Should I choose irrelevant keywords?

The niche I have chosen is very competitive …
I can only count the keywords on one hand …

There are tons of irrelevant keywords with little compensation …
ABC manuals, ABC apps, etc …

However, I have no apps or manuals on my website
I should target these keywords, then I believe that this is not the case
Buyer intention; They are simply looking for a manual, an app, etc.

In other words, I would feel that it would be misleading, because if
They search for apps or manual things and then land on related …

Should I choose irrelevant keywords?

Users should "ignore" irrelevant parts of a form?

I have a web form that is split into several pages, it's an adaptation of a paper form and the requirements are that the captured data should be the same.

For my webform, which I asked for the user's first name / last name / surname, I also have to record whether he has an earlier name.

On the next page, the address and a previous address are queried.

One thought is that most users do not have a previous name. Therefore, this field is largely redundant and therefore does not need to be displayed by default.

However, if you ask the user to do something "if" he has an earlier name, you increase the cognitive load if it would actually be easier to ignore the part of the form that does not exist?

I will try to show you what I mean …

Which is the better user experience? A or B?

Or maybe it's better to do some user testing to find out? Would a simple user test be the best way to find out what works best?

seo – Can irrelevant external backlinks in the Alexa ranking of a website deteriorate?

No, links play no role in Alexa Ranking.

Alexa ranks pages mainly after actual visits to their pages. If someone who has installed their toolbar visits a page, this is considered a hit. The more unique hits there are, the higher you will be rated.

It's possible that the number of visits you receive is lower than before because your site is rated in Google, Bing, and other search engines. There are SEOs who assume that getting many links from this type of website can downgrade your site, and others who say they have no control over your ranking.

Another factor to consider is that other websites in your country may improve their own rankings and push you down.

A few suggestions to get started:

  • Check your website analysis, the number of visitors you receive.
    understand how you get them, your best and worst sides, etc.
  • Check your website to see how it looks in mobile and desktop versions
  • Fix any bugs with your site pages and / or architecture
  • Optimize your site for page speed
  • Check the security on your website
  • Learn and use SEO on your website to increase your visitors in the long term
  • Run a few paid campaigns to increase the number of visitors and increase your number
    Alexa rankings in the short term.

Hope that helps!

Seo – Can irrelevant external bakclinks make the website's Alexa Ranking worse?

It's about a month that the Alexa rating on my website (a programming forum) is getting worse by the day, and every time I look in Google Analytics, the bounce rate increases, and the duration of sessions and sessions decreases on a daily basis. I should say, until the last month everything was fine. The number of users and their activity is as in the past. I checked the backlinks of Google Webmaster. There are too many backlinks from pornographic websites (which are completely irrelevant to my site's field of activity). Does anyone have an idea about the problem and shows me an answer?

seo – referencing problem with irrelevant suffix

I have a problem with "coverage" in Google Search Console. The website of the company I work for has strange bugs on this page. Google says there were problems pointing to sites with an odd URL, as you can see above: Kalbimdeki + A FMHT6-70868-TR75-Grapadora / dp / B00975VA12 / ref = sr_1_10? S = tools & ie = UTF8 & qid = 1480319901 & sr = 1-10 & keywords = grapadora + cables.21 + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + in + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + ORGAN + + + + + ORG + + + + + ORG + + + + + + + ORGIN + + + ORG + IN + + house +
After browsing these URLs, I've noticed that the affected pages are products that are currently online on the company's website and an irrelevant suffix. I tried to reproduce this error, but I could not. For most bugs, I've seen that the suffix concerns videos. I do not know why these URLs have such an irrelevant suffix and how it happened. I was trying to search the internet, but I could not see anyone with a problem like mine.

If anyone here knows a way to understand or solve my problem, I am very grateful!

How do I get a solution if there are irrelevant equations?

Suppose I have a set of relationships that I want to save as a variable.

setOfRelations = {x - y == 0, z - w == 0}

If I want it w I would have thought of the other variables in the system

To solve[setOfRelations, w]

with the expectation of {{w-> z}}, Instead, the output is {}, Of course, the irrelevant equations irritate To solve,

What is the right way to get something result given a set of relationships of which a subset can be coupled and whose subset may be irrelevant?

seo – pages with irrelevant content on a sitemap bad signals to search engines?

I have many WordPress sites with content that automatically generates a sitemap.xml file. By default, the sitemap includes pages such as "categories" or "author" that are either empty or of irrelevant content.

Is it harmful to allow these pages as part of the sitemap.xml file? Is this a bad signal for Google?

Removing them from the sitemap is possible, but requires some work and it wants to know if it's worth the effort or not.

I guess this looks like a stupid question, but in fact I've done some research and it seems that sending a sitemap does not mean that all pages are indexed. Google will decide which one is best, and the rest will be ignored. But I could not tell if ignoring is harmless or a bad signal.

Thank you, Mihai