internal storage – How do I get rid of broken, invisible files that take up lots of space?

I tried downloading a pretty big mp4 file, but that failed because i didn’t have enough space.

However, it filled up all my leftover storage. I tried getting rid of it but it doesn’t show up in the file explorer. I checked hidden files.

Checking device care -> storage, it seems like it’s in the “other” category.

I’m kinda desperate because i need the storage space to work. How do i clear it up?

Samsung galaxy Tab S4, Amdroid 10

catalina – Bad font resulting in invisible text in email and elsewhere

Recently I started receiving emails with blank messages. If I reply-to those emails, select the text and change the font, the text shows up.

Via some experimenting I determined that Times Roman and Times Regular appear to be the problem. These are, I believe, system fonts. I’m running Catalina, all up to date.

I use Font Agent Pro to manage fonts. It doesn’t report any problems.

How should I go about repairing this?

dnd 5e – Does casting Invisibility in a 2nd level slot targeting a mount make the rider invisible too?

Trying to have it both ways

Even though you are both creatures, and it should take two spells, or it should take another spell level on this one (invisibility cast at third level) to make you both invisible, let’s suppose that your DM rules that the one invisibility spell covers you both (or see the special case below). Your friend the wizard could have cast the spell on an elephant, and that’s bigger than you both, right?

Since you both gain the benefit of that single invisibility spell, you (the combined “you” of mount and rider) should then gain all of the features of the spell, to include losing it with an attack. You have posited that you are “carried” by the mount, and you stay on it, which makes your attack directly associated with the mount and your joint invisibility — so you both turn visible when you attack.

If you find a DM who rules other than what I just outlined, then exploit away, but I’ll offer that p. 195 of the PHB rules against that exploit.

If you are hidden—both unseen and unheard—when you make an attack, you
give away your location when the attack hits or misses.

That’s part of a larger paragraph on ‘Unseen Attackers and Targets’ on PHB p. 194-195.

Why I answered this way: the special case of Paladin spell / find steed

If you are a paladin1, on your steed from find steed (PHB p. 240), and you have a Ring of Spell Storing with one charge of invisibility at 2nd level …

“you can make any spell you cast that targets only you also target your steed.”

Using that feature – without any exploit – the situation you described could arise of both mount and rider being invisible from one 2nd-level casting of the spell. But once an attack is launched, there goes the invisibility. (per p. 195 PHB, cited above).

1Or a Bard who used magical secrets to get Find Steed

dnd 5e – If an echo knight fighter turns invisible, do their echoes also turn invisible?

This question is inspired by this question which asks how to turn an object, particularly an echo knight’s echo, invisible. I was about to answer by saying that the invisibility spell would work.

However, on second thought, it’s not clear to me that this is actually the case. The text for echo knight reads in part:

This echo is a magical, translucent, gray image of you …

If the echo knight turns invisible, do the images also become invisible (because they are images of the invisible echo knight) or are they still translucent gray images of what the knight looks like when they are not invisible?

dnd 5e – How can I make an Echo (or any Object) invisible?

Dust of Disappearance will work.

As an added bonus, it both specifically says that it applies to creatures and objects, but the invisibility is only broken prematurely if a creature affected by it makes an attack. So your Echo will stay invisible for the entire duration.

A second option is the Sequester spell. It’s pretty high level, but makes objects invisible. As with the Dust, it only puts creatures in statis, so your Echo will be invisible until it’s dispelled or it takes damage.

c# – Platforms appear invisible when spawned at a certain distance in a 2D endless runner game in Unity

I am creating a 2D endless runner game, where new platforms get spawned when the player reaches a certain distance to the last platform spawned. The issue that I found was that after the player reaches the 7th spawned platform, the new next spawned platforms appear invisible, although the player can still jump on them and collides normally. For testing purposes I removed the code where the platforms get spawned depending on the player’s position, by spawning a definite amount of platforms one after each other, but for some reason after the 7th spawned platform, the next platforms are still invisible.

Here is the code I am using to spawn the platforms:

public class LevelGenerator : MonoBehaviour {
    (SerializeField) private Transform levelPart_Start;
    (SerializeField) private Transform levelPart_1;

    private Vector3 lastEndPosition;

    private void Awake(){
        lastEndPosition = levelPart_Start.Find("EndPosition").position;

        int startingSpawnLevelParts = 20;
        for (int i = 0; i < startingSpawnLevelParts; i++){
    private void SpawnLevelPart() {
        Transform lastLevelPartTransform = SpawnLevelPart(lastEndPosition);
        lastEndPosition = lastLevelPartTransform.Find("EndPosition").position;

    private Transform SpawnLevelPart(Vector3 spawnPosition) {
        Transform levelPartTransform = Instantiate(levelPart_1, spawnPosition, Quaternion.identity);
        return levelPartTransform;

Basically, I have set an point at the end of one of the already spawned platforms on the scene, and the code spawns the next platform dependant on that point, then creates another point at the end of the newly spawned platform and so on.

Any idea why the spawned platforms still appear invisible after the 7th spawned platform? Thanks!

Lenovo S5 storage filled with invisible files

I have a Lenovo S5 with 64gb internal storage. I had this problem for a while now, so i really need some help.

Any file manager that I can find sums up all my files and aplications at under 20 gb, however i only have 3 gb free.

About 40 gb are filled with invisible/unfindable files. I looked online for answers many time, and I tried using “Android terminal emulator” with the command “df -h” and got this result, can anyone make something of it?enter image description here

dnd 5e – Does casting invisibility on someone with an Animated Shield make the shield invisible?

I’m trying to build an 11th level gunslinger as per this guide:

This is going to be part of an encounter the PCs face against some pirates. Since I am using PC classes for NPCs here to give the PCs a challenge, I am 100% OK giving them apropriate magically gear that the PCs can loot when they beat them.
The guide suggests using a shield, but I suspect that it must be wrong, as it is my understanding you need a free hand to reload a pistol. Maybe the guide’s intention is for you to use multiple pistols and just not bother reloading but keep quick drawing them.

I would prefer this NPC to have one or two really good pistols and just reload when needed though. My solution to this is to give him an Animated Shield. Part of the encounter will be a mage casting greater invisibility on this gunslinger, who will shoot from one square and run off to another so the PCs will have to go after the mage or cast see invisibility to find him. My question is:

Will the Animated Shield become invisible along with the rest of the gunslinger and his gear?

  • Reasons I believe it will be invisible:

    It is part of his gear, he is attuned to it, and he is attending to
    it (within 10ft of him)

  • Reasons I believe it might be visible:

    It is not actually carried by him, despite giving him an AC bonus as
    if it were carried by him. Since invisibility makes the creature and
    gear they are carrying invisible, this might not apply.

zshrc file invisible in finder but present in terminal

According to Wikipedia:

In computing, a hidden folder (sometimes hidden directory) or hidden file is a folder or file which filesystem utilities do not display by default when showing a directory listing.

The ls command, of course, is a directory listing. The -a option “do not ignore entries starting with .” (ls man page)

So, yes the file is invisible, or hidden. But in the terminal, you are requesting to see all, including invisible or hidden, files.