How to free up storage taken by the “On My iPad” app?

I have a 6th generation iPad, iPadOS 13.5

I have used an app called “On My iPad” that came preinstalled to this iPad to copy files to this iPad (like PDFs, movies, etc.). Eventually, I deleted all the files that I have copied (at least this is what I think I have done).

The problem is that there is still a lot of storage taken by something in this “On My iPad”. Has it not completely deleted the files? How to clean up the storage?

Please see the screenshots.

You can see that there are zero items showing when I open the “On My iPad” app. There are three folders Downloads, Keynote, Pages, and they are all empty.
nothing in On My iPad

Recently Deleted

There is nothing in the Recently Deleted items.
nothing in Recently Deleted

iPad Storage

When I look at the overall iPad storage I see that there is about 1GB taken by the “On My iPad”.
Also, there is a discrepancy in the reported available space. The “On My iPad” above shows that 20.31 GB available. The iPad Storage reports 14.3 of 32 GB used, i.e. only 17.7 GB is available.
Overall storage

Documents and Data

When I tap on the “On My iPad” to see the details, I see that “Documents and Data” take 1 GB.
storage 2


When I tap further on Recommendations, there is nothing there. When I had some files, they were showing here. I have deleted all I could. Apparently, something is still sitting somewhere.
storage 3

I have seen advice to delete an application and reinstall it back to reclaim the storage taken by the “Documents and Data” and I have done this trick successfully with the Keynote application. But there is no option to delete the “On My iPad” application and there is no such application in the App Store, so this method can’t be used here.

Any ideas?

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