Iphone "rings" in the middle of the night in "Do Not Disturb" mode

I have bedtime / do not disturb every night.
This morning at 2:30 am, I was awakened by the ringing tone "Opening default", which was shown without a push notification on my lock screen.

Nothing has set this ringtone in sounds. There are no missed calls or apps that used it. It makes me crazy.

Device: iPhone 7 Plus
Fw: 12.4.1

At this time, no alarm was set. Any ideas???

iphone – How does Google Maps know that I took pictures?

Yesterday I visited a restaurant. The restaurant had a beautiful garden and colorful plants. So I took several pictures there. Today, Google Maps sent me a notification and offered to share the pictures I took with this restaurant.

How does Google Maps know that I took pictures there? Check the app regularly (while the app is running) my pictures and their location without my knowledge? If so, can Google Maps upload these images to another location without asking me? If I allow access to my photos for an app, can the app then access my photos without showing "BROWSEING" or something similar?


Untagged – Is the iPhone eSim your home or roaming mobile operator?

The XR and XS iPhones are equipped with eSIM functions. For example, suppose the user lives in the US and uses T-Mobile. Does it make sense to use the eSIM with the home provider or with roaming providers in the Caribbean and EU countries?

If I assign the eSIM T-Mobile (USA), can I expect the phone to work just as if it had a standard SIM card?

What do you think of iPhone 11?

What do you think of the new iPhone 11 series? I think now they have really lost their innovation, as they used to do. Nothing new here! They added a camera behind, "wow"! At this price, and given the fact that the name PRO contains, I wonder a few things, for example:

– Where is the reverse wireless charging?
– Why is the refresh rate not at least 90 Hz?
– Why are you still stubborn with their flash instead of USB C, which is standard everywhere else? You also send an adapter from USB C to Lightning. Seriously, what are you doing?
– If I buy a cell phone in 2019, I would like a fingerprint reader, which is preferably integrated into the display. There is nothing like it.
– Why is it still such a big incision for the camera at the top of the screen when other manufacturers have much smaller holes? A typical innovation from Apple would have been to release a cell phone completely without a gap, but to remove the pixels in front of the camera when the camera is turned on. This technology already exists and is likely to be the next flagship of an Android maker.
(- 4GB of RAM? My previous Samsung S8 + phone had 4GB of RAM – I bought it 2.5 years ago – my S10 +, which I've had for six months, has 8GB of RAM.)

Hello, it's 2019 and you start a flagship with the word PRO in the name. In addition, all other manufacturers have already released their flagships with many of these specifications / features, and that WITHOUT the fancy word Pro!

I've never been an Apple fan before, but I've never had anything against them. They think they do their thing pretty well, except that it's not something I prefer. But with this release, I wonder what they are doing.

Your big Apple fans, do you even think the iPhone 11 Pro Max will be something to be proud of?

iphone – What is the explanation for the vertical shutdown in this reflection?

Recently, I've taken a series of pictures that include the reflection of a hill on some water. As I looked at the pictures, I noticed that the right edge of the hill's reflection suddenly seems to end at a certain point. All the pictures I took were in a radius of about 40 feet, and the interesting reflection is present to varying degrees in each one. I am not sure if this is a strange phenomenon or if I just do not understand reflections. For reference, the images were taken at 64 ° 55 "53.8" N 23 ° 19 "18.3" W in north-northwest direction.

So my question is: what would explain this reflection?

Enter image description here
Enter image description here

Sorry, if I ask that in the wrong place.

Does a non-USB 3-flash-to-camera adapter work for the new iPhone migration?

Apple's support documents list only the "Lightning to USB 3 Camera Adapter" as compatible with this process. If you want to be sure that it works, use this adapter.

You can test your old adapter without fear of breakage. If the "Flash to USB Camera Adapter" works for you, it will be limited to USB 2 speeds as higher speeds are not supported.

macbook – texts are no longer synchronized between the news app and the iPhone

I have an iPhone6 ​​that was successfully synced with my Mojave MacBook Pro 2015 until yesterday. Today I found that they do not sync:

  • When messages are sent / received on the iPhone, they are not displayed in the News app
  • New messages to be sent by the News app will time out and Not Delivered Embassy

I tried to switch this iMessage in the iPhone Settings but that did not make a difference.

I've also checked all other applicable settings that have not changed in the time since syncing: All settings look correct. Any ideas about this?

The public version of iOS 13 does not appear in my iPhone software update

I used beta versions of iOS 13.

Even after the release of iOS 13, the public beta 4 of iOS 13.1 will be displayed on my device in the software update.

What do I need to get the publication?

You may be wondering why I need the public version. I just want to make sure that it's in the public version, as some of my apps in the beta versions of iOS 13 have few UI issues.

Google Dropped Pin Link is not displayed on the website (Deskop) or Google Maps (iPhone App)

I have a google drop link.

On the iPhone (latest updates installed – 12.4.1) it initially opens the website only with a button to open the app.

If you click on it, the app opens, but the location is not displayed.

So I entered the link in my desktop browser (Firefox) and it does not show it.

When I click on the directional button, the red dot appears.