Sharepoint server – The item was aborted because the pipeline did not respond within the appropriate time. This item will be retried on the next crawl

SharePoint Search has two issues

Error 1:

The item was aborted because the pipeline did not respond within the appropriate time. This item will be retried on the next crawl.

Crawl the above error in SharePoint 2013 Search.

We have tried the following

  1. Reset index in search service application.
  2. Stop timer service -> Clear configuration cache. -> start timer service.
  3. Restart the Search Host Control Service.
  4. New search service application created.
  5. Set the search power level in Farm Search Management to Reduced and Increased Timeout.

The mistake is that the majority is on the page DispForm.aspx.
The solution proposed below also does not work

Pipeline did not respond in time

Anything on which we are mission?

Issue 2

We've created the DateTime-type managed property "ReceivedDate" in the search schema, which is searchable, queriable, and retrievable.

But if we try to look only with ReceivedDate> 01/01/2015 We do not get results. However, when we link to another property managed by a text type, the filtered results are displayed.

jquery – WordPress – Add a switchable item after the menu item

I have this menu on my page:

I have added in some JQueries that the submenus will be hidden and displayed as soon as you click on the parent link. However, this will result in the parent link not working and only switching the submenu.

So I want to add a toggleable element via a day or tag for the parent main link and then just change the jquery in target so that the parent main link is still clickable.

How would I do that?

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Javascript – I need to insert a menu item in the following script

Basically, this script generates a right-click menu on the site and I need to add another element. The item I want to add is only visible when right-clicking on a file.

UL starts and then I think it will be variable s, which is responsible for entering data, but I have no idea how to add something.

 * jsTree contextmenu plugin
(function ($) {
$.vakata.context = {
    hide_on_mouseleave : false,

    cnt     : $("

sharepoint online – Error "The object is used in a different context than the one associated with the object." Assign permissions to the item in the child site

I'm working on assigning permission groups to the list item, which is at a subordinate site level.

The same code works for top-level sites, but it does show a bug at the child site level.

Function SetPermissionsToDocSet
param ($ context, $ docSetobject, $ groupName, $ role)
To attempt


    $roleDefBinding=New-Object Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.RoleDefinitionBindingCollection($context)

    #Assign permissions 



    Write-Host $_.Exception.Message



The above code works fine if $ context is the context of the root site. The above error is displayed if $ context is the context of the subsite.
Please state the solution as soon as possible.

7 – Hide one form item until another is selected

Is there a way to make the field? Model_article_nr? to disable until & # 39; model & # 39; is selected

This is what I have, and as it is now, I can model_article_nr & # 39; before I select a model that leads to an incorrect article number when I change model posts, because if no model is selected, the first model is standard in my & # 39; $ article_list ($ curent_model) & # 39; and is added as an option in & # 39; model_article_number & # 39; displayed

$model_list = array();
$article_list = get_model_article_list();

foreach($article_list as $key => $value) {
        if ( empty($curent_model) ) $curent_model = $key;
        $model_list($key) = $key;

$form('model') = array(
        '#type' => 'select',
        '#title' => t('Model'),
        '#title_display' => 'invisible',
        '#empty_option' => t('Select Model'),
        '#options' => $model_list,
        '#ajax' => array(
            'callback' => 'form_model_callback',
            'wrapper' => 'article-number-ajax-wrapper',
        '#prefix' => '
', '#suffix' => '
', ); $form('model_article_nr') = array( '#type' => 'select', '#title' => t('Article Number'), '#title_display' => 'invisible', '#attributes' => array('placeholder' => t('Article Number'), 'class' => array('space-bottom')), '#empty_option' => t('Select Article Number'), '#validated' => TRUE, '#options' => $article_list($curent_model), '#prefix' => "
", '#suffix' => "
", );

And my callback

function form_model_callback($form, &$form_state) {
    return $form('model_article_nr');

8 – How do I create a menu item from the display results?

I have a department content type.
These departments have optional websites.

I have a view that lists departments with websites in alphabetical order.
I would like the results of this view to be displayed as a submenu under the top menu item "Departments" in the menu "Main Menu".

In my page type view, I see that page settings have a menu setting. I've tried many different combinations, but I never get the kids I want.

For example, if I have department A (website), department B (no website), and department C (website), I want the main navigation to show:

  • At home
  • departments
  • about us

When a department is added or updated, the menu options should automatically reflect the change.

How would I do that?