Is there a way to generate a report in SharePoint showing number of items added to a list/library per day?

If a code based solution is fine then, I would recommend a simple windows task which executes a powershell script exe which would run every morning and calculate the no. of items added to that particular list from “startdate” to “EndDate”. The start date and end date can be calculated based on the current time.

Then it can send out an email or generate an excel or anything that you want to do.

If you have access to the server. Consider a timer job .

views – Remove one of the two “Apply to selected items” submit buttons with Node Bulk Operations

If you make a view and add the Node operations bulk form, two “Apply to selected items” boxes are automatically generated like this:

two apply to selected items boxes

How do I get rid of one of these?

I turned on twig debugging, but the template that is outputting the button is core/modules/system/templates/container.html.twig, which is not something that I can easily customize to remove one of the buttons.

How I created the view:

  1. Create a new view of content showing fields.
  2. Add Node operations bulk form under Fields.
  3. Save the view.

links – Creating Hyperlinks of Google Drive Items in Alphabetic Order

The original post that I got the google script editor code from was here:
Get share link of multiple files in Google Drive to put in spreadsheet
It works perfectly fine, but what I want to do is show the actual google drive link in the excel file (not the name of the file that has a hyperlink attached to it. I managed to do this by deleting #”‘ + f.getName() + ‘”# from the code, but the problem is, because they are no longer listed by file name (e.g. LG1, LG11, LG5), but by drive links (e.g.http….), the links can’t be sorted with the sort feature on sheets. Does anyone know how I can deal with this?

I will post the code below so

function myFunction() {
  var ss=SpreadsheetApp.getActiveSpreadsheet();
  var s=ss.getActiveSheet();
  var c=s.getActiveCell();
  var fldr=DriveApp.getFolderById("12e4JsJ6CXHEMaFIl1Eqmuik2ZZ1u7vEx");
  var files=fldr.getFiles();
  var names=(),f,str;
  while (files.hasNext()) {;
    str='=hyperlink("' + f.getUrl() + '")';

PS: The reason I am trying to do this is because VLOOKUP doesn’t seem to work properly in excel when you try lookup cells with hyperlinks attached as it just takes the placeholder string (e.g. LG1) and gives you that without the hyperlink (e.g. http…) that was attached to it.
Another potential solution would be knowing how to sort the initial folder in the first place to my liking (haven’t managed to get that to work though)

plugins – Custom Taxonomy is Missing (Or Limiting) Items

I created a custom taxonomy; “places” using toolset

region>country>city with 12 Regions / All Countries and just a few cities; 12 parents, 260 children

Where I am using the taxonomy in a post, custom post type or the menu, only some of the items show and it is quite random. 1/2 of Europe shows up 3 from the Caribbean, etc

I used the plugin Toolset; this issue has repeated in 4 different installs. I have worked with hosting and they assure me it is a development issue. I have worked with toolset and am on Day 6 of no solution; I have tried with different themes (Hello & Astra), Using Elementor or not (no plugins other than toolset itself; there is no support over the weekend. Does anyone have any idea WHY I would be missing just some of the taxonomy?

I am not seeing any errors in debugging

javascript – Get List Items from Sharepoint Online to on Premises

I’m trying to get some list elements, using javascript code, from a Sharepoint online instance to the internal, on premises, Sharepoint instance.
I’ve been looking for the past days at Sharepoint’s REST API, as well as to JSOM, without success.
Could you, please, give me a hint on where should I look?

I know there’s already a similar question, here, but I’d just like to hear another answer.
Also, if it’s impossible with Javascript, could you tell me what should I try?
I’d like to stay away from the 3rd party tools, for now.


2013 – How can I get item’s workflow details/workflow history where workflow association has been deleted?

We have lots of list items where workflow instance is not showing on workflow details page. After researching i found that in sharepoint 2013, completed/suspended/terminated workflow instances will be automatically removed by auto clean up timer job and workflow manager after 30 days.

Due to this we can’t able to get log history/error details of that items. So my question is, Can we get item’s workflow details/history where workflow association has been deleted?

Any help will be appreciated. Thanks

automator – How to use Applescript to open a printer app and select items within?

I have absolutely no knowledge or experience in using Applescript or Automator. I’m hoping by using either to create an app (or script) that will print a test page off my printer automatically. I know how to open the printer app (Canon iX6800, but I’m stuck from there with the dialog box not knowing how to continue to do the following steps:

  1. Run “Canon iX6800 series” – I got this part…
  2. Select “Settings” or Command S
  3. Select “Utility”
  4. Select “Print Test Page”
  5. Click “OK”
  6. Quit the app.

Any suggestions or help will be greatly appreciated. I can send the actual app to whoever might need it. Thanks in advance.

Read Sharepoint list items from 2013 version and display in SharePoint Online

I would like to retrieve SP 2013 list items from sharepoint online in javascript or client side.

Pls suggest possible ways. i have used spservices jquery library but it is not working even though i have passed the credentails.

<script type="text/javascript" language="javascript" src=""></script>
<script type="text/javascript" language="javascript" src="/sites/test/SiteAssets/jquery.SPServices-2014.02.min.js"></script>
<div><button onclick="getsite()" id="button">Test site access </button> </div>
<script type="text/javascript" language="javascript">

$.support.cors = "true";

function GetSite()

    operation: "Login",
    async: false,
    webURL: "https://url", //Site collection URL which has the required List data
    username: "username",
    password: "password",
    completefunc: function(xData, Status) 
           alert('Status: '+status);



forms – Editing of individual items and saving them

Be clear with categorical navigation, and expose the items (‘children’) that are being modified.

One issue that seems unclear is that there can be n items under each category, but it’s hidden in a dropdown, so I have to remember:

  • how many items there are
  • which have been modified
  • how far along am I in my work for the category

What ends up happening is I’m potentially modifying n items within a category, and traversing and saving across multiple categories. Flatten the child items.

Build on common navigation patterns for this step through

Since you potential navigate two dimensions, take advantage of global vs contextual nav patterns common to many websites.

enter image description here

By exposing the items as children of the category, you can:

  • show them how many
  • indicate when an items configuration has been modified
  • indicate the current item they are editing

Try being explicit with the Next button. Indicate it will save the categories’ items, and move them forward.

By keeping the items exposed, and using change indicators (see mock), you’ll reveal which items are modified. Then, when you either Save & Exit > or Save & Continue > the whole batch is saved.

If need be, you can prompt a progress indicator which says which items are processing. It’s intentional extra friction, but a tradeoff for clarity if you have high cardinality at the item level. I don’t know your use case, so it might not apply.