Data gone after adding a new SD card and formatting as internal storage

I’ve just added a Samsung EVO 128GB MicroSD card to a Fairphone3 and formatted it to “internal storage”

After that WhatsApp is not able to find media any more and pictures located in “DCIM” seem to be vanished.

However when I inspect the storage devices in the Android settings it looks like a lot of the space of the SD card – as well as the internal storage are in use.

Stragely Android reports the SD card to be 256GB instead of 128 – while gparted tells me the correct size.

Is there any way to find out where my data has gone?

internal storage – Media players are showing duplicate files after moving them

So today I moved the entire ‘Download'(which contains music and asmr I downloaded from YT with those mp3 sites) file from my phone storage, to my SD card. Then I went to my music player app and it showed the music and asmr titles double. I panicked and went to move back that file to my phone storage.

After I did it, I went to check my music player, and it showed me 3 times! I uninstalled the app and installed it back, but it still showed me double. I installed another music app, and it showed me just one time. I went back to the previous one and tried to play both titles to see if it works. The first title worked, but the second one didn’t.

I checked the details of the songs, the first one showed me that it’s from /storage/emulated/0/Download/(the title of the song).mp3 and the second one showed me /storage/548F-6D80/Download/(the title of the song).mp3. So I downloaded another music app, and it showed me double there too. I tried the same thing, it was the same, first worked, second didn’t. So I tried to delete the second one(the one that didn’t work) and it was deleted, but the first title remained.

I went to my first music player and it didn’t show that music title twice again! So I did the same with the other ones, delete the one that doesn’t work, and it didn’t showed me double again! Right now I tried to move only the music to my SD card, to see if it would show me double again, and it didn’t! Does anyone know what might have been the cause? I also searched the music titles(before I found the method to delete them) on my SD card, and it showed me the file with 0 items.
Maybe it showed me double because it saw only the file with 0 items in it?

Is there a way to connect an external microphone to android, while using internal speakers and charging the phone?

I want to improve the microphone sound quality while using internal speakers. I also want to be able to charge phone while on the call. Is there a way to do it?

So far I only saw solutions that would require headphones to also be connected to the device.

Internal links from “money pages”

We have around 5 pages on our site that are our Money Pages. We do give them love internally with links from other pages such as blog posts, informational pages, etc.

We also link from our money pages to other money pages and to other pages/topics that we write about on the money page.
On our most important page, we have 7 internal links in the <body>.

What is best practice? Should we remove all internal links in our money pages or does it not matter?



internal sd – SDcard not mounted properly in device

I have an Android 8.1 device (encrypted, not rooted) that is configured to use an SD card as internal storage. That SDcard broke down and needed to be replaced.

After inserting a fresh replacement card, the device recognized it and asked how it should be formatted. I chose “internal”, and the format went though without issues. The card shows up under “Storage” with the correct capacity, just as the old one did.

However, using this card is not possible. All apps that try to access it (like camera, browser downloads, file managers) show “SD card not available” errors.

When I connect to the device through adb shell to check how the file systems are mounted, I can see a difference. This is what shows up when the old card is inserted:

/ $ mount
/dev/block/dm-3 on /mnt/expand/beb7cb3c-0c09-43cf-83b8-ce1eac90a92b type ext4 (rw,dirsync,seclabel,nosuid,nodev,noatime)
/mnt/expand/beb7cb3c-0c09-43cf-83b8-ce1eac90a92b/media on /mnt/runtime/default/emulated type sdcardfs (rw,nosuid,nodev,noexec,noatime,fsuid=1023,fsgid=1023,gid=1015,multiuser,mask=6,derive_gid)
/mnt/expand/beb7cb3c-0c09-43cf-83b8-ce1eac90a92b/media on /storage/emulated type sdcardfs (rw,nosuid,nodev,noexec,noatime,fsuid=1023,fsgid=1023,gid=1015,multiuser,mask=6,derive_gid)
/mnt/expand/beb7cb3c-0c09-43cf-83b8-ce1eac90a92b/media on /mnt/runtime/read/emulated type sdcardfs (rw,nosuid,nodev,noexec,noatime,fsuid=1023,fsgid=1023,gid=9997,multiuser,mask=23,derive_gid)
/mnt/expand/beb7cb3c-0c09-43cf-83b8-ce1eac90a92b/media on /mnt/runtime/write/emulated type sdcardfs (rw,nosuid,nodev,noexec,noatime,fsuid=1023,fsgid=1023,gid=9997,multiuser,mask=7,derive_gid)
/ $

and this appears when the new card is inserted:

/ $ mount 
/dev/block/dm-3 on /mnt/expand/49d563a3-0905-4173-a1b3-8c29e3917d2c type ext4 (rw,dirsync,seclabel,nosuid,nodev,noatime,data=ordered)
/ $

So it seems the new card is not initialized correctly and/or several directories do not get mounted for whatever reason.

Things I tried to no avail:

  • re-formatting the card
  • eject, mount
  • reboot the device
  • ran sm partition disk:179,64 private in adb shell just to see if there are any errors on the console (via) – there is no error

What’s going on here and what else can I do to make the card work?

Macbook Pro 15inch mid 2010 won’t detect internal hard drive

My mid-2010 Macbook Pro displayed the question mark on boot. I bought a new hard drive (SSD) thinking the hard drive failed (had a SSD in there).

After replacing the SSD, I still had the same question mark coming up.

I put my original SSD in an external case and successfully booting off USB.

It still did not recognise the internal disk.

After researching the problem, I have since replaced the hard drive cable as this seem a common issue with this machine at this age. This did not fix the issue.

I have been since using the Macbook Pro using my SSD via USB.

One day I booted up and received a message that there was a disk connected that wasn’t initialised. Curious, I opened the disk utility to see if my new SSD was recognised. It was! I formatted it and thought my issue had magically resolved itself!

Then the next day it refused to find it again. Then it found it again. And now, ever since it hasn’t been able to read the internal disk.

I was hoping to get this working as the machine runs fine, apart from this issue.

Any ideas?

System: OS X Yosemite 10.10.5
Macbook Pro mid-2010 15″ 8GB Ram 2.4ghz Intel Core i5

Tried replacing cable
Tried using 3 different working hard drives (SSD 500gb, SSD 490GB, HDD 320GB)
Tried running on El Capitan using USB
Tried zapping PRAM
Tried booting in safe mode/select disk boot mode

file system – Images and Videos not loading after transfer from ‘Internal Storage’ to ‘SD Card’

So I moved my files from Internal Storage to SD Card. But after that I found the files having errors in loading both on my file manager and my gallery. I have tried deleting the .nomedia but it still won’t resolve. Can anyone please help me with this?

Phone: Asus Zenfone Max Pro M1, Android 10

when trying to play a video

when trying to view an image