WST complicates the job search and does not exist anymore

A few days ago, the child of a colleague from abroad returned and told me eagerly that the child had returned from school and had to enjoy it. However, a few days ago, I was so sad that I knew my child was looking for a job. With the improvement of the economic level, it has become a common practice to send children abroad. Many parents want their children to have more exposure to international developments and to learn more about international culture. The violent ignition, so this thing of my colleagues is also my expectation.

At the same time, they face problems for overseas returnees, such as information asymmetry at home and abroad, as well as their own quality and the mismatch of jobs. The argument that I was unemployed at the same time was also applied to the group of foreign students: In view of the current employment difficulties for foreign students, many job search platforms were created, which is why I recommended my colleague WST. WST's job search is highly trusted and is favored by international students with targeted courses, transparent work results, and the number of offers. …

WST complicates the job search and does not exist anymore


I was recently released from my job for no reason. Is this an example of Trump's booming economy?


It is more a symptom of profit-oriented capitalism.

These Trumpsuking idiots have a rude awakening awaiting them when they reach their early 40s. As a rule, large capitalist companies begin to free their workforce from the exhausted and stressed workers. Just as these older workers are finally starting to move on, perhaps with a house or a new car, they find their "pink notes" in the mail.

Capitalism dies of a self-inflicted and deadly wound. A form of socialism is inevitable. When "we, the people" have finally suffered enough, the revolution will begin. The sooner it starts, the sooner it will be over and the less pain for everyone.

I'll do every Photoshop job for $ 2 for you

I will do any Photoshop job for you

Hotoshop problem? Do not worry, I'm here, I'll do any sort of Photoshop for work within a day.


– Distance
– Color correction
– blemish removal
– shaping and smoothing
– compositing (combining images)
– cropping images
– Adjust tone, color and saturation
– Apply a color class

, (tagsToTranslate) edit (t) Photos (t) Errors (t) Adobe (t) Remove (t) Image

oracle 12c – Exports the SQL query output to a file in a scheduler job

I need to export data to a CSV file in a Scheduler job. Here are the commands:

SPOOL "\AServerNameOutputRMS_DataFileSizes.csv" REPLACE;
SELECT /*csv*/
  df.tablespace_name AS "Tablespace Name",
  SUBSTR(df.file_name,INSTR(df.file_name,'RMS_'),20) AS "File Name",
  Round(df.bytes/1073741824,2) AS "Size (GB)",
  decode(e.used_bytes,NULL,0,Round(e.used_bytes/1073741824,2)) AS "Used (GB)",
  decode(f.free_bytes,NULL,0,Round(f.free_bytes/1073741824,2)) AS "Free (GB)",
  decode(e.used_bytes,NULL,0,Round((e.used_bytes/df.bytes)*100,1)) AS "% Used"
     (SELECT file_id,sum(bytes) used_bytes FROM dba_extents GROUP by file_id) E,
     (SELECT sum(bytes) free_bytes,file_id FROM dba_free_space GROUP BY file_id) f
WHERE e.file_id (+) = df.file_id
  AND df.file_id  = f.file_id (+)
  AND df.tablespace_name = 'RMS_DATA'
ORDER BY df.tablespace_name,df.file_name;

If I make the "Job Type" a "PL / SQL Block", it fails and displays the following error message:

"ORA-06550: line 1, column 764:
PLS-00103: Encountered the symbol "\AServerNameOutputRMS_DataFileSizes.csv" when expecting one of the following:

   := . ( @ % ;
ORA-06550: line 17, column 7:
PLS-00103: Encountered the symbol "OFF" when expecting one of the following:

   := . ( @ % ;
The symbol ":=" was substituted for "OFF" to continue.

What am I doing wrong?

search – apply a job template to subgroups in an inventory on ansible AWX

I have installed Ansible AWX 8.0.0 on Centos 7.7 using
I created an inventory with groups and nested groups.
From now on, job templates will only be called for inventory lists that end the grouping constructs. The only way to apply job templates to subsets (nested) is to use the LIMIT function, where you specify the name of the subgroup (exact name), but that user must remember what exactly is the group name that should be specified? Is there a hack / feature where – the user gets the option to search for the name of a subset that resembles the inventory search. Any pointers are very helpful.

opl – cplex flexible job shop planning with integer programming

I started learning CPLEX last week and came across some questions about flexible work scheduling.
I would like to solve this problem by integer programming instead of the CP optimizer.

If there is a job with two operations op1 and op2,

op1 can be processed on machine 1, 2 and 5.
The processing time is 10, 15, 8 separated.

op2 can be processed on machine 1 and 3 and the processing time is 8 and 11.

My .dat file will be

op= [

But this is a jagged array. Is there a way to access a jagged array like above?

My question is that different candidate computers have been defined for each operation. How can I tell each process which candidate computers have been set?

Thank you for any advice!

sharepoint online – Is CreateCopyJob guaranteed to deliver files or should you check the job status?

If you use CreateCopyJob, you can check the status of the copy operation. What happens if the status is not needed, if file delivery is guaranteed or there is a chance it will fail (throttling, too many jobs, etc.), and why should you check the JobStatus for a new one Try to do something if something fails.

var tester = ctxTarget.Site.CreateCopyJob(new string() {
destUrl, new CopyMigrationOptions() {
    IsMoveMode = false,
    IgnoreVersionHistory = true,
    AllowSchemaMismatch = true,
    NameConflictBehavior = MigrationNameConflictBehavior.Replace

var info = ctxTarget.Site.GetCopyJobProgress(tester.Value);

while (info.Value.JobState != MigrationJobState.None) {
    info = ctxTarget.Site.GetCopyJobProgress(tester.Value);