TouchID not filling passwords on Safari and just showing passwords stored inside Safari, not Keychain

I am using BigSur for the first time today, after unboxing a new iMac M1.

I migrated all my stuff from an old iMac with Catalina, to this one, using a time machine backup.

The new machine is working well but everything related to passwords is a mess.

I have been using macOS for 15 years. I have billions of passwords for websites on keychain.

Now, on this new machine, when I visit a site that requires username/password, the field username appears filled but when I click on the password field, I am offered the option to unlock the passwords using touchID. This feature fails 100% of the time. If instead of using TouchID I type my mac password I see only the passwords stored inside safari, not those on Keychain. But the keychain passwords are there.

Any way to make this work as before?

Determine path of app prompting for access to macOS keychain item


On macOS, when an app requests permission to access a keychain item, a prompt like this is presented:

git-credential-osxkeychain wants to use your confidential information stored in “” in your keychain. The authenticity of “git-credential-osxkeychain” cannot be verified. To allow this, enter the “login” keychain password.

If “Always Allow” is selected (along with the correct password), then the app is added to the access control list for the keychain item:


  1. The prompt presents no path information for me to determine which app is asking permission—only the name. How can I unambiguously determine the full path of the app requesting access in the prompt before making a selection?

    I recognize these ways to infer which one it is:

    • Check the list of running processes (e.g. in Activity Monitor). But there could be multiple by that name.
    • Search for all instances of files by that name on my device (e.g. sudo find / -name "git-credential-osxkeychain"). But there could be multiple matches for that file name.

    However, these methods do not satisfy the question.

  2. How can I determine the path for each of the items in the access control list? There is no context menu (right-click) for the app names, and double-clicking them also does nothing.

security – How do I keep my iCloud keychain from locking itself?

For some time I’ve had an issue with my “Local Items” keychain keeps locking itself (apparently when my machine sleeps and/or after a timeout). This was happening despite no timeout being set (as far as I could tell). Nearly all of the advice I got and most of what I found addressing the subject either assumed an iCloud keychain (not my scenario at the time) or suggested that enabling iCloud for my keychain would fix the issue.

Well, now I’ve enabled iCloud keychain and the issue persists, so I have a new issue: How to keep my iCloud keychain from locking itself?

After enabling iCloud for Keychain I have

~ $ security list-keychains

which doesn’t list the iCloud keychain so that I have no way of accessing it through the command line. And, as before, I can’t do anything with the keychain in Keychain Access as the iCloud keychain’s menu is disabled:

enter image description here

So I’m stuck in a situation where my iCloud keychain is only accessible on my Mac if I enter an additional password (which at some point it the past I obviously was able to set), and I don’t seem to have any way of changing settings or the password on my iCloud keychain.

How do I keep my iCloud keychain from locking itself and requiring a unique password to unlock?

macos – iCloud Keychain API on Mac?

macos – iCloud Keychain API on Mac? – Ask Different

homebrew – After installing openssh 8.2 via brew, how do I add keys to keychain?

I installed openssh 8.2 via brew install openssh. I added the following to my .profile:

export SSH_AUTH_SOCK=”~/.ssh/agent.$HOST.sock”
ssh-add -l 2>/dev/null >/dev/null
if ( $? -ge 2 ); then
ssh-agent -a “$SSH_AUTH_SOCK” >/dev/null
And then I have to do the following:

ssh-add ~/.ssh/id_ecdsa_sk
Enter passphrase for /Users/myuser/.ssh/id_ecdsa_sk:
Identity added: /Users/myuser/.ssh/id_ecdsa_sk
even though I have the following in my ~/.ssh/config:

Host *
IgnoreUnknown UseKeychain
UseKeychain yes
AddKeysToAgent yes
IdentityFile ~/.ssh/id_ecdsa_sk

(I had to add the IgnoreUnknown bit because the install from brew installs a version that breaks the UseKeychain bit.) But now: how do I wire it up so it adds the key to my keychain?

Messages asking me permission to access the proxy data stored in keychain

When connected to my office network, I keep getting messages asking me permission to access the proxy data stored in keychain. They keep popping up every few minutes (even seconds), no matter what I do.
I enter my keychain password and click on “Always”, but the messages still appear. I click on “Deny” and they still come back!
And if I click on “Deny”, nothing seems to happen: everything works fine alla the same… These messages look like they are perfectly useless…
I attach a screenshot.
enter image description here

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