WiFi – Is there a way to configure iTunes on a Mac to enable another Mac to access its music collection?

Fortunately, on macOS there are some on-demand wake-up features, notably that a wireless keyboard or a mouse / wireless trackpad wakes up a Mac connected via Bluetooth.

The music scenario is apparently less user-friendly.

You can configure a Mac to share its music collection.

iTunes sharing settings

However, if you do not use the Mac with your music collection to put it into sleep mode, iTunes on another Mac on the same local network will not be able to see the music of the sleep-mode Mac, and there's no way to use the Mac with the Mac Activate music collection from the energy saving mode.

I want to confirm that this is as good as it gets. And yet, a Mac can be woken up by ssh, so it's no problem to ask for Wi-Fi.

Is there a way to configure iTunes on a Mac to enable another Mac to access the music collection? Is there a way to share the music collection via Bluetooth to accomplish the same thing by possibly forgoing video sharing because the bandwidth may exceed that of Bluetooth?

Catalina imports iTunes Library.xml from the music app

I formatted my Mac Catalina Beta because I expected the redesigned music app to successfully import the iTunes Library.itl file from Time Machine Backup.

However, if I select the Import> file, nothing happens and even if I manually add the ~ / Library / Music / iTunes / iTunes Media / Music file to the Music app, some of the music files are missing.

Is there a way to completely reset the music app's settings, restarting the iTunes library import sequence from the OS update? Or is there a way to properly import previous iTunes library from the music app?

Mac iTunes IPSW location

Get a file from this: https://tinyurl.com/y7cc995b

Mac iTunes IPSW location

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Mac iTunes IPSW location

finder – Import CDA song files into iTunes

I have a Mac without a CD drive and some CDA files on my computer that need to be converted to an audio format that is more compatible with modern music programs so I can actually use them

music files

iTunes is a great program to do that, but I can not import the files.

I tried:

  1. Double-click the files
  2. Right-click on the files and select "iTunes" to open them
  3. Dragging and dropping files in iTunes (although I was pretty sure it would not work because of how Drag & Drop works)

Besides, I have trouble finding another converter online, and since I love the simple design of iTunes, I would prefer to convert the files there.

Software Update – What is iTunes Device Support Upgrade?

What I know:

  • Component of "Software Update" (and is visible when you open the list).
  • reboot required
  • 108 MB (for Sierra)
  • is hidden in the "In the last 30 days installed updates" list
  • (probably) is not part of the auto-install track "Install System Data and Security Updates"

First published with "macOS Mojave 10.14.5, Security Update 2019-003 High Sierra, Security Update 2019-003 Sierra".

Try Apple websites and some basic Googling.

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Certain contacts that only sync caches with iOS from MacOS to Itunes? Where are they?

I'm using MacOS 10.13.6 (on MBP15 "2014) Contacts.app to sync with my iPhone 7 (plenty of space available) with iOS 12.2 (current).

The phone no longer updates contacts except through iCloud, which I do not use for contacts.

The problem is that. I delete all the contacts on the phone, computer, iCloud and so on. Some files in the library are deleted (all with address book / contacts), some iTunes caches, the last backup of my device …
BUT if I go to sync contacts with iTunes:

1) the groups that are displayed are NOT the groups currently available in Contacts! Contacts can even be empty or have updates.
2) Even if I say "Replace all information for next sync" only …
RESTORED from a random snapshot of contacts that appear to be> somewhere <…? What the tailcoat!?

Well, I got it to sync only the "I" card or not … but at the next sync, there was no contact after the DB was restored to Macos …

Temporarily I use iCloud, but I will not keep it, only the latest updates will be retrieved … and none of the groups …

I searched under "Map … Searching for duplicates" …
I also manually removed some crazies in the contact DB, and things looked better, but still no luck …

It is only recovered from a strange version of the contact database …
So, my question, after trying out tons of logs (on various forums that all seemed promising) to wipe out this stuff, including iCloud-related stuff … everything seems to have an effect … just not the one you want Effect ….
I just want to know:

Where is this cached or snapshot version of Contacts AND Groups that is absolutely bulletproof! and that iTunes / ios / mac / macos / iphone / hand-of-deity has decided, is the only group of contact cards and contact cards the phone will receive ?! (Outside only with iCloud). Can I delete it to fix the problem?