Documentation – If you're a solo software developer for a startup, how can you best balance efficiency and prevent growth issues with a codebase?

A friend of mine recently asked me to be a part-time software engineer for her startup who does not need to write any code yet. She is quite serious and has already collected a good deal of money. At the moment, however, she does not need a full-time position for development.

There are no legal issues with my current employer, as he expressly agrees to an outside job as long as it is reported.

In my opinion, the considerations for a single developer differ significantly from those for a team of, say, 5 people.

  • Unit tests are less critical because every line of code is mine, which simplifies debugging. 100% test coverage has decreasing yields. However, you may have to return later to finish it.
  • There are no merge considerations because I'm the only one who commits.
  • Jenkins does not seem to be particularly useful as a solo developer as long as you're doing your unit tests.
  • Project management is not really a thing as you are the team.

But all of those things could become problems later.

How do I balance quickly while building a code base that effectively switches to growth? I would like to lead the development team to take it off, but when I get hit by a bus, I do not want it stuck with something useless.

If she collected $ 1 million tomorrow and was told to hire 4 juniors to get the product out faster, what should I as a developer do to get me there seamlessly when writing the code?

It's a broad question, but Stack Overflow and Reddit are full of technical debt or badly adapting to the growth of the technical team that paralyzes the startups. How do I avoid this?

[ Politics ] Open Question: Why do the libraries blame Trump for keeping Pelosi in their hands and not exercising their legislative activity on critical issues America is facing?

[Politics] Open Question: Why do the libraries blame Trump for keeping Pelosi in their hands and not exercising their legislative work on critical issues with America?

vba – Passing an Argument to a Subroutine – Worksheet Object Issues

I would like to ask how to pass a worksheet as an argument to a subroutine. For example, I have simple code:

 Sub mainMacro
     subRoutineMacro ws:=wsDostawy ' codename of one ThisWorkbook sheets
 End Sub

 Private Sub subRoutineMacro(ws As Worksheet)
     ' code
     ' ...
 End Sub

It works, but sometimes after saving and reopening I received the message that the workbook is corrupted. I noticed that I have two workbook objects in the project explorer, as shown in the attached screenshot. Using "ByRef" does not solve the problem.

So I started passing a string:

 Sub mainMacro
     subRoutineMacro ws:="Dostawy" ' name of one ThisWorkbook sheets
 End Sub

 Private Sub subRoutineMacro(ws As String)
    Dim wkst As Worksheet
    Set wkst = ThisWorkbook.Sheets(ws)
     ' code
     ' ...
 End Sub

And the problem does not occur now, everything works like a charm. Maybe I should make a small improvement with sheet.Codename, instead simple stringname.
Is there another better solution or just an explanation why this happens? Thank you in advance.

VBAProject window

Troubleshoot 2fa Issues with Bittrex Calls Bittrex Phone Number – SEO Help (General Chat)

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macos – How can I fix problems if LaTex issues or pigmented a package error for "pygments"?

I'm trying to install the "Pygments" package through a terminal on my Mac in Python so I can use the "minted" package in latex.

I downloaded the package via the terminal with the following code:

curl >

followed by:

sudo python

and then

sudo pip install pygments

It took a few tries to repeat the same commands, but it was finally successfully installed. I do not know what to do now. I still get the same error from LaTex:

Package minted Error: You must have `pigmentize' installed to use this package.  

Does anyone have experience with this problem and could possibly help?

wi fi – Random restart issues after the Android 10 update on my oneplus 7 pro [Logcat inside]

I hope someone here can help me understand what the culprit behind this problem is. I know that it's related to Wifi, because the random reboots hardly ever happen when Wifi is turned off (regardless of whether it's actually connected to a network or not).


Error: Android Runtime

java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Size of ssid bytes out of range: 64
at (
at (
at $ 100 (
at $ PerBssid. (
at (
at (
at (
at $ selectNetwork $ 0 $ WifiNetworkSelector (
at .- $$ Lambda $ WifiNetworkSelector $ Z7htivbXF5AzGeTh0ZNbtUXC_0Q.onConnectable (Unknown source: 15)
at (
at (
at (
at $ 900 (
at $ AllSingleScanListener.onResults (
at $ ServiceHandler.handleMessage (
at android.os.Handler.dispatchMessage (
at android.os.Looper.loop (
at (

PID: 28683
TID: 28862

The following error message is:

Process:, PID: 30417
DeadSystemException: The system has died. Earlier protocols point to the root cause

This is consistent and the same error I posted is displayed each time the system crashes / restarts.

Hope somebody can help me, thanks 🙂

Permission Issues for NFS Exporting the FUSE File System (Mergerfs) (Git Privilege Issues)

I have a mergerfs file system / data that merges / data1 / data2 / data3 / data4, each of which is ext4 file systems.

I export the directory / data / coihome (actually a directory in / data3) via NFS into the subnet

1) I bind mount / data / coihome to / srv / exports / coihome (owner / srv / exports recursively set to nobody: nogroup)

#REV: our mergerfs of all the /data partitions into /data                                                                                                     
/data1:/data2:/data3:/data4    /data       fuse.mergerfs  defaults,allow_other,use_ino,fsname=mergerFS   0       0

#REV: bind /data/coihome to /srv/export/coihome so we can export safely                                                                                       
/data/coihome /srv/export/coihome none bind 0 0

2) In / etc / exports i export the / srv / export / coihome (note – it is linked to / data / coihome)

/srv/export  ,fsid=0,sync,no_subtree_check)

I also added the option crossmnt to the first line without any change in behavior.

Finally, I mount the exported NFS directory to / mnt / coihome

#REV: mount coihome (NFS)                                                                                                                                     
coi3:/coihome   /mnt/coihome   nfs4    _netdev,auto  0  0

Now the problem:
I can change, create, delete files in / mnt / coihome without problems
However, git commands fail with permission errors (insufficient permissions) when modifying files in .git / objects, and so on.

I've tried to change ownership / permissions, as suggested in several forums, eg.

Even chmod -R 777 does not work.

Execute commands as superuser (with sudoe) does Work (no_root_squash in this situation of course).

When I export the non-FUSE system directly (for example, / data3 / coihome, bound to / srv / exports / coihome), everything works as expected, without any permission issues. So going through the FUSE mergers is causing a problem I can not figure out.

Suggestions or insights would be very grateful.

mac appstore – Catalina – App Store Issues – New updates are not automatically found and can not be updated!

screen Capture

Since I've updated on Catalina, the App Store can not do it for me:

  1. Automatic search for new app updates
  2. Update an app when I try to run it manually.

When I click "Updates", "No updates – all your apps are up to date" is displayed. However, if I search for one of my apps, "Update" will be displayed. When I click on "Update", the progress circle will be displayed and set to "100%". Subsequently, the "Update" button is displayed again.

I have a video to show but I can not attach it.

I reset my stroller, logged out of iCloud and logged back in, deleted the various .plist files, and flushed my cache, but did not achieve anything.
Has anyone found the same problem and a solution?

ios – Porting OpenGL to MetalKit – Projection Matrix (?) issues


I am working on the porting of OpenGL (OGL) to MetalKit (MTK) on iOS. I am not getting an identical ad in the MetalKit version of the app. I've changed the projection matrix to account for differences in the normalized device coordinates between the two frameworks, but I do not know what else to change to get an identical display. Any ideas, what else might need to be changed to get an identical display in Metal as in OpenGL?

Previous changes to the projection matrix …

I understand that the normalized device coordinates (NDC) in OGL and MTK are different:

OGL NDC: -1 < z < 1
MTK NDC: 0 < z < 1

I changed the projection matrix to take into account the NDC difference, as stated here. Unfortunately, this change in the projection matrix does not result in an identical display of the old OGL code.

I'm having trouble even knowing what else to try.


For reference, here is some background information:

The view matrix is very simple (identity matrix); i.e. camera is at (0, 0, 0) and looking toward (0, 0, -1)
In the legacy OpenGL code, I used GLKMatrix4MakeFrustum to produce the projection matrix, using the screen bounds for left, right, top, bottom, and near=1, far=1000

I turned the scene upside down while debugging, and below are 2 pictures, the first one from old OGL code and the second from MTK. Both show only the "ground" layer with a debug texture and a black background.

Any idea what else needs to be changed to get an identical ad in MetalKit, I would be very happy.


Legacy, OpenGL scene

Legacy, OpenGL scene

Ported Metal Kit scene

MetalKit Scene

Any ideas or suggestions are greatly appreciated.