asymmetric – sending an encrypted message to another user using secret key encryption

A major weakness of secret-key algorithms is keeping each key secure. To send an encrypted message to another user using secret key encryption, the other user must have the same key. How to do this is a major challenge. Two options that do not work (without any other methods) are to electronically send the key over the Internet or encrypt the key before sending it. Give the reasons why these two options do not work by themselves.

18.04 – Sticky Keys: The Shift key will start after standby mode in locked mode

I activated Sticky Keys after an injury that prevents me from tapping my left hand.

I have a strange behavior with the shift key when I come from standby mode and standby mode.

When I wake up my laptop (by opening the lid), the Shift key is started in a "locked" state (as if it was pressed twice in a row). When I wake it up from the Suspend state (after using the Suspend option in the Unity Gang menu), the Shift key is pressed once.

I'm on Ubuntu 18.04 with Unity 7.5.0 as my desktop. I have installed Indicator-xkbmod from ppa: nilarimogard / webupd8 to tell me the status of the keys.

What can I do to prevent the Shift key from being woken up when I wake up my laptop? It can be really annoying if I forget it (that's all the time).

Private Key – Can someone explain what exactly the derived address is?

Let's say my words of memory

Army van Defense jealously carry real garbage claiming to make echo media

When using, I was shown many addresses in the "Derived Address" section. Among them, I found an address that showed my wallet, but the address would change from time to time?

Why is my address changing?

I understand that Derived addresses are children of private / public keys with account extensions. Why does not my wallet show me all the addresses I can use?

What is the maximum number of derived addresses for m / 44/0/0/0 / *?

Are all addresses valid and working? That is, can I send a payment to an address from the derived address and still receive the cryptocurrency?

Can I use the amounts contained in it by importing a listed derived private key into another wallet?

Command Line – Use Insert Key to toggle the Insert / Overwrite mode in Bash Terminal

After years of trouble, I finally set up the insert / overwrite mode in Bash Terminal by creating this file:

$ cat ~ / .inputrc

# ~ / .inputrc - adds / etc / inputrc - global inputrc for libreadline
# April 15, 2019
# For more information, see readline (3readline) and `info rluserman & # 39 ;.

$ include / etc / inputrc

Control-o: overwrite mode

See: info rluserman

I could always contact the previous command with the (Up arrow) and position the cursor for editing. I have always been annoyed to have to delete characters and insert new ones instead of replacing them.

Now I can type Ctrl+O Disable insert mode and type in existing characters. Then tap Ctrl+O again to restore the insert mode.

But how can I assign that? Insert Key instead Ctrl+O Switch Overwrite mode on and off?

Encryption – How can I derive an ed25519 key pair from a secp256k1 key pair?

Alice has a secp256k1 key pair that she used some time ago when she communicated with Bob.
Bob can no longer use secp256k1, he only uses ed25519 instead.
Alice and Bob can not exchange messages.

Is there a secure algorithm that allows Bob to derive an ed25519 pubkey from the original Alice secp256k1 pub key, and also lets Alice derive a private ed25519 key from its original private secp256k1 key

magento2 – problem with the secret key of Magento 2

I have a form that makes an Ajax call to a controller, but the answer is always You have entered an invalid secret key. please refresh the page.

PereiraTech / Faturamento / Controller / Adminhtml / Ac / Index.php

resultFactory = $ resultJsonFactory;

execute public function ()
$ this-> resultJsonFactory-> create () -> setData (['a' => 'b']);
// return & # 39; test string & # 39 ;;

public function indexAction () {

// echo & # 39; test string & # 39 ;;

PereiraTech / Faturamento / view / adminhtml / web / js / form / element / options.js

], Function ($, uiRegistry, select, modal) {
# Use strictly & # 39 ;;

return select.extend ({

Action: Function () {
var ajaxRequest;
var param = & # 39; ajax = 1 & # 39 ;;
ajaxRequest = jQuery.ajax ({
URL: "http: // localhost / magento / admin_ptech / faturamento_fat / ac / index",
Type: & # 39; GET & # 39 ;,
Data: {param, form_key: window.FORM_KEY},
dataType: & # 39; json & # 39;
// Successful sending for message
ajaxRequest.done (Function (Response, TextStatus, JqXHR) {
console.log (textStatus);
console.log (answer);

// If the request fails, this function is called (function (Xhr, status, error) {
console.log (status);
console.log (error);
console.log (xhr.responseText);
// Show mistakes
console.log (& # 39; rou & # 39;);
return this._super ();



If only I call / faturamento_fat / ac / index / I'm getting the dashboard HTML, so I put the full URL to the post method.