Letter of invitation for the conference, but valid for another Schengen country

I planned to travel to Europe for 12 days, 8 days in Amsterdam and Rotterdam and 1 day in Brussels and maybe the rest in Spain, so I will apply for a Schengen visa Netherlands I found an interesting programming conference on VFS for 3 days that took place during my stay there, but it's in Copenhagen and I bought the tickets and they sent me an invitation letter.
My question is, should I enclose the letter of invitation for the conference in Copenhagen and mention that I will stay in Copenhagen for it?

email – How to send a topic invitation to a contributor

I asked a question a month ago, and when I read other questions and answers I see two highly rated contributors who could probably answer my question immediately – but there does not seem to be any mechanism on the site to send them a direct message send or send a link to the question, etc. It seems I am relying on a bit of random timing added to a Hit & Miss algorithm.

So – are there any steps I can take to ask my question to the right people?

Business travel – Schengen visa: Do I have to submit a letter of invitation from a friend for a 2-day visit during a 10-day trip within the Schengen area?

I am a Vietnamese passport holder, so I have to apply for a visa to enter the Schengen area. The main purpose of my trip is to attend a company training in Belgium, where Brussels is my port of entry. However, since I would arrive early Friday, I would like to fly over the weekend to Oslo to visit my girlfriend, and then stay with her before I actually come to training the following week.

My questions are:
(1) Does my friend have to send me a letter of invitation with her signature and confirmation from the local authority about her residence status?
(2) Does she have to send me the documents to Vietnam?
(3) Does she have to send a copy of her passport, visa and proof of ownership for the property?
My girlfriend is Vietnamese, has lived in Oslo for 5 years and works there under a skilled work visa. You also own the place where I would live (he was bought by your Vietnamese husband and still pays the mortgage payment).

For a two-day visit, I really do not want her to skip work and go to the local office for such issues. If such an invitation letter is a must, is there another alternative to prove my accommodation during my trip to Oslo? (Maybe book, then cancel the hostel booking, I'm not sure if it's okay to do so).


The certificate is not an RSA certificate when calling FromSigningCredentials for a Azure B2C custom invitation policy

I'm just trying this custom Azure B2C invitation policy code:


I followed the step by step guide and created the certificate, but when the code hits the method FromSigningCredentials it triggers the exception The certificate is not an RSA certificate.,

Here is the code:

public static JwksKeyModel FromSigningCredentials (X509SigningCredentials signingCredentials)
X509Certificate2 certificate = signingCredentials.Certificate;

// JWK certificate data must be base64 (not base64url) encoded
string certData = Convert.ToBase64String (certificate.Export (X509ContentType.Cert));

// JWK fingerprints must be base64url encoded (no padding or special characters)
String thumbprint = Base64UrlEncoder.Encode (certificate.GetCertHash ());

// JWK must have explicitly defined the module and the exponent
RSACng rsa = certificate.PublicKey.Key as RSACng;

if (rsa == null)
Trigger a new exception ("Certificate is not an RSA certificate.");


What do I miss here?

Sweden – business invitation only 8 days before the submission of visas

I have an interview invitation in one of the Swedish companies, but the visa application is only 8 days before the invitation. Based on the visa website, it takes about 15 days for the visa to be applied for. The invitation date can therefore pass before I receive the visa result. Will my visa be rejected? Do I have to update the invitation dates and insurance coverage? However, the company can change the dates, but I have already submitted the application.

What are some unique and alternative wedding invitation ideas? – Everything else

Wedding invitations are a very important part of any wedding. A wedding invitation is often the first impression your guests will have of your wedding, and it sets the tone and theme for the entire wedding. It is therefore important to ensure that your wedding invitations match the style, look and feel of your wedding theme. If you really want to have a unique wedding and unique inaugurations, you really only have two options. You can use a professional designer to make a custom wedding invitation design for you or you can come up with your own wedding invitation design. A third option that could work for you would be to have a friend with an artistic background who will design the invitations for you.