[APP][4.1+] Block Puzzle Bricks

Block Puzzle Bricks is a free puzzle game. You can enjoy it anytime, anywhere.

Block Puzzle Bricks was carefully designed for beautiful layout and colors
this will bring you a relaxing and happy feeling. You can not stop playing it once you start the game.

Some experts have rated Block Puzzle Bricks even higher than some well-known block puzzle games like Block Puzzle Jewel or Wood Block Puzzle, as the game gives a frightening and satisfying feeling.


+ Drag the blocks to the best place and place them there.
+ Take time to think and plan. No time limit.
+ You will receive a score each time a line is filled.
+ You can not rotate the block.
+ The game is over when there is no more room for forms.

Game features:

+ Completely free.
+ Interesting block puzzle.
+ Block puzzle game with nice design and quiet sounds.
+ Different blocks and colorful graphics.
+ Casual puzzle game.
+ Easy and fast play.
+ Blocks can not be rotated.
+ Simple and attractive.
+ Nice easy and fun.
+ No wifi needed.
+ Play anytime, anywhere.
+ Small game size that does not occupy the space of your mobile phone.

Download link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/d…ckpuzzlebricks

[APP][5.0+] uBanker online trade

Try the best online trading app.

uBanker endeavors to make online trading as easy and convenient as possible for our customers. That's why we've developed a mobile version of our trading platform.

Only with your smartphone, tablet or iPhone can you easily keep up with financial information and place and manage financial market transactions. With our innovative mobile platform, you can track and monitor your account at any time, view the progress of your transactions, and trade on financial markets at any time.

Our mobile PROfit platform offers mobility combined with convenience and a variety of trading tools. In this way, uBanker puts the currency markets and all their possibilities in their hands.

With the mobile trading platform from uBanker you can use the speed, functionality and tools of the desktop PROfit platform directly on your tablet, smartphone or iPhone.

With the mobile version of the PROfit trading platform, you can respond to market price movements as they occur and follow the instructions of a variety of financial instruments at any time.

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[APP][5.0+] 70Trades Online Trade

Download the best Online commerce app and let's start trading with the phone.

With the new technology that mobile brings, and our advanced and responsive mobile platform, you can open your trading positions anytime, anywhere.
Maximize the power of online trading!
– User friendly mobile app
– Access to market analysis
– Extended map system

Our mobile PROfit platform offers mobility combined with convenience and a variety of trading tools. In this way, 70Trades puts the forex markets and all their possibilities right in your hands.

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[APP][FREE] The Guardian: Interactive book

Download the Best Kids Bedtime Story app.

This is a story about the friendship between the little girl and her secret guardian, the benevolent spirit.

Each child has their own guardian – a small, fluffy creature that can only be seen by children. He lives under the bed and really does not like children crying or afraid of something. It protects the child's dream and protects against evil creatures who often do evil things at night. Fears, mischief-makers, dream-guides … The world is populated by a multitude of creatures, none of which will tell your children …

One night, the girl meets her guard and they make an unforgettable journey through the nursery to save a dream …

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[APP][FREE] Jettly: Private Jet Charter

Jettly: Private Jet Charter app is one of the best air travel apps on the market. But do not trust only our word for it. You can examine the following reasons why we claim to be the best on the market:

• It's super fast
• Real-time updates
• 9,500 aircraft
• Over 1,500 servers
• Great prices
• Attractive and reliable user interface

Now you can book a charter flight on your mobile phone in just a few minutes. With a variety of options at stunning prices, Jettly is the king of airplane apps.

Whether you are looking for empty flights or want to compare the prices of several airlines for your business travel. Jettly is the best choice.

Jettly is in a way a game changer. Unlike other apps, where you only have to wait a few minutes to load rates or timings for slow algorithms, all the information is delivered within seconds. That's because at Jettly, we know how precious your time is, and we do not want you to wait.

Travel around the world in just a few clicks with this app. And we believe in complete transparency. That's why you can get all the information about your jet, whether it's the cockpit, floor plan or cabin height.

In addition, our Flight Finder feature is the best of its kind, allowing you to find the best private aircraft available in real time. You no longer have to visit different websites and search for several hours.

We offer everything you need for your travels in a single app to make the process more efficient, faster and more reliable.

Many similar apps have problems with their payment systems, but not with Jettly. With Jettly you can be sure that your payment is secured in cash or by credit card. In addition, the payment process is extremely simple and fast.

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[APP][4.1+] Himalaya – Free Podcast Player / FM / AM for Android

Find your favorite podcasts by browsing over 24 million podcast episodes, radio and audio content in 30 categories with this free podcast player app.

You can also listen to podcasts, radio, ASMR, audiobooks and audiobooks on our website: www.himalaya.com

Why you need Himalaya podcast app
Stay connected – stream all your favorite podcasts in one app.
Keep up to date – stay up to date with the top podcasts for shows, news, music, audiobooks and radio.
Stay entertained – listen to millions of popular podcasts. Even listen, until you fall asleep.

Stream and discover podcasts in the Himalayas

• Listen with just a tap! Free podcast player, perfect for commuting, workout, housework, ASMR, lunch break and more.
• Play podcasts while you fall asleep. Set a timer and listen to how you fall asleep.
• Create playlists and share your favorite podcasts with friends and family on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Messenger, Leader, Email, and more.
• Free podcast maker. Immerse yourself in the world of podcasting! Emerging podcasters can create podcasts and share them with the world! Visit himalaya.fm himalaya.com for details.


• High quality audio without banner ad.
• Personalized homepage with the latest episodes of all your favorite podcasts.
• Customizable cover image of the playlist.
• Easily discover new shows, episodes and radio broadcasts.
• Browse by categories, features, top charts, and watch history.
• Follow your favorite playlists.
• Search episodes and shows in English, Chinese and Japanese.
• Keep all your favorite podcasts in one app by importing Google Podcast, Soundcloud, Castbox, iHeartradio, Overcast, Pocket Casts, Podbean, Podcast Addicts, Spotify, Stitcher, Podcast App, Tunein, and Apple Podcast App !

Download now, Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/d….ting.himalaya