Honeygain – Earn with your phone and desktop unused Internet WJunktion

Earn unused Internet with your phone and desktop In case you do not want to get any further

1. Register and redeem code for free $ 5
Register: http://honeygain.tk
2. Download and install the app on your desktop or mobile phone
3. Login Your account is ready

What is honeygain?
Honeygain is a crowdsourced networking company that enables other companies to research information, markets and businesses. It's an application that lets you get the most out of your untapped Internet by turning your device into a gateway.

Where does the traffic come from?
By data scientists who enable other companies to perform information, market and business research.
Honeygain customers use our infrastructure to conduct brand protection campaigns, perform SEO monitoring, and perform ad review services.

Is my personal information safe at Honeygain?
100%. We do not store any data of our customers. The only data we will have is the data required for the service. These include your e-mail address, your IP address, the monthly traffic and your chosen withdrawal methods.

How is my payment calculated?
You earn credits for every KB of data you bring, and once you've earned enough credits, you can convert them to USD. You get 1 credit for 10 MB of traffic going through it. For 10 GB you get 1 USD.

How much data does Honeygain use?
You can expect to use up to 2GB per day. Note, however, that we can reach a maximum of 15 GB per day based on your network speed.

Can I protect myself from using my entire data plan?
Yes. You can do this by simply disabling mobile data usage in the Honeygain app's settings menu. Or on Windows: right-click the Honeygain Bee icon and select "Quit" to disable the app.

Does Honeygain's network usage interfere with my daily data usage?

You should not feel any difference when our app runs in the background. We note that our app never uses more than 10% of your available network bandwidth.

Spoofing – Can a hacker fake the internet time or an http response?

I want to create an application that will self-destruct after a certain date (for example, January 1, 2022).

For this I get the time from the Internet and compare it with the given date. If the date has expired, the application will not start.

But can a hacker continue to use the application after that particular date by writing a tool that will successfully return an incorrect time when my application searches for the Internet time?

I can not access iLo over the Internet.


Since we purchased an HP server from my host, we can not access the iLo from our location or from any other server in their own DC. They claim that they can access iLo absolutely flawlessly, but it barely works with us. They claim iLo IP The address is brutally enforced over the Internet, and sometimes iLo does not answer HTTP requests (I know what you think, but bares me …). They said I had to try logging in after 30 minutes, or try another browser will work, that was hardly the case from my home PC (Chrome, IE) or from their own server (Firefox, Opera) , the strange thing, even though the IPMI managed to load from my Android phone and log in well !! but that was pointless! …

Who had such a problem with iLo? Workarounds to load IPMI with minimal effort?

Many Thanks,

How to monitor the traffic on my internet

I have a wired Internet connection leading to an ASA firewall and then to my local network, where several computers, including many VMs, reside on an Esxi server. I'm looking for a way to primarily monitor my Internet traffic to see the most visited sites and the host who visited those sites. I can not add agents or change the settings of the attached devices, but I control the Wi-Fi and ASA. Thanks for all suggestions.

14.04 – Ubuntu Server is not accessible over the Internet

My Linaro Ubuntu server is not accessible over the Internet
I have a static IP from my ISP.

I want to diagnose what goes wrong.

The Ubuntu server is connected to my router (Asus RT-N12D1) as well as other Windows 10 Pro computers (it's my PC).

On the router I made the regular ISP setting and port forwarding for the HTTP protocol, as you can see in the following screenshot. Please note that the source destination IP (my external static IP) is hidden by *** characters for security reasons. There are indeed regular static IPs that I can see on different "what is my ip" services.
Enter image description here

At the moment I want to install the LAMP server, adapt and make accessible via the Internet. But unfortunately I have apache2, php, mysql installed and as far as I understand it works only apache2 and only if I call server with local home network over the local ip
SSH connection also over local IP works fine.

Username | Forum Promotion – Best Webmaster, Admin and Internet Marketing Forum

I used a username before, but since I'm not in many forums anymore, I decided to use only my name. I always forgot which username I had because I kept creating new usernames for the various forums, so a Spongebob username for Spongebob forums, a Harry Potter username for Potter forums, and so on.

Who Knows Minneapolis Internet Marketing – Everything Else

Even I used these internet marketing services and the results were absolutely amazing. But I have to shut down my blog so I can restart it now. This is an affiliate marketing blog, so I will hire professional online marketing service. This time also interested in using the bulk sms method. I have just found a very affordable Heymarket business SMS service.

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Best and cheapest solution to have internet in Japan

I have already seen this question, but the posts are quite old, so I wanted to have the most recent answer.

In August I traveled from France to Japan for 18 days and would like to know how to best use the Internet there.
I know two ways:

  1. Pocket Wifi
  2. SIM card

For the Wifi bag I saw some options, but it looks expensive, about 100 € for the entire trip.
For the SIM card I saw solutions from the french website like 14 days = 24 € and 21 days = 36 €, but I do not know if this is trustworthy? Is the price normal?

Do you know any options / better options?

[ Facebook ] Open question: How can I get more Instagram followers?

I want to know how to get more Instagram followers without having to use thousands of hash tags that other people shout out or follow millions of people.
I've heard of sites that work, but you'll need to take a survey, pay for it, or download 20 apps to get followers.
My goal is to have two thousand followers. At the moment I have 90 followers.
Please help me out here! ,