event-based effects – COVID-19 – should I cancel our trip to Japan?

This question is likely to be closed as opinion-based, but some reference points:

  1. Unless things become positively apocalyptic exceedingly Japan's airports are unlikely to be completely closed. Flights could be reduced, but as a point of comparison, airports in China – even in Wuhan – continued to operate there throughout the crisis.

  2. On the inbound flight, this would require an infected person from Munich or London, which is statistically unlikely. On the way back, this is more likely, but still unlikely, unless (again) there is a major outbreak.

FWIW, I was in Tokyo last week and although there isn't a lot of panic in the air, people are definitely taking precautions: temperature scans at the airport, more masks than usual, hand washing and disinfectants, large gatherings canceled etc. This in itself seems to be the spread of the To limit the virus, making complete infection less likely. But at the end of the day, it's your call.

Customs and Immigration – No exit stamp from previous visit to Japan

In October I had a 30 day trip to Japan with a 90 day tourist visa. When I left, I received a stamp on my passport. In December, I again visited another 90-day tourist visa for 14 days, but I was not stamped when I left.

I will be returning this weekend for another two weeks. Will it be a problem that I supposedly never left the country?

If it is a problem, it helps that my previous visa sticker expires on March 21st – two weeks after I leave Japan.

Restaurants – Japan – Are there places similar to Midnight Diner?

I am planning a trip to Japan with my parents later this year. My parents are big fans of the Netflix show Midnight Diner (深夜 食堂). Although I know that the actual restaurant in Midnight Diner is fake and the show is not based on a real story, I wondered if there are places in Japan that have a similar atmosphere to the restaurant in Midnight Diner that I go to she could bring. My parents don't speak Japanese, but I do so that I can act as a translator. Language barrier is not an issue for us.

Preferably in Tokyo and preferably in Shinjuku, because that is where the Midnight Diner takes place, although we will also spend a little time in Osaka so that a place there would also be acceptable.

Thanks a lot!

Trains – Do I have to change trains at the same station after a stop at Japan Rail?

With a few exceptions, Japan Rail base fares allow for stopovers. There is an excellent answer that explains when a ticket is suitable for stopovers, but neither this answer nor the linked JR website shows whether jump forward is allowed during a stopover.

Suppose I would take the train from Nagasaki to Fukuoka and stop on my way to visit Yoshinogari Historical Park. The park is located between two train stations on the line connecting Nagasaki and Fukuoka. So my most efficient route would be to get on the train in Nagasaki, get off at Kanzaki (the station closer to Nagasaki), visit the park, and get on another train Yoshinogarikoen (the station closer to Fukuoka) and on to Hakata ( or another station within the Fukuoka city zone).

Can I do this with a single fare from Nagasaki to Hakata? Or do I have to go back to the same station where I left the ticket office to continue my journey?

Japan – Traveling by Air with a Stopover in China – Will I be Quarantined?

No you will not. Japan has banned the entry of all foreigners who have traveled to Zhejiang and Hubei provinces within 14 days of their trip to Japan, but Shanghai, a provincial city, is not one of them. You are (by far) safe.

It is possible that Japan will soon extend this travel ban to all of China. Keep up to date.

Vietnam Pass with Green Card, do I need a transit visa for my connecting flight in Japan?

Due to your question, these are apparently separate bookings.

Via TIMATIC, the airline database:

Visa required, except for passengers with a passport and one
confirmed onward ticket to a third country within 72 hours
Obtain a Shore Pass upon arrival if there is no connection
Flights on the same calendar day

For logical reasons, I suspect that this information is incomplete and that your scenario would be suitable for this visa waiver. However, for the reasons mentioned above, you cannot fly to NRT without a visa with a separate booking (even if you do not check in luggage, the problem is that you will not be considered a transit passenger).

Yes, you need a transit visa with separate bookings. If it is a single booking, all bags are checked and you do not need a visa.

Japan – From Hiroshima to Fukuoka by local trains

You can use the JR West Japan website.

example search

Enter image description here
Enter image description here

Note that the main train station in Fukuoka (where I live) is not called "Fukuoka Station", but Hakata Station. In the search above I typed "hakata" if you want to go there. If you really want to go to Fukuoka Station (a non-JR line), just change the search, or you can take the 100 yen scheduled bus right outside Hakata Station.

sample results

Enter image description here

So in the example above, if you want to arrive in Hakata tomorrow (February 6th) at 12:00 p.m., you have to leave Hiroshima at 6:24 a.m., make three transfers and pay a total of 6,380 yen if you are an adult.


I noticed that this search result shows that you have to "reserve a seat" for 1,050 yen. However, I checked another site (Navitime, in Japanese only) and it shows an option for an unreserved seat for only 520 yen. Total fare reduced to 5,850 yen,

Use Tariff

In spring, summer and winter, JR offers a discount tariff called "Seishun Juuhachi Kippu" (青春 18 き っ っ). Last spring it was sold from February 20 to April 10 and was available from March 1 to April 10. There is no information yet for the coming spring, but I think it will be around the same time. It's only about 12,000 yen, but you can use it for 5 full days on local trains and even some ferries. Check this link for more information.

japan – Someone or anywhere in / to get Osaka Tebori tattoo

Can someone please help me by pointing me in the direction of someone in the Osaka area (up to 1 hour drive) where I can get a small / medium Tebori / Irezumi tattoo. I understand that in Japan this is rather discreet, making it more difficult to find someone. So I haven't found a place yet.

I will be there for 2 weeks in late March to April.

Thank you in advance.

How do Japan and South Korea survive without or with very little diversity?

First, diversity is superficial … it is not "our strength" and never has been. Our strength has always been to establish principles that are so accurate and meaningful that a multitude of people can gather around them without the need for common blood or culture.

Similarly, Japan grew to become a world power because the population was committed to a collective goal, but in their case it meant more than the individual. However, this is changing as the famous "Japanese work ethic" has waned sharply among those who became wealthy in the 1990s and cynicized in the 2000s.

The nation is facing a crisis as the working population grows older and the younger population is not committed to work. I expect the stereotype of the Japanese workaholic and its state-of-the-art equipment to feel as outdated within 20 years as it appears to be Jerry Lewis & # 39; Geisha Boy "performance today.

From what Korean friends have told me, S.Korea is already facing some of the same problems. Young people who grew up with videos and shameless materialism simply don't want to give back to the system what their parents put into the system. Protests against their compulsory military needs are increasing and workers' unrest is starting to boost their industrial production.

Within Japan during the 180 day temporary visa deferral

I was wondering if any of you have experience with this type of question because I was worried and didn't get a final answer.

So I went to Japan twice in 2019:

7-16th April (9 days) &
September 12 – December 12 (90 days)

And booked another flight:
February 13 – May 13 (90 days)

Long story short, I loved my last stay very much and intend to return 90 days to spend as much time as possible with my loved one.

About a week after I booked my flight, I did some research and came across information that I can't stay in Japan for more than 180 days with a temporary visa. If I am technically in the country where my days were reset, can I assume that I am fine and that I will not be punished for an excessive stay?

I have been so stressed lately and do not know if I need to change my return flight or not to make sure and leave before the "180 day reset".

Thank you for your help!