Developer website with HTML CSS JS Pro for $ 10

Developer website with HTML CSS JS pro

You need a websiteYou are in the right place. I'm going to design a responsive website to the personally or business Needs. I will support you at any time in the future. My work is quick and clean. You don't have to worry about the final output. I will help you at any time. I only need the content and the pictures. You are welcome to contact me before placing the order.

Get a great React JS website or get your money back for $ 120

Get a fantastic React JS website or get your money back

I am a professional front-end developer and am currently working in a web development company. I worked for a well-known customer in India and thus gained enough experience in frontend development. Here I want to create a basic React JS website in a short time. Please do not hesitate to ask questions.

Javascript – problem while designing elements with Ui material with Next JS

I'm having problems with that UI material with Next JS, The problem is: if I run the project with & # 39; npm dev & # 39; The application runs perfectly as long as I start npm run build and then npm start (for production mode). apparently a CSS or something else (I do not know what it is) on the screen does not show the same as npm run dev. Below is the picture that shows the problem.

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I've discovered something important that dissolves, for example, if I change the CSS in the browser itself in production mode.
Everything goes wrong, so all codes, if I do that npm run build and then run npm start because the code is on the img 1, Note that the class name in Figure 4 is identical to the makeStyles style. I do not know what happens, but the time I npm run buildThe class name changes and creates a class named jss1 that is incremented. Please help me. Many Thanks
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I use Next JS:

UI Material:


"name": "nextjs",
"version": "4.0.0",
"private": true,
"Dependencies": {
"@ material-ui / core": "^ 4.2.1",
"@ material-ui / icons": "^ 4.2.1",
"@ material-ui / styles": "^ 4.2.1",
"clsx": "latest",
"cross-env": "^ 5.2.0",
"next": "latest",
"npm-check-updates": "^ 3.1.20",
"Props Types": "Latest",
"react": "at the latest",
"react-dom": "current",
"React-Select": "^ 3.0.4",
"styled-components": "^ 4.3.2"
"Scripts": {
"dev": "next",
"build": "next build",
"start": "cross-env NODE_ENV = Production && next start"

Javascript – Slider from scratch (html + css + js)

I would like to shed light on how to create a simple guideline of sliders in the style of smooth but without use Slick slider but create it from scratch because the shapes are the CSS style Slick slider have not formatted what I want to create, I have to implement this slider of 3 or more images in a website, if they can not answer here or even better explain my insta is @ Eberth.Silva, thanks in advance.

js problem: variable not defined [on hold]

mouse game


to the

Javascript – Aspx.cs variable, get js

I have a project .Net Core Razor and I have to pass a variable to my JS. In fact, I do, but in a way that is already starting to cause problems. What I do is that get / set Pass the value of the variable to this and to my from HTML I entered the following code:

not there js I put it this way:

var msg = (window just like any other) .message;

and done. The problem is, the code fragment in which I wrote this code:

is used for different pages and does not have this variable. Then the error is said that he did not find msg.

Suppose this variable "msg" only exists in IndexModel … It would be interesting if it had something like:

But I already tried that and it did not work.

Q: How do I get this variable from one model specific?

Javascript – Select a directory to save the js file

Good night, developer, the company asks me to change the storage of my function, it works normally, only you want to select the directory in which the txt should be stored
Function code is this

Save function () {

let data = new Date (). toLocaleDateString () .slice (0,10);
var text = document.getElementById (& # 39; content & # 39;). innerText;
let title = document.getElementById (& # 39; clientName & # 39;). value;
let CodCli = document.getElementById (& # 39; CodClient & # 39;). value;

var blob = new blob[texto], {Type: "text / plain; charset = utf-8");

saveAs (blob, title + "" + CodCli + "" + data + ".txt");

I have already searched for "file dialog", but I did not succeed. Can someone help me?

Subscribe to Newsletter HTML CSS JS

I work with Blogger and I am a beginner. I would like to add this newsletter subscription to my website:
But I can only add the HTML and CSS code, not JS. If I then enter an email address and press Enter, the page refreshes. Do I have to change something in the HTML / CSS / JS text? Thanks in advance.