networking – Ubuntu 16.04 wired internet stopped working

I’m having a dual boot machine, with windows and ubuntu 16.04. Today I switched back to ubuntu after few days. I saw that I can’t connect to wired internet anymore. I was using static connection (dhcp was never working for me). I have exactly the same address, gate and mask as in windows (the connection works smoothly on windows). It shows that I’m connected to the network but I can’t ping the gate (router). Any idea where to look for the problem? I’m a beginner with linux. Thanks!

Who is a good provider for mobile internet in Switzerland?


  • I plan to travel to Lötschental in Switzerland for a few weeks and would like to have mobile internet for my laptop
    • (and optimally also for the phone – but this has lower priority).
  • I am from Germany.
  • My laptop does have a sim card slot. I havent tried it yet, but i would assume that i can use it.
  • My minimum requirement would be 10gb bandwith with sthg along 5mb/s download speed. Optimally, it would be a flatrate.

My research so far:

As far as i understand i cant buy a sim card for the phone if I am not Swiss. (I was told so when i was in Interlaken).
Currently, the best option i found is: It seems they offer a sim card

Even lower bandwith seems reasonable:

Flat 10 with 10 Mbits download and 5 Mbits upload is sufficient. If
you need to send larger amounts of data in a short time, we recommend
using the next higher data package Flat 50 with 50 Mbits download and
25 Mbits upload

Coverage can be checked here: It seems that my target valley (Lötschental) does have coverage.


Does someone has experience with mobile internet in Switzerland as a foreigner and hints for me which product to purchase?

internet – Online resource for finding co-working space while traveling

We have a number of questions about finding coworking space in a number of cities. I’m interested in a general resource for finding such places. This may make my question too broad and/or a list question. My ideal resource would allow searching for cafes/co-working space in a particular city/neighborhood, and would provide for reviews.

internet – Where can I find a decent place to do remote work in Addis Ababa?

I will be living in Addis Ababa from the end of February until the end of August. I normally work as a software developer in Sweden and I hope to continue doing that in Ethiopia (albeit remotely).

That means that I am looking for a decent place to work. A place where I can work like that preferrably includes the following, in descending order of priority:

    Reliable outlets
    Reliable and fast internet connection (I know this can be a bit shaky at times)
    Being able to work there for 8h a day
    Comfortable chairs
    An extra display (as I’m only bringing my laptop)
    Near the Old Airport area

An internet café might be an option, if they’re okay with me working there every day of the week. If there’s a place where you can rent office space (something like that would be very interesting.

Looking to buy any services that you think my websites / internet startups will need

Dear all,

I have quite a number of websites all ongoing (completed or building), all listed at

I am looking for any kind of services that you think I need, and I’ll see if it’s a good deal and if it’s the right time for that deal.

Please feel free to e-mail me at for any services that you think any of my websites listed on will need. (I may not reply to all, but will read through all, and if I think it’s good deal, I’ll reply/negotiate)

1. Marketing services, ad spaces, real user acquisition signups
2. Designers (logo), digital/manga artists/character designers/character concept designers/, especially if you already have your own digital arts.
3. Video animators / anime creators / EDM or pop music creators / singers
4. AI programming, mobile app developers (let me know what too)
5. Sales people who can bring in web or app development sales
6. “Thinkers” who can help me think what to do for my work to continue to push ahead (and then pass to the right people in the team to go ahead and move things)
7. Good article writers, wordpress developers
8. Crazy people who know how to create their own web hosting with a server and by plugging in 16 port USB of 2 TB flash drives etc.
9. Adwords experts
10. Social media marketers, with results.
11. People who think they can make investment deals/get people to invest, and who are based in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, China, Indonesia or India
12. People who think they have good things to post on my upcoming social network or and would offer to be paid to post authentic real things (though not much. e.g. Just being a real user with real usage.)
13. Meme creators – more towards ASEAN, east asians and south asians
14. “Ambassador” to digital currency (future, let me get the local license first)
15. Fashion designers – Shoes, clothes, t-shirt designs, wallet, OR just normal artists who know how to design those, OR, someone who just know where to get the suppliers (including alibaba suppliers) etc to send things through to make them happen.
16. Anyone who has a good tech startup idea and do not mind letting me know. I might take it, might not, might also find someone to create it for you for free for %, or at a cheap price, and you lead it once done. (I have enough things not to want to run it by myself so not to worry, but there is no promise I will work with you, so only let me know if you do not mind.)
17. Desktop software developers – Internet-based desktop apps, like online games (MOBA, versus games, MMORPG), or simpler tools apps
18. Blockchain web developers – Or if you know how to do web hosting over blockchain
19. Blockchain web developers, but crazy ones who think they know how to “upload” entire laptop space and installed apps all in the blockchain or in the cloud – and can then log in to that virtual laptop using any other laptop using a login ID and password.
20. “Zoomsters” – Anyone who can help my startup to be in Zoom meetings representing the team, or closing the deal
21. “Offline representatives”- For people anywhere in ASEAN, East Asia, Mongolia, Bhutan and India who are thick skin to visit offline venture capital companies and talk to make deals without any guarantees (No guarantee – see if suitable)
22. Domain scouters that can let me know what domains to register – 2 words or 3 words english domains, 5L/6L domains and chinese words .com
23. People who know how to do youtube, or do website reviews on youtube. (with views)
24. Voice actors, if any (low chance will need but possible)
25. People who know how to install a quick wiki web app
26. People who know how to think/write/plan good storylines for anything. (Movie, game ideas, anime, novel etc)
27. Anything else that you think my websites could need/use, feel free to e-mail me.


List of websites:
All in
sapphiro .com/technology/
sapphiro .com/payment/
sapphiro .com/mints/
sapphiro .com/domains/
designerezlinkcards .com
meryi .com
altairo .com

Let me know the things you are offering, state existing/previous work for it, as well as the price. If you have a company website, let me know as well.

I may not reply every e-mail, but I’ll read every e-mail, and reply to some of them, after that we will continue the deal from there thanks.


internet – 1 Mac Can’t ping another Mac

I’m trying to connect two Macs running Minecraft over a LAN server but the connection times out. I also tried pinging the host using terminal but it says that it timed out, too. I can ping this one just fine from a different Mac, and the one that I’m trying to connect to the LAN server connects to the internet just fine. What do I do next?

networking – Internet connection error with wine/game maker studio 2

I have installed Ubuntu 20.04 and wine 5.01 and am trying to run game maker studio 2. I was finally able to get the gamemaker software installed but when I try to login to my account, I get an error that the gamemaker program that runs through wine can’t access the internet. Does anyone know any way that I can resolve this and get it to work?

Can’t access internet anymore while on phone call

I spent over 40 minutes on the phone yesterday with a Verizon “tech” trying to figure out why I can no longer access the internet while I’m on a phone call. She asked me everything about my telephone and then had me take out my battery and reinstall it and told me she would call me back in 2 minutes. By the time I turned my phone back on she had called and left a message telling me, thank you for calling Verizon and if I have any other questions that I could call customer service or go online and check the website. She was a total waste! She took the opportunity to get rid of me I guess because she had no idea what she was doing. I asked her if we could go through the operating system apps to see if maybe something had changed but we didn’t do that. Does anyone have any idea how this happened. Thank you