Trying to set up VPN on the iPad

I'm trying to set up VPN on my iPad, but I have three unfamiliar options: IKEv2, IPsec or L2TP. The only thing I know is rumors that the NSA has cracked down on IPSec, but that's not even helpful in making an informed decision.

What are the pros and cons of each?

Swift Language – Create a native iOS app that runs on iPhone, iPad and Mac

Since Apple introduced Catalyst Eealier this year during WWDC's # 19, it's possible to have a single codebase for an app running on iPads and Macs.

It has long been possible to create iOS applications running on both iPhones and iPads with the same app distribution. For such an app to look good on both devices, the app distribution has slightly different views, so users have the best possible experience on both the iPhone and the iPad.

Considering all of the above, this means that with the introduction of Catalyst it is now possible to create a single codebase app in Swift that can run natively on all three types of devices: iPhones, iPads and Macs?

And if so, what are the key steps and aspects to consider and consider when creating such an application? Are there any disadvantages in creating such an app?

ipad – Which pointing devices can be used with iPadOS 13?

For reasons incomprehensible to me, Apple does not support Apple pointing devices for use with iPadOS 13. They also do not provide a list of supported devices. I spent a lot of time getting my trackpad up and running, before realizing that Apple does not even support its own hardware.

Googling "iPad-compatible Bluetooth pointing devices" does not provide any useful results.

How can I know what to buy without wasting immense time and money trying?

Network – Self-assigned IP address with iPhone and iPad in one place

This is in a café that I have visited regularly for four or five years. At this point, both devices (iPhone 6s and iPad mini 4) always get a self-assigned IP address. As I recall, devices were assigned an address via DHCP on just one occasion from well over a hundred visits. If I manually enter an IP address, a netmask, etc., both devices will immediately connect and function properly.

What I have tried:

  • Forget this network: dozens of times
  • Reset Network Settings: Half a dozen times
  • Reset iPhone to factory settings: Once

Nothing seems to work.

I asked other customers for it. Nobody has the same problem. I've asked the company's IT department and suggested shortening the rental period, but they say nobody has the same problem.

This company has many coffee shops. I visit several of them regularly. Each shop uses the same SSID and password. I thought that might be part of the problem, but my daughter recently got a job with this company and she regularly takes her iPhone 7 from store to store and never has trouble connecting. She also tells me that they do not have reports from other customers who are having trouble connecting.

The router in this store is a small ZTE router. The other shops use TP-Link-Router in my opinion.

Any ideas on how to fix this on my iPhone and iPad?

ipad – iPad2 can not be started or restored

I have an old iPad2 that I used for a very long time. Recently, it started to behave strangely. Do not wake up or act much slower than it should (with iOS 9.3.4). I once restored it, minimizing the number of applications (to reduce the background update load). It was a pleasure to see some Netflix shows or to read and comment on some PDFs. Until it was not.

One day it could not wake up and I somehow restarted it (Home / Power Combo IIRC) while connected to my Mac. I recharged it, checked its battery statistics (with Coconut Battery) and it was good (~ 85 Health IIRC). Then pull the plug out of the socket and put it away.

Yesterday it did not wake up again. This time, the home / power combo did not restart. His screen was black (no backlighting). I have connected to my Mac and iTunes has reported that recovery mode is enabled. I have confirmed the deletion and updated to 9.3.5. iTunes downloaded the iOS image, restarted the device, and the progress bar was displayed. However, after 8 hours there was no progress and iTunes was waiting for the iPad. I disconnected the iPad from the computer, restarted with the Home / Power combination and the screen remained black.

The device still can not be started or restored. Any suggestions, help?

How do I pair my magic keyboard with my iPad?

Ok, I've charged that magic keyboard for an hour and turned it on. It still does not show up on the Bluetooth to pair with the iPad I'm using. When I turn the magic keyboard, the lamp glows green and then flashes blue then it stops, I do not know what that means, also I do not know what the button above the power button is for. Please help! This magic keyboard has no place to change the batteries because it sticks to a cloth that does not fall off the keyboard. It is like a book. – What is the "default" font for the iPad Mail program?

(Ask for my sister-in-law)

I played around with my new iPad. I was in email. With Yahoo
mail, but it is a function of email, as it is for spectrum mail
and Gmail in the iPad e-mail icon. I changed the font to see how
it looked without paying attention to the actual name of the script. There
There are many to choose from and I just want to go back. All I can see is
"default" for those I have. I tried to open an old mail to see what
it was. (It was "standard.")

What was it before I changed it?