I will make professional intros for your videos for $50

I will make professional intros for your videos


Welcome my dear client.
I am an amateur in designing intro videos
my designs are new, clean, high resolution, and fancy

just give me some info about your project + I will give you opinions, ideas, recommends and support = perfect intro for your videos

the video will be done in 2-3 days


How do I make intros and animated logos? | Proxies-free

Intro animations were almost always done in Flash in the past. Canvas is all the rage these days, and you do not need a plugin for that! Keep in mind, though, that users generally do not like to sit through intros. Can you imagine going to a department store and having to go through an ad from 10 to 30 seconds before you can buy the items you came for?

For simple animated logos, animated GIFs are easiest for someone with little or no experience. There are hundreds of programs that you can download to create them. A modern approach, however, would be the revival of SVGs.