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If you are familiar with Honeygain or Packetstream, then you will already be familiar with how IPRoyal works, because it uses the exact same model. However what is really great about it is that you can use all three together in order to potentially triple your earnings!

If you aren’t familiar with the process, it is really simple (the same applies to both Honeygain and Packetstream – sign up for all three!). You just sign up, install the program and leave it running in the background. Other people pay the owner of that app to use internet connections just like your’s and you get a cut of the money for supplying the connection.
Any data going through your network is scrambled much like a VPN and the people using that network do not have access to your hard drives, making the exchange relatively safe on your end. I live in Australia and we have famously terrible internet here, yet even with all three programs running, I do not suffer from any serious internet issues. I run all three and earn a decent package entirely passively.

As I said, they are all worth using, however IPRoyal stands out among the crowd for one reason: it pays a hell of a lot more. When running IPRoyal, you start with the basic US$0/10 per gb of traffic that they all pay, but they incentivise a consistent connection by paying an extra US$0.02 per gb for every hour that you keep the program running without break. After only 10 hours of uptime, you are tripling the standard rate at a massive US$0.30 per gb and that isn’t even the limit of how high your rate can get.

If you like money (and I am sure we all do!) then add IPRoyal to your collection of earners. With a minimum payout of only $1 to both Paypal and Payeer, you can quickly and easily verify their authenticity yourself, or just take a look at the payment proof below.

If you are prone to joining IPRoyal, I’d really appreciate it if you used my referral link. You can do so by clicking anywhere in this paragraph. Thank-you in advance if you do, and no hard feelings if you don’t. If you aren’t already using the two older programs and this post convinces you to give them a try, I threw my links up there too. Just click their names where I first mentioned them earlier.