Instance list that is an element of a class

I have a Record class whose attribute contains a list of people and whose attribute contains a list of children.

What I need is to load each person's list of children.

I set up the People object first, then a Child List object, set it, and finally the list that I assigned to the object within the Parent object as follows:

persona a = new persona();
list b = new list();

b.nombre = "pepe";
b.edad= 10;

a.hijos = b;

However, I see it loaded well in the object, but it's not stored in the database.

I think there is a way to instantiate that would look something like this:

Personas a = new hijos();

But I don't remember exactly.

7 – Change the display settings of the field instance for view_mode


In the user.module file in user_build_content()there is a line that adds fields for a particular view_mode:

$account->content += field_attach_view('user', $account, $view_mode, $langcode);

The documentation for the field_attach_view() Function says

Each field is displayed according to the display options in
$ instance definition for the specified $ view_mode.

If I continue digging, I find that the instance definitions are loaded / cached using FieldInfo->getBundleInstances()that they get from the store field_config_instance Table in the database in field_read_instances(),


I have already seen some custom user fields for the "teaser" view mode, other than others, and I cannot determine where this comes from as there does not seem to be a snag in the code.

How do I change a field's display settings for a particular view mode? Is there a place somewhere in the user interface where this is possible?

Google Cloud Platform – I cannot restore a MySQL database within the GCP MySQL instance

I was tired of restoring a MySQL database from a SQL file in GCP memory. The step was to upload my database backup file to GCP storage and then import that SQL file into a specified database in the GCP MySQL instance. It took a while. the exception occurred that was

 Import error: exit status 1 ERROR 1227 (42000) at line 10871: Access denied; you need (at least one of) the SUPER privilege(s) for this operation

Then I tried to give the root or other users super privileges, but it still didn't work. However, it has not allowed me to grant super privileges. I have no idea how to solve this problem. Any help would be taken a lot

Cannot SSH in Google Compute Engine instance

I can no longer run SSH on my VM instance hosted on Google Compute Engine.

I really have no idea where that could come from, I have two VM instances, with the second everything works fine so far. I think that's a network problem. The only things I did are:
– Reserve two static addresses (one for each instance)
– An SSH key was added for each instance (in order to be able to connect each instance with winSCP)

I also deleted the ssh keys in the metadata to update them again.

The error message I get is the following:

Enter image description here

Thanks for your help.

My Amazon EC2 instance temporarily stops responding and restarts the instance

I have an Amazon EC2 instance that I use for a number of tasks, including: B. to host an SQL server and to create various jobs. I think they are not CPU intensive, but not memory intensive.

I have noticed that my instance stops responding on average once a week (port 22 cannot be reached, other ports that I have disclosed are sometimes, but not ALWAYS, unreachable).

Most of the questions that are similar to my problem are about restarting the instance without solving the problem. However, I want to know how to diagnose why this is happening, and how to reduce these failures. I am relatively new to using the AWS ecosystem. Maybe I missed something fundamental that doesn't appear in the other questions

EDIT: I forgot to mention that downtime occurs even when the cronned processes are not running.

Google Sheets – How To Populate Columns With Each Unique Instance In A Different Column

Assuming line 1 contains the headings, you need a base QUERY Formula in cell E2:

=QUERY(A2:A,"select A, count(A) where A<>'' group by A label count(A) ''")

You can also replace the condition where A<>'' With where A is not null

=QUERY(A2:A,"select A, count(A) where A is not null group by A label count(A) ''")

Learn more about QUERY

reactjs – Error in graphql when requesting a Heroku instance

I have completed a project with React, Express-Apollo and Mongodb. It works fine on my local computer. However, if it is deployed to the Heroku instance, it returns an application error and a 503 error for the same when I run a query on my Graphiql.

The Github link for the project:
Enter image description here
The Heroku link for it:

Windows – The standard website cannot be reached on an EC2 instance

I created an EC2 instance with the Windows 2016 datacenter image.
As soon as I have rdp on this server, I installed IIS and tried to navigate to the default website on this server (not external). I get the following error

"This page can not be displayed
• Make sure the web address is correct.
• Search for the page with your search engine.
• Refresh the page in a few minutes. "

I made sure that the firewall is open for port 80.
Any ideas what else I can try or what could be causing the problem?

I created another ticket for Jenkins for the same server here. The reason I created this request because I wanted to keep the questions clean. (Https://