finder – Automator: How do I delete "received" items?

I've created an automator workflow that creates (should) make a copy of a specific file in the currently selected folder. (that is, select a folder, perform the quick action, and retrieve a copy of the file in the folder.

However, when I run the quick action, I get the file and TWO copies of the folder itself. They are not links (I think), but I get a few iterations.

Here is the workflow:
Enter image description here

I think the variable "path" copies itself for some reason. Maybe because it is "Got". Is there a way to delete the "get"?

Even if I remove the "Get Selected Finder Items" action, I still get a copy of the folder.

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Existing user deleted items in a database

I'm creating a web application where users have their own topics. Since topics are recorded for reporting purposes, it is important that previously used topics are not deleted so that they can be referenced in future reports.

In my relational database, topics are assigned to users via a user identification, I want users not to delete a topic, but to orphan by setting it user identification to zero, In this way, the topic can be referenced in reports by ID, but it is deleted from the user's perspective.

Is this a good practice? Should I move the topics to one instead? Deleted_Topics Table?

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Admin, Product Page, Grouped Product Grid: The default pagination items must be changed from 20 to 50

I'm looking for a way to change the default pagination article number in the clustered product table on the product page in admin.
There is a known bug where you can not drag and drop an item from one page to another if you have more than 20 items.
So I want to have more than 20 elements on a single pagination page.
Many Thanks!

Get the value of one cell based on drop-down menu items on another sheet

I have named 2 leaves as leaf 1 and leaf 2 …

Sheet 1: Contains drop-down list for column B4. Based on the selection of the item, the result of the open price displayed in column D4 is retrieved.

Sheet 2: Contains 2 columns.
Based on column 1 ID The open price of sheet 1 must be retrieved and should be displayed in column 2 of sheet 2 …

Note: I do not want to change Sheet1 and 2 in any way. Please do not add extra columns in Sheet1 and 2. That way I can achieve the result.

I do not have to change any criteria to get the result because I'll retrieve past data and do some complex operations.

Link sheets

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