Transit – A few questions about the transition from domestic to international in Novosibirsk, Russia

Situation: I fly with S7 Airlines from Pulkovo in St. Pete to Tolmachevo in Novosibirsk and from there again with the S7 to Incheon in South Korea. As far as I know, this is a retail sale that was purchased together in a single purchase and payment.
I have virtually no experience with flights and transitions of this length, price and importance and would therefore very much welcome the answers to the following questions:

  1. Can I use Duty Free Shops in Pulkovo before flying to Tolmachevo, Novosibirsk?
  2. Is the first flight from Pulkovo, St. Pete to Tolmachevo, Novosibirsk considered as "domestic"?

Many Thanks.

Usa – Can I get internal US flights at reasonable prices when booked as part of an international return flight?

In the past, several airlines have made these types of awards. In fact, I once flew from San Francisco to Chicago, from Miami to New York, and back to San Francisco for an international trip for less than $ 100 (most of which were taxes). However, I am not aware of any US carriers that have such prices today – at least not at cheaper rates (eg you will still find this as part of the world tariff, but not the usual round-trip tariffs)).

However, sometimes you can benefit from booking your domestic flights with the same ticket as your international flights.

Fares are a complex beast, but for most airlines today, flights are made by origin, destination and possibly one or more stopovers. The prices for this part of the flight also depend on each of these things – and not necessarily in a way that may make sense to you.

Suppose you wanted to fly from Amsterdam to New York and then from New York to Chicago.

There are two ways to book flights. One is as two separate flights (AMS-NYC, NYC-> CHI). The second is a SINGLE flight with stopover (AMS-CHI with stopover in NYC). Whichever is cheaper depends on the fares at the time of booking. It may be cheaper to book a one-way stopover or two flights.

Let's say AMS-NYC would cost you $ 500. And AMS-CHI with a stopover in NYC costs $ 550, while a separate NYC-CHI flight costs $ 150.

If you book the flights together and offer them as a single trip with connection to the price, you have saved $ 100. Sometimes the price can even go down if you add the extra leg – it costs $ 500 for a NYC flight, but only $ 400 for AMS-CHI (even with a stopover).

Of course, it's just as likely that it costs more to book it as a stopover. In this case, with a good booking engine, you get the cheapest combination of flights (one stop or two trips) – but sometimes airlines set rules to prevent this.

The other advantage of booking both international flights and domestic flights together is that you get the international baggage allowance (which is usually better than domestic) for the entire trip. Depending on the airlines involved, this can lead to significant savings on baggage charges.

International travel – leaving Singapore airport during flight operations without Singapore tours

I am an Indian citizen who travels from the USA to India. I have a long stay in Singapore (12 + hours from 19:00 to 7:00 the next morning).

I have a US visa and passport so I can participate in the Singapore tours in Changi. However, they have no guided tours in the late evening – after 20.00.

So I wondered if I could leave the airport alone for one night?

Are there any good places near the airport that can be enjoyed / completed during this time?

Transit – Transit via Shanghai Pudong International Airport

I intend to travel to Osaka, Japan via the Shanghai Pudong International Airport with China Eastern Airlines.

Do I need a transit visa in this regard as I am only traveling for 4.5 hours at Shanghai Pudong International Airport? or can I perform an Airside / Direct Transit at Shanghai Pudong International Airport without entering / entering border control?

Frameworks – International Specifications for Multi-Agent Systems (MAS)

Nice day!

I'm wondering if anyone (maybe a company) uses international specifications in MAS development for architecture or communication, i. H. FIPA specifications.

I'm asking this because FIPA is apparently dead (the last specification was released in 2012, no website information update, the list of currently available platforms is corrupted).

I also need this information for my dessert, if you mind.

International Travel – Do I need a re-entry visa at the end of the voluntary re-entry ban?

I am Malaysian. Usually I do not need a tourist visa
to enter the UK in the past. However, I had studied, lived and worked on various legal visas until my more than ten-year residency in 2009, when I applied for permanent residency status. The request was rejected because of the 10-day technical gap that had already been set in 2001 (as a result of the event of 9/11 the British High Commission was closed in Kuala Lumpur, which led to a later extension of the visa for students) remember rightly. I went through the appeal process, but I still rejected the PR status. Demotivated, I opted for a volunteer aid program that bought plane tickets, my then 10-month-old daughter, and my husband to return to Malaysia forever, so we left all our belongings behind. We were informed that we can only enter the UK after 6 years.

Now, after nearly 10 years, my daughter wants to visit the Harry Potter Studio Tour and visit KidZania London. However, I have lost all documents for the return ban. Who can I contact to confirm that I will not be turned down in the UK if I want to travel and make the entire holiday booking for this June 2019? Do I still need a visa to re-enter? Which category should I apply to? I could not find any information about this type of visa.

Really appreciate some help / advice. Many Thanks.

International Revenue for Amazon Associates – Good News!

If you earn money from Amazon in another country (for example, advertise on USA, but live in the UK, like me), here's some good news from Amazon.

They will now deposit you directly into your local bank account. Here the email is complete:

Hello careybaird-20,
We have good news to share. You can now receive your international affiliate revenue by direct deposit into your local bank account. Would you like to know more?

Main advantages for international direct deposits:

  • Fast and easy deposit
  • No checks or Amazon gift cards left for international revenue
  • Limits post or check delays

Start by updating your international bank settings or learn more about this new Associates Central update.

Many Thanks,

The Amazon Associates program

International reward for completing a survey

This question is an exact duplicate of:

To motivate people to join our UX survey, we thought about giving a prize. Now the problem is that the survey is global. Any physical prices are out of the question as this would really complicate things. We've been thinking about Amazon gift cards, but Amazon is mostly used in the US.

What would be a good (digital) price that can be awarded internationally?

Buses – Alternatives to get to Belize City from Belize International Airport

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