night I felt it was time to give them a review.

    The deal I get the price has stayed the same and no increase.

    Last night I needed some help on a Holiday week-end and they where spot on the job.

    I host a site that I own for some apartments I rent out that is simple to others but important to me.

    Yet I get super support and up time just like the big guys.

    The server I am on is sweet. After checking it out is only a fifteen drive from my house!

    Put me down as one happy person with my hosting.

    I can name many hosts that I have been with since the 90’s and wish I had INSIGHT Web Hosting

    many years ago!

    Be Happy!

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Research – what to do after gaining insight from a How Might We session?

I just ended a How Might We session with some participants. We have developed a cross-selling idea for an online shop.

There are a number of post-its with some ideas from each participant. In order to better organize it, I created a table and made it available to the team.

What do I have to do next with these notes? Should I create stories for each user and then start prototyping?

Is the technical debt management problem more of a cultural or insight problem?

Disclaimer: I don't expect zero tech debt. In this post, the problem of technical debt relates to the severity that has a negative impact.

I recently considered creating a tool that would automatically generate a tech debt report from the issue tracker – rollout rate versus rate of cleanup over time. Aside from the grand total, there will also be numbers broken down by project team and manager so managers can easily get an insight into current tech debt without having to deal with issue trackers and details (such a tool may already exist , I need research to avoid reinventing the wheel).

Motivation wise, Tech debt has been snowball for years. When developers increase the project estimate to include technical debt cleanup, they are more often asked to remove those numbers from the estimate, so refactoring / cleanup work is usually postponed indefinitely. I hope that the regular report will help improve the technical debt management problem.

However on second thoughtI wonder if better visibility of technical debt really helps raise priority. Is the problem of technical debt generally a problem of organizational culture or just a lack of tools / insight? I assumed that there is no universal answer. I wonder what is the most common cause. What is your experience

dnd 5e – Is there a spell that gives my character insight into an enemy's weaknesses and resistance?

They measure an opponent's strengths and weaknesses to win the fight
benefits. When you cast this spell, you learn a number of strengths
or weaknesses of the target equal to one plus a strength or
Weakness per two magic levels (maximum four). You can choose to learn
Strengths, weaknesses or a combination of them that you specify.
When a creature has more strengths or weaknesses than you can learn from it
You will learn the most powerful ones in a single casting. So if a
Monster can use finger of death at will and has resistance to Sonic 5,
You would learn about the finger of death first. Strengths can be
Attack types and special abilities (including spell-like abilities or
supernatural skills). Weaknesses include vulnerability to energy
Art. Suppose a priest of the 7th level knows the opponent on a
black armored warrior who decides to learn a strength and two
Weaknesses. The warrior fails to save and the DM informs the
the cleric's player that the opponent has the ability to draw energy (a
Starch), is adversely affected by sunlight and can be repelled by a
sacred symbol (both weaknesses). The clergyman concludes that he surrenders
a vampire and breaks out the wooden posts.

Block Explorer – Bitcoin Insight API installation problem

I tried installing insight api for a few days. However, Bitpay no longer supports this repository. However, I have an application that requires the endpoints in this application that are not supported by the new insight app.

I downloaded the repository and followed these instructions.

Trial 1 : node version: 0.10.40 (as in the instructions)

Install $ npm

$ output

Trial 2 Node version 0.10.48:

Install $ npm

$ output

and i tried so many other knot versions but nothing.

Am I doing something wrong or is it just impossible to get it to work?
Please help me

Insight into the way of thinking of successful traders – discussions and help

Everyone strives to succeed in Forex. In the largest sector, of course, the chances of fraud are highest. Mostly, people are trying to copy the style of investors who have done well in recent years. Sometimes we read the biographies of legendary traders and get inspired. This encourages us to move forward and help in our careers. Giving you an insight will not only ignite your mind, but will also provide some valuable lessons. Change the focus of the scammers and try to find out what the industry has to offer. You can learn a lot from the experts.

Start the day early

This is not a myth. An early bird indeed has more time to manage and plan the rest of the day. While the general community may have a sound sleep, you will find that they are walking and doing exercises. Every day is a new battle in Forex. Although there are many competitions, only the best survive. The pros are not as sure as they know it gets harder with every trade. We want readers to do this become early risers in life, This offers many advantages, eg. For example, it provides an overall view of yesterday's market patterns, the preparation of the information needed for analysis, and the identification of the right strategy. Since it's live, every moment counts. Do not waste the precious opportunity while sleeping. Work hard in the first few months and later it becomes a habit.

Act with a simple strategy

The professional Australian traders never trade complicated things in the market Forex trading System. To achieve a constant profit, you must learn to trade the market with managed risks. Some retailers often take too much risk to earn more money. However, this is not the way to trade in the Forex market. Take a look at the professional dealers at Saxo. They use a simple trading technique and achieve a constant profit without taking too much risk. They are ready to accept the lost trades. If you do not develop the mindset of professional traders, it is really difficult to make consistent profits in this profession.

Sudden changes do not bother her

Maybe that's the best quality of the pros. Regardless of what volatility occurs and how dangerous the decision is, they managed to stay surprisingly calm. It's a great virtue, especially when Forex goes up and down a lot. A good strategy is important, but what is more important is a relaxed mind. Every plan is developed from this brain. As long as the information is not processed correctly, there is no way to fix problems.

I have everything planned

From start to finish, including the impending disaster, everything is well planned. A simple person will always do it Think about the reward At first, however, an experienced trader knows how to reach the goal. Be creative when investing. Track where the price is moving and follow the path. It is wiser to prepare for unexpected volatility to avoid shock.

Use less tools, perform minimalist style

By replacing the hectic lifestyle, they have chosen a simple method. This improves performance immediately as there is no interference. Use only the necessary tools. Do not let peers influence you. Less is more in Forex, it's time to say. If fewer indicators clog the chart, accurate information can be obtained easily. Choose the best minimalist style based on the type of strategy.

Have long-term goals

Rome was not built in a day. Likewise, a fortune can not be made overnight. It takes hard work to turn a dream into reality. Set long-term goals and achieve short-term success that builds the foundation for a long and successful career.

Storage Locations – Azure HD Insight installation for Ambari

I have accessed:

To build the cluster, the installation wizard must have general information about how you want to set up your cluster. You must specify the FQDN of each host. The wizard must also access the private key file that you created in SSH without password setup. He uses them to locate and securely access and interact with all hosts in the system.

Use the Destination Hosts text box to enter a list of host names per line. You can use ranges in parentheses to specify larger numbers of hosts. For example, use for host01.domain through host10.domain host [01-10] .domain

The following information about hosts and private SSH key is requested. Where can I get this information?

If you deploy to EC2, use the internal private DNS hostnames.

If you want Ambari to automatically install the Ambari Agent on all your hosts using SSH, select "Provision Private SSH Key" and use the "Select File" button in the "Host Registration Information" section to locate the private key file that matches the public key you installed earlier on all your hosts, or cut the key out and paste it into the text box manually.

If you are using IE 9, the Select File button may not be displayed. Use the text box to manually cut and paste your private key.

I would like to get an insight … if I do not get to the right place

Hello everyone, I'd like to get an idea why this page is not displayed in the right place.

We try to set the location "Post Falls, ID" as the destination. We use this and the term "North Idaho" in all content, titles and headings.

The problem is that when searching for queries per page, the location is named "Idaho Falls, ID", but this term does not appear anywhere on our website.

I even embedded a map with the correct position on the contact page.

All other suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much!

dnd 5e – conviction, insight and deception against PCs

There is no "right" way to play D & D

Okay, let's go back to basics.

The game of Dungeons & Dragons is based on the following basic pattern:

  1. The DM describes the environment.
  2. The players describe what they want to do.
  3. The DM tells the results of the actions of the adventurers.

The DM could (but does not have to) ask you for a skill test between steps 2 and 3. Players do not explain exams, it's the DM's call. They describe what your character does or says. A DM may ask you for a check before telling the result.

A game may not include any social checks! See DMG page 236 "The role of the dice":

One approach is to use cubes as rarely as possible. Some DMs use them only during combat and determine success or failure, as they like in other situations.

Another possibility is to ask for a role for anything:

Some DMs rely on dice rolls for almost everything. When a character attempts a task, the DM requests a check and selects a DC. As a DM using this style, you can not rely on the characters succeeding in a check or not to move the action in a particular direction. You need to be ready to improvise and react to a changing situation.

Both approaches are equally valid. It is up to the DM which style of play they choose. Arguing and sticking to the rules does not help here. If the playing style of this particular DM does not suit you, give feedback after the game. Say, you did not have fun, explain why. A good DM tends to listen to the players.

Players do not need DM to talk to each other

If you speak in signs, I recommend that you do not use dice at all. Just speak instead! If a PC talks to another PC and there are no NPCs nearby, DM is not involved at all. Therefore, he / she does not have to ask for skill checks.

Asking for checks and telling players what they feel or think is a bad exercise that can easily spoil the fun. The players can do it themselves. It's also a great opportunity for the actual role-playing game that should not be missed.

Your DM is a bit radical

Maybe your DM has a different background, which is not very compatible with the 5e mentality.

In 5e, Characters "do not use skills", In DMG there is a variant rule that does not require any skills at all. Instead, the competence bonus is based on the background of the character. That's right, you do not "use" your beliefs. In 5e, there is no term at all for "ability checking". There is charisma (persuasion) check – it is a Capability check that adds your skill bonus if you are capable of conviction. This is an optional test that you might ask DM if you "try to influence others."

If a character can not be persuaded / deceived into something that the player does not want to do, deception and persuasion make no sense

That is not true. Deception hides the true motive. If you lose the Insight / Deception contest, you will not be able to determine what this creature is actually thinking. Your insight basically fails. They do not automatically believe something that has been said. Even magic spells like suggestion have no such power – they require the words to sound "reasonable."

Conviction is not magic either. It can not magically change the belief of the creature, regardless of its role (if there are persuasive sandwiches that are unknown to me). When you interpret it in this way, the value of spells that affect the mind decreases significantly.

Meta-gaming would be widespread

And what? There will always be meta games. At the end of the day it is a matter of priority. What is the more important problem – excessive meta-playing or the fact that players are not having fun? "That would be meta-gaming" is a premise, it should never be the last argument.

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