teleportation – How does Jumper work with Warp in terms of carrying people with you?

Someone with the Jumper (world-jumper) advantage can escort other people with the Jumper (world-jumper) advanatge, according to b. 64. You can also take warp and the warp jump enhancement, to be able to teleport on the world you are visiting. Would this allow you to bring along other people on your warps when you are Warp Jumping? Would you be able to bring Jumpers along on Warps that remain on the same world?

PHP – Backup Notebook (Jumper EZbook X1?)

I was looking for a laptop that serves as a backup. I have a solid laptop in my home office that runs everything I need to work. But since it was very expensive, I do not want to have it on my travels. For this reason, I would like to buy a second, which is easier and which I can always take with me if I go without worries.

I pretty much need it to run LEMP and MERN Stack.

Look for a device like this:

  • Can be charged via USB 3.1 (so I can use a power bank)
  • Screen resolution of 1920 x 1080
  • Under $ 400
  • Runs under Linux

Find out this little guy: Jumper EZbook X1

Has anyone here already used this device to encode or does he have some other suggestions that match the description I posted above?

Thank you in advance! Bottom up! 🙂

Linux – Where is the write-protect screw or jumper for the Samsung Series 5 Chromebook XE500C21?

For a few days, I was looking for ways to disable Bios write protection for the Samsung Series 5 Chromebook XE500C21.

The reason I want to disable Bios write protection is that I can remove (reduce to 2 seconds) the Chrome OS scan warning that is displayed every time I start it.

I broke it down and iterated over every screw on the motherboard to see what the write-protect screw might be, without luck.

I'm starting to think it's a jumper instead of a screw, but there's no visible jumper anywhere.

For reference and more information, please have a look at the pictures on this Chromium link (I have this model, aka Alex):

I also attach my own pictures so that you can see the motherboard from both sides and the exact model:

Back of the motherboard:

Front of the motherboard:

Chromebook model number:

Please, I would appreciate any help in this matter.

Thanks in advance to all.