How is Medicare For All going to change anything for the majority of Americans who are now insured by work?

Obama wanted to make a 'public option' part of Obamacare. Under this option, we would find the average cost per patient of Medicare and allow someone to voluntarily 'buy in'.

For me that was the best idea. If Medicare could do a better job, people would go there and private insurance would lose them. If Medicare sucked, people would voluntarily leave and return to private, commercial, for-profit insurance. No public expenses. Freedom of choice. Free market competition! Exactly what the Republicans said they wanted! Why did you kill it then? (As Medicare did not provide massive political sponsorship, the public option was cheaper!)

I am not sure that the proposal "Medicare for All" is really just a reinstatement of the option "Pubic" or a mandatory transfer of all to Medicare. It could be either one.

Do you know Medicare has a much higher customer satisfaction rating than commercial insurance?


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Why is abortion health insured?

Nobody kills babies. The pill thereafter prevents the fertilized egg from being implanted, but some cons label it an abortion because they consider the fertilized egg to be a baby. When fertilized eggs are babies, babies kill fertility clinics that get rid of frozen embryos that are not being used. George W, however, would rather see these fertilized eggs thrown into a trashcan than they could be used for stem cell research. The right-wing extremist is illogical and stupid. Their religious beliefs prevent life from being saved through medical advances.

They understand that a man has no say about whether a woman has an abortion or not. It is a decision that the woman is allowed to make. They speak like a male chauvinist who thinks men should control the woman's body. Do you also know that Viagra is covered by insurance, but birth control pills are not? This means that extreme rights support leisure time sex, and they cause more unwanted pregnancies by limiting the availability of birth control pills.