itunes on PC autofills music on iphone 7 despite option settings

itunes keeps autofill music on my iphone 7. I have “manually manage music” checked device summary page in itunes & the “prevent ipods, iphones, &ipads from syncing automatically” option check in device preferences. However when I delete songs from the iphone itunes will start automatically coping / autofilling songs to the iphone. I’d like this to stop so that I can delete a bunch of songs then manually add new ones I want. Seems like itunes isn’t looking at/obeying/caring about settings.

It looks like itunes wants to fill in “missing” songs on the iphone i.e. the songs with gray dotted circles in the left hand column. I’d like it NOT to do this automagically. What else do I need to do to not have it do this? I could delete them on the iphones but I’d like to see which ones are missing before I do that.

Is there a solution for this?

Worthwhile replacing battery of 1st generation iPhone SE?

I am considering replacing the battery in my iPhone SE. It drops from 70% charge at room temperature to 10% charge in the outdoor winter cold, then shuts off, leaving me stranded without connectivity.

When I bought the phone several years ago, there was a high profile problem where iOS upgrades would slow the clocks on older phones to make up for the short battery life. Due to public outcry, Apple agreed to replace the battery for free. Since I don’t use the phone much, I didn’t take advantage of that offer initially, and when I decided to, it was too late.

If I replace the battery now, it would likely cost under $100, including tax (about 12% here). It is a 1st generation iPhone SE (1), however, and I’m not sure how able it will be to host many more iOS upgrades. At some point, Apple will not allow upgrades in order to avoid untenable customer experiences.

For those who have visibility into the technology trend, how likely is it that in the next year, the growing procesing/memory demands of iOS upgrades will make them unsupportable by 1st generation iPhone SEs?

I hardly use the phone (not allowed to have one at work, don’t need it at home), so the $150/year of amortized phone cost seems…OK, I suppose. When I need it, however, I really need it, e.g., navigating a new city, looking up things or communicating when doing milk run activities.

I suppose that it’s not the end of the world to be stuck without iOS upgrades, but I anticipate running into problems with web apps and webpage compatibility, as well as stale security.

(1) Model MP822VC/A

Can I transfer documents from the files app on iPhone to my new Android phone?

I’ve already tried to use google drive to do so, but for some reason only empty folders get transferred. I’m switching to a Oneplus so the Galaxy Smart Switch app (which I had used to go iOS to Android once) is not compatible. I have a usb-c to lightning cable and have tried Wondershare MobileTrans which i guess no longer allows cable to cable transfer between ios and android? Please help it has been a week since my frustration.

Iphone stuck in start cycle (occasionally enters recovery mode but itunes fails – storage full)

Have read the other related posts (and must confess to not understanding all technical hacks people have tried), but so far not solved my difficulties.

My iPhone XR is stuck in a restart cycle with just the apple logo on constantly (but every now and then the screen goes black and then relights with the logo again). I have tried the volume up / volume down / side button and it doesn’t change things. I have also tried holding the side button down for a minute which mostly does nothing but twice entered the phone into recovery mode (I think that’s what it’s called where it shows me the connection to a computer with the restore link).

I have tried connecting it to my pc and it can’t be found either in iTunes or file explorer. Once, when in recovery and when connected, itunes briefly recognised it and gave me the update/restore option. I tried to update, but it got stuck at the ‘iPhone Stuck on ‘’ loop before ejecting it again. At this time, I still couldn’t see it in File Explorer, but could briefly see the apple USB drivers under device manager.

I strongly suspect the root of my problems is that the phone storage is too full (i know, i know). I was trying to delete apps when it crashed. This means that it will be impossible for an itunes update to install, i suspect?

The last backup was in October (again, I know). I am desperate not to lose the data from what has been a horrendous three months. Is there anything else I can try?

I am based in the North East of England, so suggestions to contact drivesavers etc. don’t seem to be feasible from here.

Thanks so much!

charging – Why my iphone get off when I plug into the charger and get on when i plug off

I am using iPhone XS max, since recently I have been facing problem with charging the phone, my phone get off soon i plug into the charger, however if my phone is active (call is on or video is running etc) even while charging the phone doesnt get off.

similarly the phone will get switched ON automatically when I unplug from charger, I have tried with different charges and charging cables, still the problem remain same,

Anyone over there can help me on this ?

Thank you

iphone – Does iOS hide your Wifi SSID information from your apps?

I recently asked a very similar question for Android, where it is a serious concern that any app can record what Wifi SSID you’ve connected to.

To quote:

This means that even if you are on a VPN, even if you turn off wifi
scanning, even if you turn off location services and take out your sim
card, even if you stop broadcasting your router’s wifi SSID, your apps
will be able to know what wifi SSID you are currently on.

This means that an attacker (read: the surveillance capitalism 🙂 ),
can figure out if/when I am home, and which other devices that
are/were online have used the same SSID. E.g. all my family’s
(mandatory) banking apps will know where my family members congregate,
and could change my insurance score, or other “insert dystopian
scenario here”.

Considering what I described, I don’t think there is any wiggle room
for you to ever hide your real location from a bad (state, corp,
hacker) actor. Am I wrong? Can I hide my SSID from the apps that are
on my phone?

Is this also how iOS works? I’m aware apple knows what color underewear all of your family members are wearing, and that it is selling (yes, sells less data than others but still also sells data) or otherwise using conclusions from analyzing that data and then sending/selling, to other services and/or third parties. But, does it technically allow apps to build this kind of connected device (e.g. SSID) history?

Also, (since I’m less familiar with iOS) is there a feature where your iPhone constantly scans all devices around you (wifi and bluetooth) to improve location or other features? And if so, do specific device names (e.g. bluetooth devices you’ve never connected to but are always around you) ever end up being visible to your apps? (and how to prevent that)

Does swiping down on a Facebook Messenger notification on iPhone show that you’ve read it?

On the Messenger app, you get notifications of what others say in a chat that appear on the top bar of your iPhone. However, when you swipe down on one, it displays options like “Reply”, “Like”, which makes it seem as if you’ve read it. Will that show on the actual chat?

security – Is it possible to completely reset an iPhone so its software/firmware is guaranteed to be 100% factory fresh?

When purchasing a used iPhone with a completely unknown history (which includes the possibility of multiple previous owners), is it possible to reset it and be sure that all software and firmware on it is 100% identical to the factory image?

Please keep in mind that since the history is unknown, it’s possible the device was previously jailbroken/unlocked/rooted/etc.

If the answer varies depending on iPhone model, please indicate to which models your answer pertains.

I’m interested in answers for all iPhone models.

iphone – Does recipient of WiFi call to toll free number know where you are calling from?

I have a US telephone number for my iPhone. Currently I’m traveling outside the US and need to call a US toll-free 888 number. When I call it using WiFi calling, I get a recording saying I cannot call that number. But I can call other 800 numbers. Can the owner of the 888 number tell that I am outside the US even though I’m using a US number over wifi?