How to repair a bricked Samsung Galaxy (SC-02B). Without JIG or JTAG

All of this happens because I want to update it to Android 4.4 (Kitkat).
I have successfully downgraded Odin to standard ROM / firmware (Froyo).
2.I upgraded from Samsung Kies to custom rom / firmware (gingerbread).
3.I root a wrong root, it's for Odin's I9000, causing it to get stuck in boot, but being able to fix it by clearing caches and others etc.
4.I roote a correct root for SC-02B, but I don't know why it softly bricked up my phone. I tried to clear caches and others etc. It doesn't work.
5.So I decided to downgrade it to standard ROM / firmware, but it makes it worse, I even ticked repartitioning. It's repartitioned, but the PIT files don't even start flashing it for 10 minutes.
6. I close Odin, remove the battery and pull the USB plug out of the socket. What happens to my phone can only be charged using a charger. A few weeks later I bought a very cheap JIG that was ordered over the internet. There was only heat on my phone, no download mode. Please give anyone who comes across this situation instructions or instructions to fix my phone.