Is there an option in Excel to automatically jog to the other names if a name is already used in the same column?

I am trying to create an Excel format in which column A represents the name of the operation, such as operation 1. Column B is the name of the most efficient operator for the particular operation; Column c represents the name of the second efficient operator for this operation; Column D represents the name of the third efficient operator for this operation. My production line for one example has 10 operations or 10 operators. What I really need is that in column E I have to assign the operator most suitable for the operation. So if I've assigned an operator, say "Jasmine" for Operation 1. And for my Operation 2, she's also the most capable in the factory, but I can not assign her to more than one operation. In this situation . If a name is already assigned to an operator, the second best operator for that operation must be displayed in the E column. The experts will notify me as soon as possible.