covid 19 – Entering Italy: I’ve been in Greece in the last 14 days but I’m travelling from Germany, do I need to do Quarantine?

This document by Italy’s Ministry of Health states that

Movements to/from EU countries (except for Romania and Bulgaria) are
allowed without the need of justification, therefore also for tourism,
and without the obligation of isolation on return provided that you
have not transited or stayed in the territories belonging to lists C,
D, E, or F in the 14 days prior to entering Italy. The requirement to
fill in a self-declaration remain.(Except for the Republic of San
Marino and the Vatican City State)

Croatia, Greece, Malta, Spain: the Minister of Health, with an
Ordinance of 12 August 2020, in addition to what is already provided
for EU countries, has established that those who enter/return to Italy
from these countries (after a stay or even only transit) from 13
August and until further notice, must also:

a) (…)

b) undergo a molecular or antigenic test; to be swabbed upon arrival
at the airport, port, or border location (where possible) or within 48
hours of entering the national territory at the reference local health

So my understanding is that I’ll need to take a test in the airport, but I don’t know if I have to wait for the test results in my hotel or I can move freely unless they call me telling me that I tested positive.

Cycling winter in Italy – Travel Stack Exchange

My girlfriend and I decided to spend this winter in Italy. Our primary motivation is to enjoy cycling the whole year and we believe that southern Italy is the perfect place for that. Our current plan is to stay somewhere in Campania (Naples, Agropoli, Salerno or maybe even Vallo della Lucania, Casalvelino or Ascea) but we have no commitments yet and are very flexible about the location.

So far we identified the following requirements:

  • the weather in December to the end of February allows for road cycling (which I guess means average temperatures of 10 degrees celsius and more), not much rain.
  • the area allows rides in a landscape which is nice but not necessarily extremely hilly, i.e. it is possible to have say 50 km rides without exceeding 800 m elevation gain
  • there has to be a reliable broadband internet (we will be working remotely)
  • the city where we will be staying should have all basic amenities like a supermarket, couple of cafes and restaurants

Since we have not decided about the exact destination yet, we would like to ask for help with identifying the ideal place for cycling considering all the requirements above.

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Is it offensive to the chef/host to finish all food on your plate in Italy?

As Hatef already told you in his answer it is really the other way around!

Said that, the thing is a bit more complicated and it is much more context-dependent than Hatef said.

First of all, you said chef/host, so I guess you are interested in local customs in private situations. In that case it depends greatly on the situation. In general if you don’t finish your food you may be asked why, especially if you didn’t stop who served the food from filling your plate. You can get away with the explanation that you are already full, or that you are almost full, and the room left over in your stomach is for that tasty-looking cake you know will come next! 🙂

Of course, if you are in an informal situation and you are in friendly relationships with the host, you could also say the truth and say that you wanted to try that food, but just discovered you didn’t like it too much.

Note that in some parts of Italy, especially in the center and southern part of the country, especially in informal situations, it is customary to show hospitality by filling the plate of a guest to the brim! Or to serve a lunch with way too many different courses! So, if you are not a “great eater”, be prepared to an effort! 🙂

In a restaurant the things are not always as Hatef said. The description he gave is correct for high level restaurants (i.e. where waiters are dressed formally or wearing a uniform), but most commonly you won’t be asked why you left something in your plate, unless you ate almost nothing. It is much more common, after you finish a course, to be kindly asked if everything was fine.

Moreover, in many pizzerias and restaurants “with an informal attitude” (for a lack of better term) you won’t be treated with all such ceremonies. I don’t mean they are rude, they simply are too busy and the personnel will just take the orders and deliver the dishes without much formalism (this is more frequent in those that are less expensive).

Yes, sometimes you find some chef that gets irritated if customers don’t like his dishes, but it is something fairly uncommon, even in high level restaurants (for the price they charge, they usually don’t want the client to get annoyed!).

BTW, “fare la scarpetta”, which once was considered very rude because it was the hallmark of poor people (who were considered underlings, especially when Italy was still a monarchy), now is fairly customary (if you liked the food) and not frowned upon in most situations. Nowadays it is just considered a bit inelegant, especially in very formal situations. For example: a team of engineers or teachers going out for lunch during off time could well be caught doing “la scarpetta” and no-one will care. During a formal lunch where a CEO of a company meets potential industrial customers, probably you won’t see that behavior.

schengen – Travelling to Italy from UK in Coronavirus Times

The information available online is murky and often stale. I was wondering if anyone has recently travelled to Italy, and can share their experience of getting in and out.

My Chinese wife has just gotten her EU Spouse Family Visa from the Italy Consulate, plus I’m a British citizen.

My understanding is that Chinese citizens are allowed to travel into Italy, however they haven’t been added to the list, as they aren’t allowed to fly back home. However, for citizens whom live abroad, this isn’t an issue.

From my research, I think we don’t need to fill in any forms or get a QR code to get into Italy. However, upon returning to the UK, 48 hours before we travel, we both need to fill in a form on the UK Governments site, telling them where we travelled.

Have I missed anything? I really would hate to be refused entry, because we missed a form or something.

air travel – Problem at filling self declaration COVID – 19 Italy

As noted in a comment, this is apparently the form for travel to Italy and not from Italy to Spain. That’s why it seems modelled after the Italian national ID card and the information it contains.

In case you still have to provide the information, “By” is the authority issuing the document, for example a municipality or embassy. Italian identity cards and the documents issued by many other countries mention it but it seems your Spanish ID card doesn’t. You could just write “Spain“ in that field.

“Resident“ is the place where you live or your address. I would just use the “lugar de domicilio” mentioned on your card.

This is highly unlikely to have any serious consequences, simply put something reasonable on the form.

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