mysql – Multiple queries in phpmyadmin – Distance using coordinates, Slope, Intercept, Angle, and few more

I having around 500 excel sheets in .csv format with data captured for my experiment having following columns in place.

enter image description here

Now I need to calculate the following parameters using this data. I have done these in excel, however doing this repeatedly for each excel so many times is difficult, so I want to write an SQL query in PhpmyAdmin will help some time.

  1. Last charecter typed – need to capture last charecter from the column ‘CharSq’
  2. *Slope (in column J) =(B3-B2)/(A3-A2)
  3. Intercept (in column K) =B2-(A2*(J3))
  4. Angle (in degrees) =MOD(DEGREES(ATAN2((A3-A2),(B3-B2))), 360) –
  5. Index of Difficulty =LOG(((E1/7.1)+1),2)
  6. Speed Value length (if speed value length >3, then mark as 1 or else 0) = =IF(LEN(D3) >= 3, “1”,”0″)
  7. Wrong Sequence (if I3=I2,then mark search time, else actual time) =IF(I3=I2,”Search Time”,”Actual Time”)
  8. Mark charecter into (1,2,3) = =IF(I2=”A”,1, IF(I2=”B”,2, IF(I2=”C”,3, 0)))
    enter image description here

I have started with this SQL query SELECT id, type, charSq, substr(charSq,-1,1) AS TypedChar, xCoordinate, yCoordinate, angle, distance, timestamp, speed FROM table 1 WHERE 1

Need help for the rest of the parameters. Thanks.

Note – I am going to run this in phpMyAdmin SQL

Man in the middle – What kind of data can the VPN service provider monitor / intercept / change?

You asked a few questions:

What kind of data can a VPN server log or monitor?

Date, time, to which server you have connected (IP and port), size of the request, response size, how often you have connected.

Can the VPN service provider monitor or intercept the entire length of the transmitted data or can it do so for part of it?

It depends on whether. If the connection is encrypted (e.g. TLS, SSH), the provider can intercept the message but cannot know its content, since the encryption is intended to protect against this type of attack. If the connection is not encrypted (FTP, Telnet, HTTP, POP3 and others) you can monitor and intercept everything.

Not only can you monitor messages, you can also copy, modify, and play them back. Signed in to a simple FTP server? Your login information can be copied. The files you have transferred can be copied or modified.

Can you also change the data and retransmit it when you go through the VPN server?

The same as above.

How do I know that the provider is not doing this?

The general terms and conditions. Yes, this boring, legalized page that almost no one reads. They usually say (in cryptic language) what they are monitoring and what is not.

Will they monitor you? Probably. Like every single Facebook beacon, every Google Analytics script and everything you navigate. It's bad? No worse than everything around you. And that's a legal thing (unless they say they won't be monitoring).

Will they steal your credentials and data? Unlikely. Aside from being illegal in almost all jurisdictions, it would bury their business fairly quickly. They have other ways to make money, and stealing data from their customers isn't the best.

How can you be sure that you will not be monitored, but protected? Rent your own VPS and install your own VPN. It may seem complicated (and it's not easy), but with the right tutorial, you can install Linux and run Wireguard in one afternoon for less than $ 5 a month.

Intercept all emails

We are currently using an email set as Catch All in GSA. However, we receive the error message that the maximum number has already been reached. We are planning to buy a new email.

Question: Do gmails work in the GSA? What's better between Gmail and a custom email ( email)?

Thank you for the answers.

Filtering – Can I intercept DNS over HTTPS (DoH) or TLS (DoT) on my home network?

I am currently redirecting all local network DNS traffic to my pi-hole installation, as some devices may use hard-coded DNS servers or may use them in the future to bypass filtering.

As DNS-over-HTTPS and DNS-over-TLS are used more and more, I want to know if it is possible to intercept this type of traffic to redirect it to my pi-hole installation for filtering purposes.

If this is not possible (as expected), I wonder if it is possible to at least separate the connections so that the devices receive errors and hopefully use the (local) DNS server announced by DHCP.

simcard – intercept phone number via SIM applet

One use case requires that we intercept a selected call. We are trying to investigate whether it can be intercepted via the Sim
We researched the call log and it is broke – there where 2 possible files in which the number could be logged, DFtelecomm-> EFldn (last dialed number) or ADFusim-> EFoci (outgoing call information). We have confirmed that these services are activated on the SIM card.
We tried several handsets – basically all we have – and in all cases the number dialed is never saved on the SIM card.
The conclusion is that the baseband chip in the handsets that control the call does not write to these files.

Any experience with it? We thought of USIM call control. Do you have experience with it?

Architecture – How can software intercept the display output?

I am working on a system that needs to apply homography to the HDMI output of an Ubuntu operating system. Therefore my software has to intercept the video output of the operating system and apply the corresponding calculations in real time.

How can this be achieved? Is it even possible?

For clarification, I am not asking how the homography should be calculated, but how it should be applied to the display output in real time.

tls intercept – Is it safe to use https websites over unknown PPTP VPN?

For example, I want to create a Gmail account while connecting to an unknown PPTP VPN. Is it safe?
and my question is that the pptp vpn creator could see my gmail website information at all? (Gmail name, password or similar)?
and the last question is whether the pptp owner could decrypt our information with our private https key.