Iranian student in Denmark going to USA to study

As Franck writes, Iranian citizens are eligible for student visas even with the restrictions on most visas currently in effect for Iranians.

However, as you say you are also a Danish citizen, you will probably find the process smoother if you apply with your Danish passport. According to the DHS FAQ (question #22), dual citizens traveling on their non-restricted passport are allowed to come to the US.

Notwithstanding this, you might unfortunately find the process to go more slowly and stressfully than for students without a connection to Iran. The school you are attending in the US should be able to try to help you through the process, though their powers may be limited in the face of excessive feet-dragging from the immigration bureaucracy.

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event-based effects – could the Iranian regime have used biological weapons against the citizens of Shirazi?

The smell of gas has recently exploded in the Iranian city of Shiraz. Almost a few days ago I don't remember exactly. and we are now experiencing a widespread outbreak of the Shiraz corona virus. Could the Iranian regime have used biological weapons against Shirazi citizens? I am infected with a foreign tourist.

Most travelers of Iranian origin are infected with the Corona virus. Did the Iranian regime want to infect the countries of the world?

I haven't even left the hotel room and now I have the deadly virus. We don't get medical care. Only nonsense texts.

It is not fair to close this question because I am really dying

I have often heard on the news that they use biological weapons in Syria, but I never thought they would do it against their own people.
I went to Shiraz just for fun and now I'm dying of COVID19.

The entire city of Shiraz is infected, but Iran's statistics are very low.

Do you think the Iranian general was killed by Trump for making bad reviews of the Trump Hotel in Saudi Arabia?

Trump said he ordered on January 4 to kill the Iranian general for mob damage to the US Embassy in Baghdad on December 31, 2013. The idea is, if you hit a tough guy like him, he hits you back. BUT!! Iran then fired rockets at US troops at an air base on January 8, injuring 50 troops. Trump didn't do anything. On January 26, Iran hit our embassy in Baghdad with more rockets, and Trump did nothing. Trump looks inconsistent and weak if he can't respond to all of these other attacks. Where's the tough guy

[ Politics ] Open question: Almost a dozen US soldiers were injured in an Iranian missile attack. Why did Donald Trump hide this from the public? Trump Tweet: "Everything is fine"?

[Politics] Open question: Almost a dozen US soldiers were injured in an Iranian missile attack. Why did Donald Trump hide this from the public? Trump Tweet: "Everything is fine"?

Iranian missile kills everyone … What is the probability that the rocket will be paid for by Obama dollars in cash pallets?

None because the cash pallets had no Obama dollars. They had Mohammad Reza Pahlavi dollars. The money wasn't America's. It was money that Iran used to try to pay planes from the United States, but it was returned to them. That was a good decision because the planes could have killed more than 150 people.

President Trump has heard of two polls, Virginia and Florida. Both show that Biden defeated him and the Iranian general is dead the next day.

Yes. Sounds like Trump is losing.

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Why don't conservatives realize that the murder of a top Iranian general will have a global impact?

He hasn't consulted with Congress, and I personally don't trust him to make such decisions himself. Does anyone trust him from what we've seen of him? Do Conservatives Realize That Trump Doesn't Even Think About Global Implications? If asked, he would say, "What do global implications mean?" Do you want to base your survival on the whims of this man?