IRAN blocks Tor network, THE NEW CHINA?

Hello everybody

We recently noticed that the Iranian government blocked access to websites hosted in Iran by using a firewall or by blocking Tor-Exit nodes. we thought the website owners were taking a few steps against goal, but we were wrong.

It is too strange if you have a firewall installed in the country's internet gateway but are sure to take a few steps. Is there still an idea to fix this?

Thank you very much

Air Travel – Is It Safe To Fly Over Iran?

I am a pretty nervous pilot, and recent events in which Iran accidentally shot down a passenger flight do not help. I'm flying Turkish Airlines from Istanbul to Bangkok on Saturday and when I look at the route, a lot of the flight will fly over Iran. Many airlines (mainly American and European) are currently avoiding Iranian airspace. So why are many airlines like Turkish Airlines still flying over Iran?

Are Canadians Right To Get Angry With Trump And The United States Because Iran Knocked Down A Ukrainian Airliner With 63 Canadians?

Yes, I think they are, because no matter how much responsibility a person or organization, a nation, etc. has, the fact is that this disaster would never occur without this higher security alert.

Or maybe you could explain to us why you think you are the United States and or Trump who are responsible and culpable for the death of your loved ones? For any reason? I am right or not?

Here is a clue for logical thinking ….. try to put yourself in your situation and from your perspective …

It's actually funny that you basically ask America's other Trump supporters, while completely ignoring my point of view if I'm the one who's not American and doesn't have what you will logically have, that is, a bias … but these are the American drawbacks, and that's why the ROTW don't really like America … ask your Canadian neighbors.

Why travel to Iran? – Travel Stack Exchange

Why travel to Iran?
According to the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), Iran is one of the top 10 travel destinations in the world. This list has been drawn up taking into account both the number of tourists and the profits made by the tourism industry. Iran ranks fifth on the list of natural sights and tenth on the list of historical sights.

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[ Politics ] Open question: no loss of American life, the 2 worst terrorists in the world are dead. Iran has resigned. America wins THANKS TO DONALD TRUMP! Aren't you proud?

If not, a plane goes to Iran, Cuba or Venezuela every few minutes. grundoon; Het dummass …. "intelligent people" believe what they see and know to be true, which means that we don't believe you or CNN. Apostasy Communist: UNIQUE Deliberately missed to save face. Are you really that stupid, stupid?

Iran – trip to Saudi Arabia

I am currently booked to travel Dammam in Saudi Arabia, right next to the Persian Gulf and on the other side of Iran, this Friday. I am very concerned about the developments in Iran and Iraq in the past few days and the increasing tensions in the region.

Is there anyone in the eastern region of Saudi Arabia who can give a personal insight into the current situation in Saudi Arabia? I would like to find out from someone on site whether there are signs of dangers, threats or higher tensions in the region. Is it safe to travel now or is it better to cancel my trip?

Could the rush in Iran be funnier?

I can only say what I saw. But it was made entirely. I have never seen such a rush in my life. They all used the same game plan. They grabbed the roof and the doors. There was no chafing. You saw it on TV. They grabbed and said, "Get down!" and the march started and everyone just went under. Some people jumped on their shoulders and they came back up, and others were kind enough to step aside and left. There was no chafing. What you see in the video is this one guy who was standing behind me, whose head was hit, right in front of me.