data leakage – Laptop and Iphone security is compromised

data leakage – Laptop and Iphone security is compromised – Information Security Stack Exchange

wifi – Strange behavior with iPhone 11 Max Pro and Wi-Fi

When I try to connect to WiFi, the Wi-Fi icon in top right corner disappears immediately and after that, some applications have a full connection like Chrome and Safari; some have partial connection like Facebook and Instagram for content but not for messaging; while some don’t have any connection at all like Viber, Messenger, Whatsup, and Apple notifications.

All settings have been reset, tried on multiple routers, software updated to latest versions. I even reinstalled apps, but problem stays.

What could be causing this?

iphone – Apple account’s password and iTunes for Windows gets auto-reset every few weeks

I am using my iPhone mainly for calling, chatting, checking mail and browsing the Internet. I almost never use purchasable or downloadable content. I connect my iPhone to my PC and launch iTunes for my PC about once every 1-2 months.

Every time I connect to iTunes:

  • I get an error that my password is incorrect and I must reset it.
  • After I reset it and access iTunes, I see a completely empty library and all sync settings “reset” to “no auto sync”.

What am I missing? I never heard about any Apple’s auto expiration policy. And what is the reason for my iTunes to have all “Sync” options switched “off” each time I visit? Is this some kind of weird way of forcing me to visit it more often?

At first I thought “the think” that everyone thinks in this situation. It’s my imagination, since I am using iTunes so rarely then I am also asked for password on very rare basis and I simply forgot what password I have set previously. But that’s not true.

Breaking all possible security advises, this time I had noted down the password on some piece of paper and hidden it in my shelf. Next, about 2-3 months after I last time visited iTunes for PC, I have launched it again, wrote letter-by-letter my “current” password from that piece of paper and… it was rejected as invalid.

I have also recall that during past 9 months (since I purchased this phone) I have visited iTunes for PC about 6 times and I was forced to reset / change my password… 6 times. Because each time iTunes claimed that it was incorrect. I have also recall that each those six time I had to enable sync “again”, because it was turned off once I actually got to iTunes.

Can someone tell me what is going on here?

ios – Does an iPhone immediately download a visual voicemail as soon as it’s been received, or only when it’s chosen from the list of available messages?

When using a carrier that makes use of the Visual Voicemail service, upon receiving a voicemail does the iPhone immediately download the message to its internal storage – or is this only done when said message is explicitly chosen from within the “Voicemail” tab of the Phone app?

iphone – A way to reverse changes done to a txt file in (readdle)?

I’ve got a huge problem. Major. I dearly hope that someone has a solution.

I wanted to open a txt file on my iPhone/iOS. When I clicked the file in iOS file app, it opened up in Documents app automatically. I then before I knew it managed to overwrite some codes/passwords I had saved in the txt file. Stuff I cannot remember. I then closed the documents app and thought no harm done, as I can just open the txt file and repeat the previous procedure. But … When I clicked to open it, and it automatically opened up in documents app…the changes were still there, as it apparently saved all changes done. And now I can’t seem to find any option to reverse and open up the original version of the txt file, before I accidentally changed a few passwords.

I do appreciate all the help I can get.

I mean, open up a document and writing something, and no option to go back to original, nor any option to make changes reverse. Kinda stupid. The app apparently saves any changes done and that’s it. But there got to be a way to reverse the action somehow?


iphone – Is there a way to move home controls in control center?

iphone – Is there a way to move home controls in control center? – Ask Different

iphone – iCloud Photos using twice size

I have problem with iCloud Photos. I confirmed it with uploading specific amount of photos to iCloud. If I upload 500 MB’s of media, iCloud says Photos app takes 1 GB of space. I believe this occurs because it uploads both HEIC and JPG version of each photo. Is there a way to disable this feature? Because if i am to upload 200 GB’s of media, it would take 400 GB’s of space.

iphone – How to view purchased items that have not been transferred to mac?

I connected my iPhone to my new mac which runs macos Big Sur, i get the following message when I want to update my iPhone:

There are purchased items on the iPhone “myiPhone” that have not been transferred to your Mac. You should transfer these items to your Mac before updating this iPhone. Are you sure you want to continue?

How can I view which purchases this message is talking about? I want to go through them and see if its just stuff I can easily redownload again (like music I bought from iTunes) or if it’s other stuff (like stuff I manually put on my phone).

iphone – Show Apple Contacts Birthday in Google Calendar

I have alle my contacts on my iPhone including birthdays. Recently I switched to the Google Calendar, because of work.

Unfortunately, I can’t find a way to display the birthdays from my iPhone contacts inside the Google Calendar app on my iPhone. It only displays the Birthdays Calendar from the Google contacts, but I don’t want to keep two different contacts in sync.

It would also be useful to get these birthdays inside the web calendar.

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