Unity – When an animation involves movement, where is the movement better?

For the context I use Blender and Unity. As for the example, when you are hit in some games, your character bends slightly and is pushed back a bit. I would like to implement the tucking animation in Blender, but what about the kickback distance? Move your model to Blender (tuck and knockback) or just cheat the tuck animation (tuck in place) and then rejoin Unity (basically, the tuck animation is triggered and the model then moves back a little) ).

Basically, I wonder, what is often done and why, when there is a specific reason?

mysql – How do I write triggers involves an operation between two tables in Oracle?

I have a two-table like this:

Table Name: TAGS

ID Tag ID Tag1 Tag2 Tag3
---- -------- ---- ---- -----
1 10 A B C
2 11 D E F

Table name: MY_TAGS

Tags Brand ID
------ --------
A 10
B 10
C 10
D 11
E 11
F 12

I have to write a trigger for the following case

When inserting a new value in the TAGS table

  1. It should insert all tags in the TAGS value.

  2. After pasting values ​​in KEYWORDS In the table, all three tags should be checked
    (day 1.day 2.tag3) in the MY DAYS Table for this mark, if a specific day
    does not exist then, only it should insert this day MY DAYS table

I tried something like that, but I'm confused about what to write BEGIN block

WHEN (newRow.id> 1)
- What I have to write here--
END mytrigger;

I'm new to pl / sql triggers, so any help would be appreciated!
Many Thanks

What work involves relicensing projects from the perspective of the software developer? [on hold]

At present (end of 2018) the LLVM is being neglected and it seems to be a big and time consuming effort. In a small project this would probably just be an update of a license file. What work in software needs to be done in a large project like LLVM during relicensing?

keranique involves the condition of missing castles where it often grows

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