Is the European race the most highly intelligent in the history of the world ?

Come on , you know the rules. Every culture is superior to the white culture (we’ll loosely join European and North American’s here), and we must rejoice and celebrate anything they have done . Anything white people invented must have been copied from something they invented 1000 years ago but we forgot about it.

ms word – Intelligent code completion outside of programming environments

I can't go to sleep until I post this … My wife is still up at 1:20 am working on a bibliography for a HUGE PhD thesis. Everyone you go through science knows the feeling … In the meantime, she paused to casually mention the shortcomings of the MS Word bibliography database system and the redundant, boring re-entry of the same authors, titles, and publishers.

But I connect so late at night that programming environments have been completing text automatically for years. It just works that way. Read the included headings. When you start typing, open a menu of possible matches until you select one or finish typing. Why can't you write bibliographies like that?

I apologize for an LMGTFY question, but when I literally google it, I only get tutorials that tell you how to fill out the reference tools in Word. Frankly, I think something like this would be a game changer for many … and if it wasn't created, why not?

—— Project overview ——–

Text document, define a "bibliography" namespace in which the full citations are available in a syntax based on the formatting guidelines. Each new line is pretty much a function definition that has an abbreviation area. If you then insert a quote (parentheses or footnotes) throughout the document, the text editor starts to retrieve the bibliography and offers you all the intuitive automatic completion that doesn't fail … we have to rely on it, now it's time to share it Wealth.

I'm really almost amazed if this kind of use for smart code completion has not been implemented in any form. Any ideas or thoughts?

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c ++ – implementation of an intelligent pointer class

I decided to implement a simple smart pointer class in C ++ my_pointer. Please check this code.

using namespace std;

class my_pointer {
    int *data;
    explicit my_pointer(int *p = nullptr) : data(p) {}
    int& operator *() {
        return *data;
    ~my_pointer() {
        delete data;
        data = nullptr;

int main() {
    int *p = new int;
    *p = 50;
    my_pointer pointer(p);
    cout << *pointer;
    return 0;

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