customs and immigration – International Legality for travelers to import or buy poppy seeds used as cooking spice?

Different countries have different fair use policies; medicinal, cooking spice, versus contraband/ intoxicant usage.

They are widely used in cuisines across the globe.

There might be nations where it’s easier to buy a local ‘legally certified’ supply / packet than to fly in with your own.

From Wikipedia and other googling I find that Singapore, UAE & some middle eastern nations deem it as illegal.

Are there any another places/ nations where carrying this as a food cooking spice could/ would be illegal and/ or risky?

covid 19 – PCR test at Tirana International Airport

My partner and I will be visiting Albania in a month. On the way back, we’ll need to do PCR tests. I found information about the testing center at the airport. If someone used the services of this center, could you please tell me about your experience? How reliable their information is (that they are open 24 hours and that the results are returned in 90 minutes)? Is it the same on the weekends (our flight back is on Sunday morning)?

International student in Europe, travel to US and back to EU, is that possible?

I am an Asian student in Germany, meaning that I have obtain a visa and resident permit in Germany. I plan to go to US as a student(F1 visa) for few months, and then back to Germany. Is that possible?

It seems that Germany only allow EU resident and citizens to enter(source: I have a Germany resident permit that valid for the time I back to Germany, am I an EU resident?

forms – Best method of asking for street / flat number for an international address

I’m struggling to think of an appropriate label for a specific field in an address form fieldset. We have a service that is used by both local and international customers that asks for their home address – we have an additional complication that sits on top of this;

The address is sent via API to our partner service so that our customer can complete their task. This API service requires a specific format, or the task will fail. We require the first form field of the address to include a number – if there is no number present, the task will fail. This is a government service, so unfortunately we have to play by their rules here.

Our current label is “Flat, suite, unit, building, floor, etc.” – this was spotted on Amazon and trialled, but we find people are writing things like “House” in this field. We need to cater for a very wide variety of addresses from many different countries.

There are some subtle differences depending on country of residence selected. For Hong Kong and Singapore (two of our larger customer areas) we don’t show “City”, and for Hong Kong we don’t show “Postcode” either – so we are OK with showing conditional fields.

Current address label - Flat, suite, unit, building, floor, etc.

I am preparing to suggest a new label, being “Street number” with an additional hint text that reads A flat number, building number or house number can also be used

New address label - Street number, with hint

I would love to hear any suggestions people may have.

international travel – Friend Needs Help in Turkey

Most likely the person you’re communicating with is not actually your friend, and is trying to scam you. This is a very common scam.

A person claims to be someone you know, and is in trouble overseas, and has lost passport, bank cards, etc., and has no other way to get money than to depend on you to send it via an irreversible amount such as a wire transfer.


  • Have you talked to this person by video, phone, or other such non-text-only means?
  • Have you been able to confirm that this person is who he says he is? For example, have you asked him the answer to a question that only the two of you would know about?
  • Supposing this person weren’t overseas. How would you contact him? Have you tried that method of communication (such as a phone call)? You might discover that he isn’t actually overseas at all.
  • Do you know any of this person’s friends or relatives? Can you contact them to confirm that they actually knew beforehand that he was taking a trip overseas?
  • Have you offered to contact the Canadian consulate on your friend’s behalf? In a real situation, this would be very helpful. This is one of the most important things a consulate does, and the consulate can confirm whether your friend is really over there and really in some kind of trouble. A scammer will try to talk you out of this.

If you haven’t done any of these things, then you’re almost certainly talking to a scammer, and not to your friend. Do not send money to this person.

The scammer will have elaborate explanations for why:

  • you can’t talk by voice or video
  • his friends and family don’t know about this trip
  • getting the money is extremely urgent
  • the Canadian consulate can’t or won’t help
  • any other organization (or any other person besides you) can’t or won’t help

All of these excuses are intended to help you override natural caution or suspicion.

Listen to that suspicion. Anyone genuinely in such a situation would be willing to provide any proof needed.

financial – International Currency Formatting Guidelines — Currency Codes

In developing a web application that presents monetary data for a variety of locales, I have inquired about the differences of currency formats. In particular, I’d like to know when it is appropriate to use currency codes, either in addition to or instead of currency symbols.

It’s my understanding that all mainstream currencies require that a currency symbol be included, but some show them in different order (as seen on this website). The four currencies that I facilitate in my application are USD, CAD, GBP, and EUR — all of which have the same general currency format.

It makes sense to include the currency codes for USD and CAD, since they have the same currency code, but what about the others? What’s the norm in these other countries?

Anyway, I have below what I think to be the correct formats. Please let me know if I have made any errors:

• United States  — $1,234,567.89 USD
• Canada           — $1,234,567.89 CAD
• Great Britain   — £1,234.567.89 GBP not £1.234,89 (ever)
• European        — €1.234.567,89 EUR

Also, should there ever be spaces between the currency symbols and the numbers? That is yet another thing I do know happens sometimes, but am not sure what the rules are.

international travel – Expired US Passport / Dual Citizenship Traveling

international travel – Expired US Passport / Dual Citizenship Traveling – Travel Stack Exchange

international travel – What is the cheapest way to visit every country in the world?

Different regions seem to be more reachable by bus, others by train, sometimes the cheapest way is a discount airline. I am trying to put together an itinerary that takes advantage of these various affordable modes of travel. At the same time, I am also trying to avoid long stays at expensive locations which can happen if you are waiting for a flight.

Also, the timing of travel can be a huge consideration. I want to avoid peak season for cost reasons but might prefer shoulder-season because sometimes off-season makes for dangerous roads. Anyway, the travels might need to be broken into several parts to wait for better weather in the next region.

I realize this is a huge question, but I am trying to gather a general plan then maybe I can break that down by region once I figure out what the regions are. I imagine in some places you can rent a car and visit 20 countries in a big loop. Other areas are only practicably accessible by plane.

I guess the other constraint is that I have waited until late in life, so biking the whole way is no longer an option, but I am planning to travel with just a backpack and am willing to give up a good bit of comfort for the opportunity to see more places.

international travel – Could I go to another country to get vaccinated for COVID-19 in time for an event?

Given that vaccination takes 2 shots, given 6-8 weeks apart typically, you’re already out of time.
Exception is the Janssen/Johnson & Johnson vaccine but that’s not been widely approved.

And then there’s the problem of finding a country that will a) let you in without being vaccinated and b) offers their vaccines to foreigners who aren’t residents. Very slim chance again.

And all that assuming you had the funds to pay for a) the travel to and from that country, b) the probable mandatory quarantine there upon arrival, c) the vaccine itself.

And after that you’d still be required to be in mandatory quarantine most likely upon your return home.

So no, it’s highly unlikely you’ll be able to get your vaccine somewhere else. All you can hope for is getting yourself on a priority list with the NHS somehow (and really, that requires medical conditions you don’t want at your age).

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